New York

New York

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week 3 The Bronx

Week 3

Journal email #3 (sorry it's been a while) hope everything's spelt right. Enjoy!

October 23, 2015
Friday, Day 10

Another amazing day! Pdays are the best! I did my laundry! Wahoo haha, then right after my laundry was done, I went back to my residence and began folding my clothes... Umm when do I ever do that?! So funny thought! At home I do laundry when it become "necessary", and then I don't want to fold them haha. Out here on a mission laundry becomes not only a necessity but a "chore", but it doesn't even bother me and folding my clothes was weirdly enjoyable! Then I went and got that sweet free MTC haircut! Whoop whoop looking more like a missionary. So now I feel good and I look good! Haha

LUNCH: ....and again I had ANOTHER FLIPPEN BURGER! They don't serve anything. I mean I've had a big variety of different foods but while I've been here the main meal has been hamburgers..

So today got better and better! Starts off wonderful because I get to email home my 1st book! Then I got a haircut and had many compliments haha. But then... It just gets better. We as a zone had the opportunity to do a session in the Provo temple! Which makes my day because as of this day, I've been able to attend the temple at least once in the last 7 weeks. So I feel like that was definitely a blessing, so that I could continue my goal of attending the temple.
With that being said, take a minute to think... Elder Newbold has a very busy life in the MTC as a missionary, but because I am faithful and doing the Lords will, he has blessed me, as well as all these other missionaries in my zone to be able to attend the temple. Now when I think about that, I do take into consideration, that 1. You all have busy adult lives. And 2. If you have kids that can be hard. So pray and act. Pray that you will find time to make it to the
temple. And then act, by looking for a babysitter. Or finding some kind of solution to your problem as to why you think you can make time. Heavenly Father will make it possible if you show that you are trying.

Our last appointment with Andrew was tonight, we followed up with him tonight about our invitation that we extended for him to continue preying, read the rest of The Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet, and reading the scriptures.
So we asked him, "Andrew, have you done the things which you committed to do?" He said "yes, I prayed again last night with my wife, I read the rest of the pamphlet, and I read the introduction and the first 2 chapters of the Book of Mormon." Pretty awesome for him to do that! So I showed my excitement and asked him about those things, he likes to pray. He says it feels like it really does help. He then also told us what he read/learned in the pamphlet (which the last sections were about the Sacrament and enduring to the end), he then told us all about the first 2 chapters of the BOM. I was proud and felt really good about that. So we decided instead of reviewing the pamphlet, that we would just read 1 Nephi 3. Which was neat because if you know chapter 3, you would know that it's about Nephi and his brothers going to retrieve the brass plates. Well after they tried end their property was taken from them. They ran and hid in a rock/ cave. Where Lamen and Lemuel became angry and smote Nephi with a rod, an Angel then appears and call them out on it. Lamen and Lemuel had no reaction to seeing an angel and they continued to murmur. How could someone witness an angel and it have no effect on them. So we asked Andrew what do you feel
about that chapter, he thought it was odd. We said what do you think your reaction to this would be if it were you seeing the angel, he said "I'd be like, holy crap! And I'd at least have some belief that there's a God." I thought his reaction was funny, but totally right. It doesn't make sense. Faith is believing with out seeing. And they saw the angel and they still had not even the slightest bit of faith or care. So he began to think about that. At the end of our discussion, he told us he had begun to build his faith on Christ and that he will strive to grow and be better. We when
asked him if he had been to any Mormon church, he responded saying "twice, when my bother left on his mission trip I went to hear his speech and when he got home about 2 or 3 months ago I went again and heard him speak again" I asked what he thought about the church, he said "well when I went the first time I didn't expect anything, but
all these members of your church came up to me and were asking if I was Ben's (Andrew brother), he said yes and they star Ed getting to know him a little" he also said that when he was there he thought they were all just fake, that he thought they didn't care about him, but that they just were talking to me because I was there. But before I said anything he then said "but I was wrong, because when I came the 2nd time TWO YEARS LATER, they remembered who I was and they were so happy to see me, they made me change my thoughts about them and I like it there"
So duh I extended he invitation to go to church which he accepted, he told us his brother mentioned him coming with him sometime but he just never went, so now he says he will talk to his brother and go with him. And that was awesome because he has already committed to other invitations we extended to him and he completed them and continues to do them. So we have a good feeling he will go to church. But that wasn't it. I told him right before we left, I said "Andrew, you've already told us you've been developing a faith in Jesus Christ, after these meetings with you and your prayers and attending church, we would like you to think about being baptized. We knowing will be a big step, but a big step in the right direction. So he agreed to keep that in mind. And we went our separate ways.

That was our last appointment and I'm really curious to see how he does with all that we've taught him....  Remembering that I don't have a phone I didn't think to even ask for his number so we could follow up....and forgetting that we have iPads... I didn't think to ask for his email... So lesson learned... But I'll check with the MTC to see about getting ahold of him so we can follow up. And hopefully learn if he is a real member acting as an investigator or if he's really an investigator, because I can't tell. Haha

So today over all was a beautiful day! Full of excitement and an extreme amount of joy! Happy to be a missionary!

