New York

New York

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Week 72

August 9, 2017
Wednesday, Day 503
Day 143 back in NY

Today was pretty good. We drove over to Poughkeepsie to meet up with the ZLs (Elders Busby & Brown) and their roommates (Elders Horner & Leavitt) to go bowling at 1pm. We had finished our laundry around 10am so we drove to Poughkeepsie and went to Wal-Mart for groceries. Then we drove to the Elder’s apartment and changed, then drove over to Spins Bowl for a couple games. After our bowl session we went to Dairy Queen. 

August 10, 2017
Thursday, Day 504
Day 144 back in NY

Today was pretty sweet; we went on a split with the APs. We drove down to Ossining to meet them at the chapel there. I went down to New Rochelle with Elder Davis!! Elder Chambers went to our area with Elder Wallace. 
We went to their apartment and had lunch, then we got in the car and began doing look ups. We had a few appointments set today, the first couple fell through so we knocked some doors in between and then had an appointment with a guy named C. We focused on the Plan of Salvation and it was a great lesson. I know that we both could feel the desire this man had to understand all that we were teaching; he had a lot of questions, which was awesome! Elder Davis and I reminisced on all the good times we had in the Bronx together. We talked about members we remember and investigators we taught. He told me about the progress and other things that happened after I was transferred, it was really fun being with Elder Davis again.

August 11, 2017
Friday, Day 505
Day 145 back in NY

We woke up this morning at 5:50 and went to the top floor of their building and went to the gym to work out. (It was so nice having a gym to work out in; it definitely gives me more motivation to work out. Staying in the apartment to do push ups and pull ups because you have no weights sucks! Can't wait to be able to go to the gym again.)
We were un-splitting at the Ossining chapel at 10:30 so we had daily planning and studies. Then we drove to Ossining. 
We then drove to Brother H's for lunch, on the way over there Elder Wallace and I talked about our splits. They both went really well! We had a great time with the assistants. Not sure what this means, but this is the 3rd split I've been on with the assistants in the last 3 months. Before that, I've never been on a split with them. 
After lunch at Brother H's, we went home to have daily planning, companionship study, and then we changed to help R with staining her door. What a work out… the stain we had used ended up being a color she didn't like... so we sanded the door, again. 

August 12, 2017
Saturday, Day 506
Day 146 back in NY

We visited Brother K for a bit, we read Joseph Smith’s testimony in the Book of Mormon to him and talked about Joseph Smith’s experiences of him being prepared to bring forth the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
While we were at the church planning for more of the day and making phone calls, Grandma Weed called. She told us about the person living in the only house right across from the church. She said that she has a smaller tree that's been growing to close to a large pine tree and it may be taking nourishment from the pine, killing it slowly. So we went across the street and introduced ourselves. We told her who we are and what we do as missionary. We help others come closer to Christ and serve others when we can. So we offered to help however we could. She showed us the tree and explained the situation. Then talked about some painting she may need done. We set a time to help her out next week.
After our visit with the neighbor of our church we went home for dinner and then had correlation at the church. 

August 13, 2017
Sunday, Day 507
Day 147 back in NY

Sunday was great! I gave a talk on Temples! Which went well, I shared an experience I had during my inter-mission that I had in the temple which really built my testimony of eternal families. 
Blake Olsen is also in town, so he was at church and we got to talk a bit! We talked about his mission call and other mission stuff. He's such a great young man! 
We went over to visit Brother M and he wasn't feeling well, so we made our visit short and offered to give him a blessing. 
After dinner we did a couple look ups, our last one was this guy named A. The Sisters sent us his information, when we stopped by I immediately recognized the house. In the past we had looked up the son of the parents who live here. 
We knocked the door and the husband/father came to the door and said it wasn't a good time and slowly backed into his house. Before he made it back behind his door we explained that Sisters had stopped by recently, he then wasn't all that happy and became defensive, he said “yea you guys were here just 3 days ago” we told him that wasn't true because we haven't been here in the last 4 weeks. Neither have the sisters. He then backed into his home saying he was comfortable with the church he attends already. 

