New York

New York

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Arrived in NY

October 28, 2015
Hi everyone,
Tyler arrived in NY yesterday evening.  We were able to speak with him on the phone twice yesterday, once in the SLC airport and again during his layover in Atlanta, Georgia.  He sounds so amazing.  So humble and teachable.  His testimony has grown so much and he appreciates everyones love, support and prayers, he feels them!  
He got his new ipad but can't access his journal and notes from the MTC yet, tech support said he needs to update the ipad he just got and then the cloud will transfer everything... so for today this is what we get.... but anything I get from him I LOVE!

Flying over all the trees yesterday was so beautiful! 
1. I've never seen such vibrant and beautiful trees &
2. I've never seen so many trees! 
So far it's been great! Today is my PDAY and so every Wednesday will be.
After I landed I got off the plane and President Smith, his wife and 2 kids were standing there! 
"Elder Newbold" welcome home! It was awesome I gave him a hug and I  was so happy to just be there. We grabbed our luggage and took off to their home, where we had a testimony meeting after dinner. That was awesome. I met Elder Reid who goes home today. Then we went to bed. Woke up at 6:30 got ready, left around 8:40 went to the church where I met my new companion, Elder Tabor (Tay-Ber). He's flippen awesome. He's been here 6 months. And my 1st area is the Bronx! 

It's been raining and I've already soaked my pants and shoes. 

I've already been on the train 4 times today, when we got off my companion just said hi to this kid, he's 17, just got out of school, and this kid is from Africa, and he said he's a member. And was baptized in Africa, and so my companion asked him if he had a Book of Mormon, and he gave him one and we exchanged numbers!! So that's our Miracle for the day! 
Before I started emailing we just came back from giving a senior missionary elder couple a blessing, now we are at the laundry place lol. 

I'll take lots of pictures, my companion reminds me of Jessie Simons. He's from Hemet California!

NEW Mailing:
700 White Plains rd, Ste. 315 
Scarsdale, New York 10583
United States 

We get mail every Tuesday.

Keep attending and enjoying the temple, for yourself and me, I don't get to go very often.  I love the temple!!

Patience. love. Faith

Much love, Elder Newbold 

Getting off the plane in NY

Meeting President Smith

Transfer meeting

Meeting Elder Tabor

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