"A missionary is someone who leaves their family for 2 years, so that others can be with their families forever"

October 24, 2015
Saturday, Day 11

It's sweater Saturday! Haha the elders in my district planned to all wear sweaters. Happy sweater Saturday!! Soooo I'm really excited for New York food. I had another 2 burgers today... It's starting to get old haha this is burger #12... And these last 2 weren't the best, they run out of ketchup and mustard..

Went to the gym today, worked out my upper body. Worked my arms like crazy.

Okay, so I'm not a very big person at all haha and I was hoping that being in the MTC I would gain weight... And I've done my part, being obedient, praying, and serving the Lord. Hoping that I'd be blessed with some extra pounds haha...and I'm still the same weight, maybe even lighter. Even after eating all those burgers!!! Haha

So we have the most amazing sister missionaries in our district. They always surprise us with notes to everyone and treats.

CLASS: (practice teaching by the spirit) Today I've learned something really important and very inspiring information. We as a class (district) broke up into groups and practice extending the invitation to be baptized, with our "investigator". Our "investigator" has been given a reason to deny our invitation to be baptized. But we as missionaries don't know what their excuse will be. So usually I'd be scared to not have a lesson plan, but what helped was that right off the bat we just invited them to be baptized. And as I finished saying "David (my "investigator") will you commit to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who holds the proper authority of the priesthood?" His response was, "no, and I say no because I feel comfortable with the relationship I have with Heavenly Father right now and I don't see why baptism is important to me." Now this is where teaching by the spirit is so important... If I were to have just thought to my self, after he responded with that. I would not have come up with what came to me. Instead, not expecting any particular response from him. I sat, in silence.... For just a short time, with nothing in mind but his response... And something came to my mind, so before I went with it, I asked my self is this my own thought or what the Lord wants me to say. And it wasn't my own thought, but it was the spirit reassuring me that I know the answer. When I opened my mouth these words came out "David, the relationship that you have with your Heavenly Father is great, in fact it's wonderful that you have a relationship with HIM. But baptism is the next step to strengthening and being able to expand that relationship that you have and come closer to Christ. If you continue to live the life you do, being faithful, praying to God, and being a good person
in general. There's a point where your relationship stops and becomes a stand still. Which means there's no point of progression. With out baptism you can't grow, he wants us to live the way he has commanded us to. Baptism is a commandment. What do you think about that? Do you want your relationship to continue and grow? I encourage you just to think about that right now." I didn't ask for an answer right then, so David sat in silence looking down, and for a least a minute this happened. And he came to it and said this "I think I'd really like that." So I extended the invitation once more, "so David, will you commit to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who holds the proper authority of the priesthood?" I gave him time and then he agreed to be baptized. So that was a really awesome role play experience. And even though it was just a role play the spirit was able to be there and reassure my knowledge and to say the right answer and was able to help the "investigator" to understand the importance of being baptized. That's what I learned about teaching with the spirit.

PART 2: (Power to Become -Elder Bednar)
The inspiring information that I received today was from a video I watched. Elder Bednar, was answering questions from young adults. The question that was asked was, how can I continue to have the intensity of the spirit all the time, like I had on my mission? Elder Bednar responded, saying something in the sense like, not to burst your bubble, but who says that it's a good idea to always have the intensity of the spirit? If you are continuing to be obedient, living the law of Christ, and following the commandments then the Lord will trust you and he may think that you don't always need the spirit right there to tell you what to do, because the Lord trusts that you will do what is right. So that's a pretty cool thought. To be so righteous that the Lord trusts you enough that he thinks you don't always need the spirit with you to guide you. The spirit will still be with you, but he won't always be so intense.

I ran into a kid yesterday that was in my efy company my 2nd year. And I keep seeing him so it's pretty cool I think his name is Nathan, but it's Elder Scott, he's going to Nicaragua. How cool! His companion is going to my mission tho.

They were so thoughtful today instead of making Hamburgers they made chicken burgers.... How nice .. 14 this week.

We as a district are singing the EFY Medly in sacrament. And I recorded us practicing.. But it's too long to email home..

October 25, 2015
Sunday, Day 12

So it's Sunday!! Today was better then last Sunday, it actually felt like the sabbath Elder Pingel and I passed the sacrament. It's nice because we witnessed real reverence haha no kids running and babies crying. It was just quiet.
Our district was also the musical number, we sang the EFY Medley. It was so good. We had practiced 4 times before. Sister Green played the piano and Sister Erekson and Sister Crowder were the only sister singing. Then there was the 6 of us Elders singing the men's part. It was awesome!

GET TO KNOW: (my district)
You can search us all on (Except Sister Green, she didn't make one)
Marissa Green (N/A)
Emilee crowder
Hannah Erekson
Tyler Harding
Nathan Williams
Tanner Teeples
Lance Babcock
Taylor Pingel
Ty Newbold (Me)
So during the time after sacrament meeting and before I teach priesthood we were all looking up each others profiles.