August 14, 2017
Monday, Day 508
Day 148 back in NY

This morning during district meeting we received a late notice that we would be having a conference call for about 15 minutes. We did some opening exercises to get started, talked about some announcements and some new progress made in each of our areas. Then we got onto the call. It ended up being about 30 minutes long. It was very helpful and inspired! President Smith talked about goals and invited us to consider to be more united as a mission to be able to achieve our goal as a mission to achieve the standard of excellence which is to find 3 new investigators a week, invite new investigators on the first visit to be baptized, and set a date with new investigators on the second visit if they accepted the invitation. And by doing this with faith and diligence we as a mission will increase our ability to help investigators enter into a covenant with God through baptism. President’s goal for each of the missionaries is that every one of us will have the opportunity to at least participate in helping/witnessing at least one of our investigators enter the waters of baptism before returning home at the conclusion of our missions. So he talked about ways that we could work toward achieving that.  During the call we were told to discuss the call as a district and apply what we were invited to do. And that took up about the rest of the time we had. So unfortunately Elder Wallace didn't give the training he prepared to give today. 
After lunch we then went over to Grandma W's and helped her out with her yard, pulling out some old tree roots. We helped her out and talked to Blake Olsen some more since he was staying in Grandma W’s upstairs room while he's here. 
When we finished we went home and cleaned up a bit and went to the church for language study. Elder Wallace takes about 20-30 minutes for himself then uses the remaining time to teach me sign language. It's been super cool!
We then had dinner and went out with Brother J for about 2 hours to visit people. Our first stop was the care home Brother M lives at. He had a buddy who needed some last minute help moving furniture in for an elderly woman. So we helped out for a half an hour and then went a couple doors over to visit Brother M. We chatted with him for a bit, he's feeling a lot better, he says compared to yesterday, which is awesome! After Brother M we ran into V, who is Brother J’s friend, the one we came to the care home to help. He gave Brother J some money to take us out for ice cream! Lol we had about an hour left in the night so we went to look up one more person and then on our way home we all stopped to get ice cream. It was a pretty good way to end the night! (Ice cream with BAE and Brother J). 

August 15, 2017
Tuesday, Day 509
Day 149 back in NY

This morning we went over to Sister P's to help her out with a big project. She had some trees/bushes in the front of her yard near the road that were just overcrowding the area so she asked if we could pull them out! If you could see me then, I was pretty excited! I took out 2 nice size trees in the hour and a half we were there. Elder Wallace cut them down to a stump and I dug them out! (As Brother H would say, you can call me Elder Diggie). 
Great way to start my day! It takes me back to working at home! Then we went home and got cleaned up. We were getting ready for interviews with President, when we got a text from the Newbourgh Elders saying, president is 40 minutes behind with interviews, so we changed up our schedule a bit. We went to the church for language study till he showed up and then I had my interview. 
It was great! He sat back in his chair after I offered an opening prayer and he said okay Elder it's your interview! We talked about the branch and how it's been. I brought up some things about the service we render and if it was too much. We do A LOT of service, which I would never complain about! #IloveHelpingPeople! But I've been wondering how to keep a good balance of service and sharing the gospel. It's tricky sometimes to be able to turn an opportunity of service into a teaching opportunity. Then we talked about increasing our sacrament attendance and how we could get the word out. 
I look forward to the next little while that I'll be here and how we can better enjoy and work in this area! 
Patience. Love. Faith

Much love, 

Elder Newbold 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Week 71

August 2, 2017
Wednesday, Day 496
Day 136 back in NY

Today was pretty good! We had plans for after pday set so our daily planning was quite short. After studies we went about pday business. Well around 3pm it got really dark, the sky was thick and grey. Thunder rolled and lighting struck. And down came pouring rain. Immediately we checked the weather and our weather app said “Severe Thunderstorms” for the next 3 days… well about half an hour into the storm we got a call from R, she canceled... but with the weather that was expected. It was super lame; there was no sign of it raining today.

We had an appointment at 6:15pm, we had called earlier to confirm. 6pm rolled around and we hadn't received a call back, so we headed over to Brother D’s home. We knocked and no one was home… we thought, okay no ones home, let's change real quick and we will head over to R’s to continue working on her door (because the weather cleared up and it was sunny again).

LESSON LEARNED: Be careful when you think no one is watching.

So, with no one home at Brother D's, we decided to change in his drive way and head over to R’s… after completely changing and just as I was putting on my shoes, he pulls up to his driveway with his wife... thankfully we were both completely dressed, but how awkward it could have been had they pulled up any second earlier.

August 3, 2017
Thursday, Day 497
Day 137 back in NY

Zone conference was this morning in Newbourgh. For some reason we planned an hour for travel time instead of half that. So we got to the chapel 30 minutes early. In preparation for this conference, we studied Joseph Smith History verses 1-20. It was a really great meeting. August 30, 2016 we had a Zone study (between interviews) at the Charles chapel on the same topic. Almost a year later, we met again (today) and had this wonderful meeting. We focused on the restoration and Joseph Smith’s experience. It brought back the same feelings I experienced on August 30, 2016, when I felt that I really gained a testimony of the restoration and prophet Joseph Smith.

At the end of the meeting, as many as felt the need, had the opportunity of bearing their testimony. Having reflected on my experience a year ago and my experience today, I stood and bore my testimony.

As Elder Holland’s great grandfather once said “No wicked man could write such a book as this; and no good man would write it, unless it were true and he were commanded of God to do so.”

Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration. He IN FACT did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. He knew it was true and he knew God knew it was true, and there was no way to deny it. I have received a confirmation of my own that these things are true and I myself cannot deny it. Seek the truth for yourself, read, ponder, and pray to find your answer, it will come.

August 4, 2017
Friday, Day 498
Day 138 back in NY

We had planned to help Sister P this morning after studies. As we were getting changed to go over and help with her burn pile, we began to hear thunder… on our drive over it began to down pour for about 20 minutes it rained... the thunder was LOUD and the lightening was often. We thought to cancel this morning with Sister P. So we stopped at the church to check the weather and see what was going on. She ended up calling us just before we called her, she said because of the rain she doesn't think it would work out today. After we got off the phone we headed back home, just as we pulled into where we live the rain had stopped and he clouds began to part slowly, we could see the blue sky peeking through…after getting home and about ready to begin planning Sister P calls and says well it looks like the storm has passed right over and it should be clear at least for he next few hours. She was right, so we went to her home and helped out for a few hours. Sorting woodpiles and dragging it down to her burn pile. It was way too wet to get a fire going with all the wet wood but we were able to get a good size pile ready to burn when it all finally dries.

As we finished up the clouds came back and it rained as got back into the car. We went home, weekly planned for a few hours, had dinner, and went to visit Brother R. He wasn't feeling well so we visited with him for some time, he's a talker he kept us there nearly 2 hours… he also asked if we would give him a blessing. After our visit, we gave him a blessing and were on our way home.

August 5, 2017
Saturday, Day 499
Day 139 back in NY

Our first appointment fell through this morning, so unfortunately we wasted a 20-minute drive. We then went to our appointment with Brother K. We focused our message on the sacrament, he's blind, but we played a video of Elder Holland talking about the sacrament, and he listened to it and really enjoyed it. We then committed him to do something different this week to prepare himself to partake of the sacrament. We were a bit behind in our schedule and so were the Sisters, so instead of having an APF, we met at the church and planned ideas for an APF.

August 6, 2017
Sunday, Day 500
Day 140 back in NY

Today was super weird for some reason... But it was great at the same time; I bore my testimony during sacrament. It was weird though, because we didn't have any investigators at church (neither did the Sisters) and Brother W’s in-laws weren't here so we didn't have Spanish class. Then we were asked to teach Elders quorum. So during 2nd hour, we read through a talk by Elder Holland and planned or lesson. Then 3rd hour we taught our lesson.

After church was a bit interesting, an ex-husband of a woman in our branch showed up. (Apparently he came to cause trouble, but someone noticed him come into the building and I guess pulled him into a room and talked to him) we were asked to stay and just be there till he left. President C stepped into the room and talked to him, then about 15 minutes later, he left. And we could finally leave. Once we left we picked up a box of food from Sister M. Then went home and unloaded before going to visit Brother M.

On our way to an appointment we got a call from the family and they canceled on us. So we went to her H’s and visited them as the last stop of the night.

August 7, 2017
Monday, Day 501
Day 141 back in NY

After district meeting we planned to visit R to do some service… but the weather was rainy so we rescheduled… We went to the church so Elder Wallace could have language Study; he started teaching me some. Hopefully I'll come home fluent.

Today was overall a bit better than yesterday. The H’s had us over for dinner, which was great! We had burgers.

Then Brother J invited us to the church for family home evening. We prepared a message and we played a game called Exploding Kittens.

August 8, 2017
Tuesday, Day 502
Day 142 back in NY

We started the day off in Poughkeepsie, at a Temple and Family History training. It was pretty cool, I didn't leave with what I thought I would learn, but I learned what I didn't expect to learn. This is the dispensation for family history.  "The past dispensations have been preparing us for this dispensation.  And, if we, in THIS dispensation, do not fulfill our responsibility to do our Family History and Temple work, the Earth will be utterly wasted"  

Afterward we had to get our car, it was being inspected. Then we drove back to New Paltz and helped out at the bishop’s storehouse. We were there from about 2-5pm. Then we delivered one of the orders that were filled to the E family.

We stopped by Brother W’s office before going to dinner. He had something’s he wanted to show us on family search and a survey he wanted to print off for us. Afterward we went home for dinner and then visited the W.