I love the temple, we have to walk up such a long hill though.. But once we get there it's so worth it! We walked around and took pictures, it's always so nice!

I leave the MTC the 27th.. I'm excited for NY but to be honest, I will miss the prescheduled, spiritual, environment here in the MTC. It's been absolutely perfect. It definitely had its up and downs. But it just takes time to adjust... And I've adjusted just in time as I'm now getting ready to leave what feels like home. I've made friendships and bonds with these brother and sisters that I am sincerely sad to leave. But as I am sad, I am even more excited for these Elders and Sisters for their time in their mission. Mixed emotions, but all for good things!

It's hard to stay awake..we sit all day, walk a lot when we need to, and at the end of the day we sit for over an hour to listen to speakers. Then we get up and disperse to different class rooms to watch Apostles who spake in previous years in the MTC. Elder Holland is hilarious. It's too bad that the public don't get the opportunity to watch these talks. In these talks these Apostles show more personality then they do in conference. It's so awesome, these talks are like I said, during previous years in the MTC, and they are personally for the missionaries so they can't be shown to the public because there's things that could be taken differently to others outside the church that they could use to talk badly about the way our apostles "approach some situations" for better lack of words. Now there is nothing offensive or wrong at all that's said in these talks, it's just a cautionary point that they make to not show these publicly.

"It's almost more important to listen, then it is to speak." -Jeffrey R. Holland

SCRIPTURE: (open your mouth scripture)
"15 After I had retired to the place where I had previously designed to go, having looked around me, and finding myself alone, I kneeled down and began to offer up the desires of my heart to God. I had scarcely done so, when immediately I was seized upon by some power which entirely overcame me, and had such an astonishing influence over me as to bind my tongue so that I could not speak. Thick darkness gathered around me, and it seemed to me for a time as if I were doomed to sudden destruction.

16 But, exerting all my powers to call upon God to deliver me out of the power of this enemy which had seized upon me, and at the very moment when I was ready to sink into despair and abandon myself to destruction--not to an imaginary ruin, but to the power of some actual being from the unseen world, who had such marvelous power as I had never before felt in any being--just at this moment of great alarm, I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head, above the brightness of the sun, which descended gradually until it fell upon me.

17 It no sooner appeared than I found myself delivered from the enemy which held me bound. When the light rested upon me I saw two Personages, whose brightness and glory defy all description, standing above me in the air. One of them spake unto me, calling me by name and said, pointing to the other--This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!"
-Joseph Smith History 15-17

This is one, of my favorite scriptures... I just love the way Joseph Smith describes exactly what he saw.

When we got back to the residence for the night, I started packing up my suit cases.. I leave early tomorrow morning..

OCTOBER 26, 2015
Monday, Day 13

The other day the sisters surprised us with treats and notes again. So we also wrote big letters, gave them treats, and then took 3 ties and signed them all and gave one to each of them. So I'm pretty sure we win! Haha we have got the best district.

PACKING: (continued)
It's about 11:30 and we finished personal study and we had gym time, but we New Yorkers need to pack today to be ready in the morning so we all came back to the residence and packed. I weighed one of my suitcases and it was 57 lbs haha so I had to move everything around and I then got them both to 45 lbs each.

LOCKED OUT: (not us)
So our neighboring district locked themselves out of their room and they had all just come back from the showers, so a hand full of half naked men sitting in the hall waiting for the front desk to show up with a master key. That was funny, so I gave them my box of crackers because they were supposed to be ready for lunch already. 15 minutes
later they showed up dressed for lunch haha.

LUNCH: (not again)
Yep...another burger... I think that's like 16 now... Thank goodness it's my last day. I'm ready for some good food. The good here gets old really fast.

The sister came to class a few minutes after we did and when they got here and asked for blessings because we who are going to New York leave tomorrow and so do the sisters. So the Elders gave blessings to the sisters then the Elders gave blessings to the Elders that also wanted them. So that was neat to be apart of 8 blessings.