Patience. Love. Faith
Much love,

Elder Newbold

Week 70

July 26, 2017
Wednesday, Day 489
Day 129 back in NY

Still recovering from being sick… so today wasn't all that eventful. We took it slow and got done all of our needs for pday. Then we stopped by an elderly woman's home, a member of the branch, who is basically home bound. We dropped in to see how she was doing and introduce Elder Wallace. She had company over so we didn't stay long. 

We then drove down the street and met with Brother D. We talked about the priesthood and bore testimony of the importance of God's power on the earth today. Without it, we couldn't accomplish all that he has planned for us. We couldn't return to live with Him.

Our last stop for the night was going to be the W's. We met with them and introduced Elder Wallace and shared a message with them. As we were getting ready to head out, Brother J called. He asked if we could go with him to look-up a member of the branch he hasn't seen in a while. He dropped by and picked us up and we went by her home. We went to the door and saw lights on, but we knocked and knocked and no one answered. It looked empty. 

Brother J felt like we should stop by, so we followed that prompting. Whether we recognize anything come of our effort or not, Brother J followed the Spirit and that's what's important. He then dropped us off at our car and we drove home.
Elder Newbold and Elder Wallace

July 27, 2017
Thursday, Day 490
Day 130 back in NY

After a few hours of weekly planning and still not quite finished… we left and went over to grandma W's. She needed some help with her driveway. We grabbed some shovels and a wheelbarrow. When we got to the bottom we scrapped up some gravel and began to spread it over the driveway, filling in potholes. When we about finished she had made us some lunch. When we finished up we grabbed the sandwiches and were on our way.
We headed home, cleaned up, and had companion study. Afterward we made dinner and the rest of the night were look-ups and reporting on the lessons we had earlier in the week.

July 28, 2017
Friday, Day 491
Day 131 back in NY

Woke up at 5:30am this morning, got ready, and drove to Poughkeepsie. I was invited to MLC, along with other district leaders, so, Elders Busby, Brown, Horner, and I carpooled down to Scarsdale. Elder Wallace and Elder Leavitt spent the day together in New Paltz.
MLC was great; we discussed a variety of things. The first thing we talked about was President Smith’s studies this week. We talked about 2 Nephi 9:41 and that we should Seek Not to council the Lord, but to take it from His hand.

As I thought about this I thought it was silly… who in the world, knowing anything about Christ, would try to counsel Him? After much pondering and listening to more of what was said about this verse I came to this, it's not a literal matter of counseling the Lord, but acting in such ways that may show the Lord that we think our way is better, rather than seeking to take counsel and advice from the Lord. We also talked a little bit about technology and the blessing it is that we have it in this mission, access to Facebook and other ways of communication. 

We also talked about and focused on the Plan of Salvation for a little bit. As some Sisters volunteered to teach the Plan of Salvation to the room, my mind began thinking about where my testimony of the Plan of Salvation comes from. I then reflected on an experience I had in the temple while I was home for my intermission, I felt the Spirit and knew that my testimony was built during that time.

After MLC we went back to Poughkeepsie and met up with our companions. When they got to the apartment they shared their experience with us. Elder Wallace was brand new to the upstate mission life and this area. He just got here Tuesday evening... well, he decided while we were at MLC that he and Elder Leavitt would do some look-ups. The 1st person they chose was someone they shouldn't have contacted. Unfortunately past missionaries didn't do a good job of making a note visible to NOT CONTACT this guy. They dropped by and immediately the guy starts yelling and swearing, so the Elders apologize for coming by, they said they'd make a note to never stop by again, and just as they were turning around to get to the car. The man comes out of the house throwing paint! The Elders were hit by some paint and the car was now spotted with a baby blue paint. They got in the car, drove off and went to get a car wash.

What a day! Lol they got a car wash, cleaned up the mess and made a note in the area book to NOT CONTACT that guy.

When we got home, I took a half hour to study. We then had dinner, did some look-ups and worked on area book.

July 29, 2017
Saturday, Day 492
Day 132 back in NY

Today we were doing a bit of driving. We went to the church after studies to write and send off our progress report. We then went home for lunch. Went back to the church to clean it. Drove a half hour to visit Brother K. We talked about the commandments and the priesthood. Then we drove back to New Paltz, went home got changed. Then drove to Sister M’s, helped her out with a little project. Then back home for dinner. We had a few look-ups and then missionary correlation at the church.

July 30, 2017
Sunday, Day 493
Day 133 back in NY

Church was great. We had an investigator, J, show up. He stayed for sacrament and took off just after. We had gospel principles once again, in Spanish. Elder Wallace and I also taught the young men during 3rd hour.