We went over a lesson on prayer. Brother Shumway (one of our teachers) wanted to share with us what our prayers should be like. Nothing more perfect could have happened in the time that we had here in this moment together.
He explained that it's good for prayer to become habitual, as long as the prayer it's self isn't habitual. By that he means we can pray as often and whenever we want, he just wanted us to know that our prayers should not be repeated, prayers should be thoughtful and meaningful. Every time we bless our meals it shouldn't be a repeated prayer that we say every time. What happened next was absolutely amazing. I wish everyone could experience what I experienced and felt. And everyone can, if everyone could understand what prayer really should be then everyone can have this experience. After Brother Shumway gave an example, by praying for an elder in our district, out loud, and in front of him. He put us all in pairs. But I know! I know that he was inspired by the Spirit from Heavenly Father
to put us in the pairs that he did. Heavenly Father put me with Sister Crowder, because she was exactly who I needed to pray for and I was who she needed to pray for. I got up, walked across the room to where she was sitting. I pulled up a chair and took a seat in front of her, facing her. She went first. Brother and sisters! It is so important that we are worthy to be receptive to the Holy Spirit. No one could have the good feelings that they have, or the guidance and revelation that they receive with out the Spirit.. As Sister Crowder bowed her head and began to pray I immediately felt this overwhelming feeling of comfort, it was as if Angels were around me, standing in a circle, with just one holding me in their arms giving me the biggest hug. Sister Crowder said a lot in her prayer and I know that everything she said was of Heavenly Father. Things she mentioned in her prayer were so personal and directly to
me. She didn't ask to bless my family, but she told me that my family loves me and is safe and that they will continue to receive blessings as I am obedient in serving the Lord. The difference between prayers I have heard and this one, was everything. I've heard people mention me in their prayers. But she went so into depth about what I'd be blessed
with, what I will feel, how I feel now, and assurance of my family. The prayer it's self was like a blessing. It was beyond describable. But we both felt the spirit so strong, her words were words of inspiration from Heavenly Father.. When we switched  it took us both a second to wipe our tears. Then I began the prayer and it was like the same thing, the prayers were similarities ways, but most of the things that came to mind to say were things I usually don't think of to pray for. It was just so indescribable. I invite you all to take time at least once a week, to pray for some one or multiple people to their needs. You may not know exactly what they are going through, but mention that in your prayers, just tell Heavenly Father that you know this person is struggling and just ask for them to feel the comfort and blessing that they need. Make miracles!

October 27, 2015
Tuesday, Day 14

Day 1 in NY
Woke up this morning at 2:30AM got ready, said farewell to my district and headed out. Me and my companion took our suitcases and met all the other missionaries at the check out. We gave the desk our key, lock, and meal card, they scanned our card and gave it back. Then we left the room and went outside, we took our suitcases to the trucks and started to load them. So me and my companion after loading our suit cases we stood there and started helping all the sisters load each of their 200 pound bags haha.

I love serving people, these sisters were all so nice! I grab their bags and lift them up into the truck and every one of them, standing in the cold, thanked me so sincerely. "Elder you are the best, thank you so much" it rocks my world to hear just even a thank you. It shows that I've done something to help someone.

"I love helping people"

It's not only 2 years that I sacrifice, it's the seat on the really nice bus. Haha not much of a sacrifice, but as I stayed back to load suitcases those people I helped I gave my potential seat on the nice bus away. The bus next to the nice bus wasn't as nice, but had comfy seats, so I'm counting my blessings lol.

I'm not sure why I hadn't been sleeping super well in the MTC but it continued, I napped like 50 times on the buss ride, it was only a 40-50 minute drive to the Airport so really my naps weren't long.

AIRPORT: (backstory up until the airport)
When I got to the Sacramento airport on my way to Utah I weighed my suitcases and had to put some things in the other suitcase to equal out the weight. So when I got to the MTC I tried to remember what I had in what bag so I could have no trouble weighing my stuff. So I thought I'd take a picture of the inside of each suitcase, so I did..
Then forgetting that I did that I sent my camera SD card home so my family could have my pictures. So now I don't have any memory of what was in what. I'm in the MTC and I'm getting all these letters and packages from
family and friends. And I had no trouble packing my suit cases. I even weighed them on a scale in the residence before I left. Both of them said 45 lbs each. So I was proud of my self for that. But... Now I'm in the Salt Lake Airport, at check In, weighing my suitcases, when all of a sudden the scale goes passed 45... Passed... 50... And stops at
57 lbs.. I'm assuming the scales at the residence were broken, so I flipped open my suitcases and started transferring stuff from one to the other then stuffed a bunch of stuff in my carry on.. So thank you all so much for the packages! The only thing that got fat from the sweets, were my suitcases. Haha but I really do appreciate all the letters and packages! So thanks to all!!

Our lay over was about 2 hours in Atlanta Georgia. But that was awesome because my moms amazing friend Mercy was right there when we landed! It was so awesome!! She took us to eat and helped us all get around the airport. Which we would not have been able to do on our own. We had to talent plane train across the airport like 6 different
stops and then walk allllllllll the way down to gate 36 C. Then we sat and ate and called home which I loved so much! I wish I could always call home! Just every night, or even once week. But it's all a part of the sacrifice. I love my family so much, it was so amazing to be able to hear their voices! So I can NOT wait for Christmas it'll be the
best gift ever!

When we landed in NY I walked off the plane and right there in front of me was President Smith and his family. "Elder Newbold! Welcome home" his family is wonderful and him and his wife are so nice! We grabbed our suitcases and went out to the top of the parking lot loaded up into a few cars and headed to the presidents home. We took
pictures with President and his wife (which they should have sent home). He said "Elder Newbold should be taking the pictures, he is the photographer here." I thought it was neat that he knew that about me. He later brought up something about me being a cheerleader so again, he knows us individually it's really awesome. We ate dinner and then I was the last one to have an interview with him. Which was good! He's relatable and reminds me a little of Dad. Young and grey, has a serious stare kind of side to him, but has a sense of humor. It's great!
We then had a testimony meeting which was amazing.. all was centered on Christ, I don't quite get what it is, but everyone always says something to me and thanks me personally for my testimony. It's happened every time I've bore it. I love it!! But I just wonder what's so special about my testimony. And not that it's not special, cause
it's very special to me, I guess I just haven't realized what I say effects on people. After testimony meeting with everyone there we went to bed. Which was nice to sleep in a nice bed! With a super soft warm blanket that fit my whole body. But that's just me, the poor 6 foot 6 kid in the top bunk next to me.... His feet hung over the edge of the frame..