After church we wen to Sister M’s, to pick up our weekly box of food. She's so sweet. She says she has no need for it all so she gives us what she doesn't need or have room for.

We went home for lunch and comp study. Sent off our Gospel Minute: “Even with the trials of life, because of the Savior’s Atonement and His grace, righteous living will be rewarded with personal peace.” - Personal Peace: The reward of righteousness

We then visited Brother M and took him the sacrament. We shared a video of the sacrament with him. Then we had a meeting at the church with the Sisters, where we planned the next couple APFs that we would do.

Around 5 we had dinner and then 6:30 we met with Brother D and his wife, we shared the message of the restoration with them. They are both converts and they said they appreciated us reminding them of their time finding the church.

At the end of the night we met up with Brother W and went to our last appointment, the guy canceled when we got there because he had a lot of family and friends over and it was a bit loud and busy. So we took down his number and would reschedule later. Broker W felt like we should visit a family, so we visited the E's on our way home.

July 31, 2017
Monday, Day 494
Day 134 back in NY

My first time leading district meeting again since a year ago... it went pretty well, we talked about some announcements, discussed some things from MLC, then I had us all do a little activity. I gave everyone a sheet of paper. I told them they would be the only ones to read it so they could be open with what they say, but I told them all to write their testimony and some of their thoughts and feelings about the area they are serving in right now.

When they were done I had them put the date on it, fold it, write their name on the outside, and staple it. I then collected them and stuck mine and all of theirs in this tube. It was our time capsule, they would all get them back in 6 weeks after doing it again at our last district meeting together, so that they could review and compare what they wrote.

It was pretty cool; I can't wait for 6 weeks from now to see the difference.

We went home for lunch, changed and drove to Brother H's. He needed some help today with putting new sides on his shed. He fed us pizza and as always had our Gatorades ready to go for us! Haha he's the best!

When we finished up we went home to clean up, have comp study, and dinner.

We worked on area book, imputing and updating information on members. Then went to visit the Jamaicans at the orchards.

August 1, 2017
Tuesday, Day 495
Day 135 back in NY

Today was one of those days where nothing goes the way you planned. We started off staining a door for a women, we didn't have time to do a 2nd or 3rd coat, so we will be back tomorrow evening. But the rest of the day between meals was rough… all our appointments fell through. No one returned our calls, and all our back up plans fell though... so it was one of those days... and that’s okay because there's a better day around the corner.

Patience. Love. Faith
Much love,
Elder Newbold

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Week 69

July 19, 2017
Wednesday, Day 482
Day 122 back in NY

Today was pretty fun! We started the day off with laundry as always and in between loads picked up some groceries. When we quickly got done with those things we drove to the Walkway over the Hudson. I guess it's the highest walkway in the world or something. It used to be an old railroad track. But many years ago it caught fire and for many years it sat there. But I guess in the last decade or so they made a walkway out of it and it's open to the public. So we met up as a district and went for a walk over the Hudson River.

When we finished up with our walk Elder Murray and I met up with the Poughkeepsie elders to go bowling at this place called Spins Bowl. We played a game of bowling which was sweet; it only cost $3 for each of us. Then we wanted to go to an indoor trampoline place, when we got there a sign was on the door to tell us that because of a certain kids camp, they aren't open till 6pm. So we left there and found this DC Sports mini golf place and we mini golfed it up! We were all wearing pday clothes but still wearing our tags, and the girl at the cash register was asking about our nametags. I talked to her for a couple minutes about who we are and where we are from and what we are doing. She and her coworkers thought it was really cool.
We headed home after golf, grabbed something to eat, and went home to change and email at the church till the end of pday.
All our appointments fell though this evening. We did a couple look ups and then went to the church for a couple baptism interviews. The sisters have been teaching Sister M’s girls, B and A. And they decided to get baptized, so Elder Murray did the interviews and they are ready for their baptism on Friday.

July 20, 2017
Thursday, Day 483
Day 123 back in NY

After weekly planning…we sent out our Gospel Minute:
Elder Steven E. Snow Of the Presidency of the Seventy
By listening to the prophets, keeping an eternal perspective, having faith, and being of good cheer, we can face life’s unexpected challenges.

Matthew 14:27
​But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of good ​​​cheer​; it is I; be not afraid.

The APs called and wanted to know if we could meet up with the Zone Leaders and give them our Book of Mormon board so that the going home missionaries could use it for their last APFs in the mission before they go home. So we met halfway with the Zone Leaders and gave them the board.
We went and visited J for a bit, we planned earlier in the week to help him stack wood. So we came in service clothes and stacked most of the wood he split. After about an hour he asked if we were hungry, we were, so he told us to stop and go out to dinner with him. He took us to a college diner, which was nice; I ordered a monster pork sandwich. It was really good, but it wasn't monster size at all.