October 28, 2015
Wednesday, Day 15


Day 2 in NY, got here yesterday. Stayed over night in the mission presidents home, got up this morning, got ready, got my iPad, and went to the church to meet my new companion. His names Elder Tabor (TAY-BER) he's awesome! He's been out 6 months. And I'm serving in the Bronx as my first area!

We went down to the basement of the parking garage under the church haha, I got my suitcases. Then we put them in the back of Elder and Sister Waterman's car, (they are a senior couple serving here) then they offered to drive us home. It stated raining so we said yes. We got in and drove I don't even know where. We hoped out grabbed my
bags, in the rain. Then we started walking across the street to the subway. Got on a train and didn't get off till we got to the block where our apartment is. So again in the rain for a couple blocks or so we walked...

Our apartment is old lookin, but it's home now so yea, looking forward to this adventure. I had time to unpack and settle in. Which was nice, so then we ate and set up my iPad... While doing that, I turn on iCloud and I'm freaking out cause my notes aren't there, nor my pictures, or anything I had saved previous. Sooo I just said we can figure it out later.

My first meal in NY, Was PIZZA!! ............From Little Caesars, but no worries my Comp said he will take me to this awesome pizza place soon.

We came off the train from wherever we were going I don't even remember where, but it was about 2:45 and this African boy was walking side by side with us and we just said hi, he said hi back and saw our name tags and said I'm Mormon too, I was baptized in Africa, so that was cool, we got off the exit and it was loud so I couldn't hear much
of what was said but my companion ended up giving him a Book of Mormon.

I called the Elder in charge of technology in the mission and he helped me through the iCloud, turns out my iPad just needed to be updated. I then updated it and all my journal notes appeared. So I was so grateful for that.

We then walked in the rain some more to do laundry since its PDAY. On our way I stepped in a huge puddle and soaked my shoe, sock, and pant leg. Squishy squashy all the way home and while my companion did laundry I read emails wahoo! Wifi is horrible so it kicks me off a lot. So I check when I can. I realized that none of my journal entry sad notes weren't there.. So I'm freaking out cause 4 days worth of journals are now gone... So I had nothing to email home. Turns out after calling the elder working technology I just needed to update my iPad like I said before.

Today was not the PDAY I was looking forward to ever having, so it took forever to set up my iPad, then it didn't have my notes, and that took a couple hours to figure out, by then it was about dinner and I didn't get to email much at all. Which I was depressed about for a little while, but then we got home from laundry and went straight out
to go see a couple people we had appointments with.

The first lady we went to see "wasn't home" her address was fake. We got to the apartment she said she lived in. But the room number F11 wasn't a room. So yay for liars who love to waste our time. We would honestly so much more prefer that people would just tell us they aren't interested, than to just lie about being interested. The second house we went to is a guy named David, this guys an inactive member, he was baptized at 18 but just kind of lost his way I guess. He's 37 now. And he's super open, super smart. But like too smart he over explains everything, our lesson went on for I'm not even sure how long, over an hour for sure. But we decided that it's okay and that we should just take time to get to know him and understand his place in life right now. So we finally at the end were able to share a message, we just shared a scripture each. So I grabbed my scriptures and they opened up to Enos. Where I had a leaf book mark from the sacred grove, but it was a scripture I marked and it was the perfect scripture for what we were talking about. I believe it was Enos 1:12. But before we got there I was gonna share a whole different scripture, but this one I felt was so right for the moment. And it was, David was like. "Whoa" that makes so much sense, I love it! And he really felt it. So that was pretty awesome. It was getting late, about 8:30 so we walked to the bus and rode to our stop and walked home from there. SOOO MUCH WALKING!! Wahoo! We live on FOX ST. So when I come home I think of The Foxs haha.

October 29, 2015
Thursday, Day 16

Day 3 in NY, Day 2 in the Bronx

Woke up tired.. Maybe I'm still not used to the time change.. Cause at home in Cali it's 3 hours behind. So when I'm getting up in the morning here, it's 6:30 @ home in Cali it's 4:30. But I was in Provo for 2 weeks so then it would be 5:30. But whatever. So we get up pray, work out, get ready, study for an hour. Eat some time in between all that. Then we get our bags grab our Books of Mormon, pray at the door and head out.

We had some kind of district meeting to get to know everyone and report our work from our investigators. So after an hour and a half of no important talking, (the leader in charge of this meeting is some member of the church, he just talks about whatever comes to mind and tells jokes) so that meeting that should only take 45 minutes, maybe an hour cause we introduced the new companionships, took over 2 hours.

Bobby the hobo is obviously a... Dr. That we met going to the church. Just kidding he's a hobo. But he's awesome! He loves missionaries, my companion Elder Tabor has talked to him a lot before while walking by so he's gotten to know him. I met him day 1 on the rainy day, we were going to give Elder waterman a blessing, (elder waterman is an elder, senior missionary) but today on my way back from having subway for lunch I gave him my Doritos his face lit up! "I haven't had Doritos In so freaking long! Ahh man thank you so much, God bless" since then I always keep snacks in my bag to give out to anyone who looks like they need food.

Its been one heck of a week, I'm trying to keep up with all my journals and stuff but with the conflict of setting up my iPad I got behind a couple days. So all my stuff may be out of order but bare with me. It should be better next week.

We were walking home from Little Caesars and this big ghetto black guy comes up to us and I guess my companion met him last week so they were talking. I don't really know what he was talking about, but he was going on about how he met Elder Tabor last week and he gave this guy and his family a Book of Mormon and a note, but in some incident he lost it I guess when he was going to the hospital? Yea, so super confusing, he wasn't making sense. But he looks like he just want help, I dint think him and his wife and his disabled brother have a home. Elder Tabor told me he gave them a few sweatshirts last week when they met. Super nice family. We have them another Book of Mormon and he was so grateful. We kinda did s bro hand shake and man hugged lol and he told me to take care of his brother while pointing to my companion. So now we are pretty tight with this guy, he says he's got our backs. So now we got back up when we get into a street fight. Lol kidding.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: (might have been good to know)
So... I've been out here a few days now, I've been able to see from where we have walked that the Bronx, or at least where we live in Hunts Point within the Bronx... It's GHETTO here! Like I guess I should be worried but I'm not. I finally asked my companion "so what exactly is up with this place? Like this is ghetto, are we safe here?" He's like you really wanna know? And I was like uhh duh! (As we are standing in the corner of the sidewalk in the dark of the night, before Halloween. Haha so he goes on to tell me we live in an area that the sisters aren't even allowed because of the high crime here. It's not the safest place, so they only choose the toughest Elders lol.
But we haven't had any trouble here, the missionaries seem highly respected here. A lot of people see us and just start saying God Bless God Bless!

We went to this guys house, his names Ricky and his nephews name is Joel. Ricky has been a member since he was 18 he lived in Costa Rico and was baptized in the oven there. He was a very active member for the years he was there. When he moved to New York some years later he explained that he really just lost his way. Started picking up bad habits and fell away from the church. He lost his leg, he has diabetes, he can't eat certain food, etc. so with all his health problems and such he just makes excuses. While we met with him, (it was my first time meeting him but my comp has known him for a while) he started going on about how HE KNOWS he should be going to church and repenting of things but he just keeps saying "he's not ready" he needs to do things first before he can come back. At this point it was kind of just me listening to this guy, he just talked and talked about how he felt and his life and such. My comp on the other side was taking action in his promptings by talking with this little kid about scriptures and the spirit. Ricky talked for over a half an hour straight, I was never able to speak. But I kept having
this prompting to jump in and start speaking, but I was asking how? What should I say? I felt like there was nothing I could say to get him to stop talking... "Hear me out" went through my mind and I just boldly and loudly but in a nice way said "Ricky! Ricky, Ricky, just hear me out" and to my surprise the whole room went dead silent. I just sat their thinking I didn't think this far... But because I opened my mouth I was blessed with what to say. I began to speak and
the things that I said were. "Ricky, you've been telling me over and over that YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD BE GOING TO CHURCH but that you feel like you need to take care of things before you can go. But Ricky, your Heavenly Father wants you to go to church, I want you to go to church, you want you to go to church... You don't need to start
changing things before you can go to church, you need to take that first step in just going to church. And after you do that, things will become easier for you to realize that everyone makes mistakes but we go to church to take the sacrament and renew those covenants we made. Heavenly Father knows we all struggle, he knows we aren't perfect. He doesn't expect us to be, or we wouldn't be here. But he wants us to strive to be the best we can be. I struggle and make mistakes everyday Ricky and I'm still able to go to church to renew those covenants and be the best we can be. With a moment of silence, Ricky looked at the floor and shook his head because he agreed, he knew what I was saying was true. He felt it. And he couldn't help but smile.. With out ever taking my eyes off him I began to say, "Ricky will you commit to come to church this Sunday?" He kind of whispered to himself "yea I'll go."
May I remind you I've never met this guy ever before tonight. I said "Ricky, look at me in the eyes. Look at me me tell me you are coming to church on Sunday." He slowly looked up with. Smile and said "yes, I will be there on Sunday" so that was pretty flippen awesome. Always listen to the spirit and act on those promptings.