We left the diner and went straight over to Brother W's to help him with his rental; we were laying more tile. Before we started he brought pizza for us so we ate pizza and then started tile. We were there for about an hour and a half then needed to head home.

July 21, 2017
Friday, Day 484
Day 124 back in NY

We had a miracle line this morning, president shared some miracles and even called on a few missionaries to share their miracles. He also talked about goals and used a story of mine that I shared with him during an interview I had with him. It was pretty cool to have him share.

We didn't have the Book of Mormon board today but we met up with the sisters at the church first and talked about ideas for APFs. Then we got ready for one and went down on Main St. closer to Water St. we had a poster of Christ and a white board, we wrote on the board “What Mormons Believe in 60 seconds.” We would share a quick minute video about Mormon beliefs.

We then had a few look up and had dinner. Then we went to the church for the baptisms at 6:30. We got there a bit early to help set up. Then everybody, as usual showed up late by half an hour. So we didn't have the baptism till close to 7pm. The baptism was great, there was more food then there were people, lol but that's what you get in our branch.

July 22, 2017
Saturday, Day 485
Day 125 back in NY

Happy birthday to me! Thanks for all the letters, packages, and emails!

We started the day off doing some service at Salvation Army. We went around the clothing racks and took off all the clothes with yellow/pink tags. The sisters were there too and we stayed for 2 hours.

We then met with Brother K and then went back to this neighborhood where we had knocked a few doors before, early on during my first couple weeks in the area. We made contact with this guy named D, we talked about the plan of salvation and he said he would talk to his wife and let us know.
I had a special birthday dinner at Brother H's home. We had some really good ribs! His daughter J made me brownies and they had vanilla ice cream out. It was an awesome little party.

We then had correlation later that evening. We had planned to have it at Brother W's at 7pm. We were running a little late from Brother H's so we called Brother W and he said to meet at the church and so we made our way there. Then the sisters called and said that they were at the W's and so we then turned around and were heading to the W's. Brother W then called and told us that we will meet at his house… #communication lol

We found out transfers tonight, Elder Murray is going to West Point as a Zone leader. And I will stay, I'll receive Elder Wallace and I will be district leader. .

July 23, 2017
Sunday, Day 486
Day 126 back in NY

Woke up exhausted, I didn't really sleep much. Church was great! Gospel principles was taught in Spanish again which is fun for us! Unfortunately none of our investigators showed up. So Brother W taught gospel principles in Spanish for his in-laws.

Then later in the day I started to feel the worst. We went and stopped by a lot of people that Elder Murray wanted pictures with before he left.

Around 7:30 we met up with Brother W. He wanted us to meet a friend of his. So we drove over with him and met up at his friend’s house, Brother W taught the Plan of Salvation and we testified of it and also taught part of the restoration as questions were asked. It was really cool we got 2 new investigators tonight!

July 24, 2017
Monday, Day 487
Day 127 back in NY

Last night I didn't sleep at all and I was sweating all night…. It wasn't fun. We had district meeting. The Zone surprised me with cupcakes and sang happy birthday to me after our meeting. Then went over to grandma W's home. Took a picture with her and signed her guestbook. Then we met up with President and Sister C for ice cream.

Then for dinner we went to the C’s, a family from Honduras. They made us tacos and Bailiads. They were way good!

The W's also came and had dinner with us. Afterward I was feeling like trash... so I asked Brother W and Elder Murray to give me a blessing, we drove over to Brother W's office after dinner and they gave me a blessing there. Then we went to Sister P's for pictures and to help her with what we thought was a small project, she told us earlier it was just moving a dining room table. It turned out to be a U-HAUL full of furniture. I was feeling like death... I had lost 7 lbs already from not having an appetite and going to he bathroom so often. I ended up lying under a tree watching Elder Murray and J move furniture. 

Then we went home. I drank some NyQuil and went to bed…

July 25, 2017
Tuesday, Day 488
Day 128 back in NY

Transfer day! I woke up twice every hour until 3am, and then didn't wake up till 8am. Then I got ready and Elder Murray finished packing his bags. We drove to Ossining and Elder Murray got his new companion and they left and I waited around a few hours with Elder Busby and few other Elders. President Smith showed up and we had a discussion, all of us. We talked about questions we had to improve the areas we are in. We talked about working with Ward/ branch members.

Then he U-HAUL showed up with the luggage from NYC and the missionaries from down there. Elder Wallace and I then drove home and dropped off his luggage, then went to an appointment. We met with a referral we recently received and taught him about the Book of Mormon.