So we also went to go meet the bishop.... Youngest one I've ever met. He's 26 years old... He was called to be bishops recently, but since I'm new here we went over I introduced myself got to talk with him for over an hour, we asked him if there's anything we can do to help lighten his load as a bishop. (Because he's still in school trying to
become s DR. This guy is crazy haha #blessed) so went over some stuff, like home teaching and helping the new converts with callings. And just before we left we shared some scriptures with him. Again I felt promoted to share with him this scripture that helps me through hard times. Alma 26:27. This scripture related to him very well I believe,
the whole time I shared my thoughts about it to him, he was over come with the spirit haha it was pretty cool. I just told him that this scripture tell us that when we are down and feel like our heart is depressed and they we want to give up, we can't, we shouldn't because Heavenly Father is right there. He wants us to go until we can't and he will help us get back up. I told him, "I know that being a bishop can be a crazy busy calling, I've seen it. Even my dad who wasn't a bishop, but a counselor to the bishop was just as busy, as he worked already for a multiple businesses to keep s roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, food on the table, and so on he carried this calling as a counselor and magnified it. He was out late late nights for meeting after meeting and up early on Sunday's for more meetings. He never got a break and I'm sure at times he was overwhelmed with work and his calling (I could never tell cause I barely saw him) but he didn't give up. He had that calling for years!!! And I as well have felt times, especially recently in the MTC I didn't feel like I could go on, I read this scripture and just felt so much peace knowing Heavenly Father knows what I'm going through and still knows that we should continue. So even though your going to school and your recently married and have this calling as a bishop, don't give up. Times will get hard but the Lord knows, he's with you every step just waiting for you to get down and ask for his help, so that he can help carry you on." He looked at me with this overwhelmed look of comfort and it was awesome, he just sat there looking at me, and said wow, thank you, I really appreciate that. #touchinglives

After bishops house we started walking home, caught the train and then walked some more. Got home and got ready to collapse in bed.

October 30, 2015
Friday, Day 17

Day 4 in NY, Day 3 in the Bronx

This morning we got up and met with the with ward missionary "Walter" he was going to be a present member of the church in our lesson for our set appointment. So we met him at the corner of our street. Got in his car and took off to our 1st scheduled appointment so we get to the street that this person lives on, and because NY is crazy there are
cars just lined up the road. So we perk for down the road, and walk all the way up to the apartment building. We ring in.. And ring again.  And ring once more... And waited and waited for about 6 so or minutes... No answer.. So we left, appointment #1 fell thru... So we start walking back down the road toward the CSI and realized out 2nd appointment is close, so we walk and walk and walk. And realize that the address we were given isn't a real address there is now building 363.... So we went on, appointment #2 fell thru. We get back to the car and start heading to a lady in the ward who we didn't schedule with but thought we'd just stop by since she just had knee surgery. So she was home, obviously. And we visited with her for some time and then shared some scriptures with her. She loved it!

Definitely the city that never sleeps and the city that I'll never sleep in.. Lol just kidding I sleep well, better then in the MTC. We were driving to an appointment and out of now where (but in NY that's not out of no where, it's normal) this man walks right through the middle of traffic in the street from one corner to the other... Carrying a couch on his back. There's also dog poop just everywhere, sidewalks, the street, everywhere. Like Ive questioned my excitement to come to NY, but realize I'm just in the wrong area... 

They call parking in the middle of a lane in the middle of traffic, "standing". You just put your car in park, turn your hazards on, if you feel considerate, and leave your car for however long you want, while you go shopping or whatever. It's the funniest/most annoying thing I've ever seen.
It's the only language that everyone speaks here in NY. People of NY stay on their horn for days! They honk to say hi, they honk to say bye, they honk to let you know they are driving, they honk to say look out, they honk to tell you
your in the way, and they honk after they hit you. They also honk for fun. My favorite one, is when everything's at a standstill and no one can go anywhere because they jammed the intersection, they hold their horn. All of them do, it's like a car choir. You can't go 5 seconds without hearing a horn. I hear it while I'm in bed. (10:30PM)
There are no lanes! People literally drive wherever they want. They split "lanes" drive around other cars no matter what the situation.
Cops, fire trucks, ambulances... These guys never get a break. No exaggeration, every hour of everyday, I've seen/heard some kind of emergency vehicle with its lights and sirens.

I'm pretty sure NY's cross walks are on timers, but it doesn't matter, because people walk when they want and oh don't mind me car, I'm just walking through the intersection on your green light. Oh but not me! I at least look both ways.

Not even sure where I am in the world.

Part of the reason that I believe I was sent here to a technology mission, is because not only will I touch lives here in New York being a missionary, but I'm making a big difference back home and touching far more lives in California and who ever is following me on my journey through emails then I've seen out here in the Bronx, we don't get many interested people from walking around. People respect us, but they have their own ways of living that they aren't willing to change. (But that doesn't matter we stay talking to everyone!) But I'm hearing from home that so many people are enjoying my emails, they are accepting my challenges, they are so proud, and making little changes.
I've seen so much progression since I've been gone. It's been an amazing journey, so keep it up. It bring so much joy to my day hearing those things!

October 31, 2015
Saturday, Day 18

Not enough if it! We keep so busy which is good but I want like just a little time everyday to keep up on my journal. Just a few minutes...

I'm trying so hard to keep up, but it's close to impossible... So I'll do my best to keep up with out distracting myself from the work. But please understand my busy schedule, when you notice my day to day journals getting lessened. But I don't want them to be haha so I'm trying.

Met with this guy named Bean haha we can him chef bean cause I guess he makes super good chili.

He committed to coming to church, reading the scriptures, and the pamphlet we gave him.

After our appointment we all went to lunch together, me my companion and b an, we went to subway. I got another meal so I could give my Doritos to Bobby again.

He loves Doritos haha he's always so grateful when I bring him something to eat.

We as a district planned our evening, we met at the church and taped candy to Jesus cards and pass along cards. Then we split up and went off to different spots around the church with out companions and passed out these cards.
But because it's the ghetto and Halloween, I'm sure you can picture what could happen, so our mission president said to be back home at 6 so we left when we finished the last of our cards and went home for safety lol. Then we just had nightly planning and enjoyed the rest of out night.

November 1, 2015
Sunday, Day 19

COMMITMENTS: (loose there meaning)
It's just sad to know that people have made a COMMITMENT with us to come to church, and when you show up to church and realize those people aren't there, it's not a good feeling. So we call up our investigators one by one, and each of them had an excuse.. Whether it was a valid one or not, it's just saddening.. Bean said he had to go to the ER with his brother. I don't know the story with that, and Ricky said his blood sugar was low and that he couldn't get to the train because he would get super sick... So that's just a glimpse of the missionary life. But it's okay!! Cause we never give up! They will come around!

It was not as hard as I thought it'd be to do a full fast, as a missionary. The Lord blesses your stomach because you are obedient haha. It's true tho, like I usually wouldn't make it through lunch.. And I didn't think I could make it to dinner. We have our studies in the morning then church at 1 then we have appointments after. But the senior couple missionaries were having a get together after church with food so we ate then at like 5.

There were only 3 white people other then me and my companion. We really are the minority... Haha the bishop like I said earlier is white. And like 2 other people. So it's definitely different coming from a ward with no black people to a ward with very few white people.

GATHERING: (the one after church)
I am not racist... But when you have a majority black gathering + food at gathering that = lots of chicken. And cooked in different ways, I couldn't tell it was chicken from looking at it. But the food was good!!

Part of our daily goals we set how many members present we have in a lesson with investigators, so Elder Tabor asked one of the guys he knew in the ward and he drove us to the appointment and we all taught together. It was Ruby and Mrs. Bailey, (Rubys best friend/care taker). Ruby is a member but Mrs. Bailey is not. So the lesson was mainly for her but we like to involve everyone. So we just talked for a little while, then shared Ether 2-3. Awesome scriptures, you all should read them!

We were walking home after our appointment, and well we were walking to the train. When these 2 guys standing out side a barber shop stopped us because they were talking about religion and wanted us (of course the missionaries) to hear what they were talking about. It was interesting, I can't remember really what we were talking about, but they both were super cool guys, we were talking to one of them (and during the hour we were standing there talking) and the other guy left and came back with some orange juice boxes that he just went across the street to buy us. Super cool guys! They said we'd have to come by another time and talk and a hair cut.

It hasn't even been super cold at all here but I think because of the rain at first and my extreme hard working schedule as a missionary my body hasn't adapted so I've had a little cold for a half the time I've been here. But it's all good the work keeps going!

November 2, 2015
Monday, day 20

We were having a zone meeting and during it, a lot of good points and things were said but one I really like was said by Elder Buckley, one of our zone leaders. He was talking about how he didn't come out on a mission for the right reason, he literally come out because he wanted the blessings of having an attractive wife haha. But he said as he
worked and became obedient his reasons changed, he said something like this "I came out for a dumb reason, but at the time I thought it was a good reason, but now being out here for over a year I found that I love being a missionary and my purpose is so much better, to invite others to come unto Christ." He then said something like "It doesn't matter what your reason was to come out on a mission, but why you've chose to stay" I thought that was a really good way to think about it.

1 Week down in the field! Almost been a month! Holy cow! The days may be slow but the weeks are fast!

Finally had some real NY pizza! I understand now why people eat their pizzas folded... It is not possible to eat these slices normal. Check out the pictures!

The Lord protects those that serve! Like I said before, I was excited to come to NY and to be in the Bronx even tho I knew nothing of my area. But a few days in I find out my area is dangerous and the sisters aren't even aloud to serve here. But I guess my area isn't the only bad spot. We did some look ups, referrals and less actives. And we got to Brook Ave. which I guess is somewhere pretty bad too haha and it's late, like 7PM it's dark, walking down the roads like I own the place and we are saying hi to people and talking casually, and after we told people "have a great
nigh the" they always responded with be safe. Haha so when someone tells you over and over to be safe, you get the feeling that your not in a safe area.

Haha the mission life is what you make of it. Don't let anyone tell you it's not fun, or it sucks, or that here's nothing good about it. You never hear any of those any way. Just know these 2 years aren't the best 2 years of your life, they are the best 2 years FOR your life.

Love you all so much thank you for your comforting prayers, your love, and support.

Patience. Love. Faith

Much love,
Elder Newbold

New NY tie 

Little Ceasar's for lunch

Newbold Avenue

His favorite!! Grilled cheese sandwich!

Pizza bigger than his face!!

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