Then we went to the church to try and set up his new area Book. That didn't work then we came home. I felt like trash still, so I got ready and went to bed. I'm feeling the slightest bit better today then yesterday, but still trashy.

Patience. Love. Faith
Much love,

Elder Newbold

Monday, July 24, 2017

Blessings Elder Newbold has Recognized

I was asked to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting on July 23rd on blessings we have recognized from having a missionary. I wrote to Elder Newbold to ask him for some feed back also. This is what he shared with me:

The blessings I recognize:
As a missionary, when I've tried to be more obedient I have recognized many things. One being, tender mercies, such as; the Lord allows me to see the experiences I've been given as lessons to learn from. Like recognizing promptings from the Spirit. And as I have began to learn more of how the Holy Ghost works with me in my life I have been able to recognize the inspiration and promptings as they come.

As I've studied more and have used more resources while reading the scriptures (like the institute manual) I have gained a much greater understanding of the Book of Mormon and have been able to remember those things I learn. Which has been neat to slowly recognize. My patriarchal blessing promises "I bless you with a desire to draw closer to your Heavenly Father. As you do so, He will draw closer to you. And the closer you come to God, the greater the blessings that will flow unto you. He will illuminate your intellect. He will expand your capacity for learning and your ability to retain and recall."  That last sentence brings me hope. Retaining and recalling information has been close to impossible for me throughout my life. But as I do as I've been told and promised in my blessing, when I draw closer to God, He WILL bless me. It hasn't come all at once, I haven't been completely changed because of the blessings that I've received, but I know that I have been blessed at MOMENTS where I can recall the things I've learned throughout the day or even the week, which has been a blessing. Slowly but surely they come.

Another more obvious one for me, I have embraced the gospel, in a way that I haven't before. I may not be a perfect missionary or the best at teaching, but I'm a trying missionary and I have come to know the things I've been taught since primary to be true.   I do have a loving Heavenly Father and I know He has a son, Jesus Christ. I know that He has a divine plan for His children. For me, for you, for us all. It's not a plan that will in a future time be revealed, it's a plan that we were a part of from the very beginning. We are living in the plan. I know we were together as spirits with our Father in Heaven before we were born on earth. It's a wonderful plan and we can continue to learn about it as we love life. 

I know these things and I continue to learn for myself the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

These are just a few of the many blessings I have recognized in my life, since a missionary.

Week 68

July 12, 2017
Wednesday, Day 475
Day 115 back in NY


We did everything we needed to get done this morning first, laundry, grocery shopping, unloading groceries and putting away laundry. We had lunch then we went to SUNY College’s soccer field and played around on the field. We practiced kicking goals, PKs, and blocking goals. We took turns switching off and then we played one on one soccer.

Today was HUMID so we were drowning in our sweat as we played, but we had a lot of fun. Elder Murray decided to set up his tablet and recorded us playing.
Around the time we finished up on the field we went home rushed to get ready for dinner we quickly made a glass of raw meal shake (a meal replacement/protein shake) and hit road. We went to the church and “began” emailing... well my email was reset and deleted by the church. (Apparently it's a regular thing the church does... well it's beyond annoying and unnecessary)
It took me nearly 45 minutes to get it all set up again… super lame, so I had like 15 minutes to email. I had to write 3 letters to President Smith. 1. My weekly letter to him. 2. A response from his last email to me. 3. A miracle that happened this week; which I needed to get these done first.
Afterward I rushed to reply to as many emails as I could, time flew by and there was no time left.
We then went to our 1st appointment for the day, J.K. We met with him at his home on his red couch in his shop, where he works on his cars and where we always meet. Last week we committed him to read a verse a day from the Book of Mormon and to try to understand what's going on.
Before we even followed up he told us that he kept his part of the deal and read a verse a day. He then had some questions, which on our part was our job to answer. We went about what he read and we didn't get far… he brought up Nephi’s building of the ship and had some pretty lengthy questions. So we focused on his questions and that's as far as we got. 

After our appointment we got to the car, I called Brother W and confirmed the time for us to come help him out. We went home and changed to service clothes. We met him at the home he rents out and we started putting tile in the basement. We lined one side of the room up and evened them out, got an idea of where we wanted them, and spaced them correctly. We had a pizza break, then removed the spacers, pulled back the tiles in order from where we started and began laying them down. I buttered the tiles with the pate like “tile concrete” and Brother W laid them down. We got about a quarter way through and realized it was after 9pm.

We were so caught up in the pday grind we completely forgot about our Gospel Minute… #RepentanceIsCool we will have one tomorrow!

July 13, 2017
Thursday, Day 476
Day 116 back in NY

We finished weekly planning around 2pm. Then went home to change and go to the E Family to help clean around their yard. Just as we finished, the sky quickly grew dark, the wind appeared like lightning, thunder cracked like the sound of a splitting tree, and lighting flashed with the down pour of rain.

All the kids took off into the house and we followed. We stood inside for about 15 minutes and watched as the rain came down and thunder continued to roar. All awhile I had this thought come to my mind and I acted as soon as it was clear… Elder Murray left the keys on the hood of the car... out the door I ran, trying my best to dodge the puddles that had quickly formed. I swiped the keys off the hood and made my way back to the house.

From the look of the storm, we thought we'd be stuck in the house for at least half an hour, just a few minutes more, after retrieving the keys, the rain lightened up and we left the family with a prayer.

Realizing I had packed a change of clothes and left my dress shoes at home, we went home to change. Our APF canceled due to the weather, but our day continued. We had companionship study, had dinner, sent our Gospel Minute, then left and visited the Jamaicans down at the orchards.

We talked with K at the orchards and told him we would come back with a member from our congregation who is Jamaican.

We ended the night with a lesson with this guy named C. The last time we met with him we committed him to read Alma 32, so that's what we discussed this time.

Elder Murray invited him to be baptized and immediately he responded, no I will not be baptized. He went on to say he has already been baptized and he doesn't want to be tied down to one church, he enjoys going to all churches.

Our Gospel Minute today was:
By Carol F. McConkie First Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency

"Holiness is in the striving and the struggle to keep the commandments and to honor the covenants we have made with God."

Doctrine & Covenants 4:2
2 ​Therefore, O ye that embark in the ​​​service​ of God, see that ye ​​​serve​ him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand ​​​blameless​ before God at the last day.

July 14, 2017
Friday, Day 477
Day 117 back in NY

Yesterday morning, like half way into out studies we got a text from President Smith; he invited us to MLC (a mission leadership council). He asked us to come prepared having studied preach my gospel chapters 1 & 8. Having received this text late we didn't have any time to study those chapters before MLC today at 9am.

We woke up at 6, got ready, left at 7. We drove to Poughkeepsie to carpool down to Scarsdale with the ZLs (Elders Busby & Nadonie). We arrived on time at 9am. It was raining the whole drive down and through the entire MLC meeting.

The meeting was good! The focus seemed to be goal setting, but most of the time it was talked about indirectly. Until the end when it was then emphasized overall.

I cannot recall at all anything that was talked about in depth, but I did have some impressions and things that I felt to write in my pocketbook. Questions I felt to ask myself and take to prayer.

Today was also President Smith’s Birthday so after the meeting his family wheeled out a cake and we sang to him.

The drive home was much longer with rain and traffic so we didn't end up getting home till about 5pm. We did a look up and made contact with this guy named M. We caught him in a bad time, he said. He told us he was on call, waiting for his wife who just got to Italy to call him. She recently lost a loved one and was there for her family.

We then had correlation at the church; this was the first meeting since I've been here that anyone from the branch presidency had joined us for our missionary meeting. It was pretty cool and helpful.

At the end of our meeting we asked Brother W if he would come with us to meet with K (one of the Jamaican guys we met on the orchard farm). They hit it off pretty well; Brother W talked about how he found the church in Jamaica and then bore testimony of the Plan of Salvation. It was awesome!

July 15, 2017
Saturday, Day 478
Day 118 back in NY

This morning we met with Brother H, we talked about a lesson in the Teachings of the Presidents - Gordon B Hinkely. Simply living the gospel. There's an awesome message taught in this section.

We then stopped by L, the neighbor of a member in the branch. She asked if we could come help her out. She's an older woman and has cancer and is very weak, we stopped by and she asked if we could clean up the front walk way, people were moving out and a family was moving into her home and she'd like it to look a little presentable. I trained and the bushes out in front, Elder Murray pulled weeds. We piled it all onto a tarp and took it to the back yard, it was an easy job, it's just hot and muggy out.

But that's the way I love to start my day off. #ILoveHelpingPeople.

When we left her home, we drove about 30 minutes to visit Brother K. Then tried looking up an old investigator who wasn't home, we knocked a few doors. The last door we knocked a couple opened up the door. They held each other at the front door and we introduced ourselves and began to share our message, they talked about how sad it is that so many people say they follow Jesus but they go around twisting and changing His words. They were very nice, very strange, touchy at the door, and obviously weren't interested. We left and went to the church to write up our progress report and had dinner.

Tonight we had planned a sports Night, well we planned it like 2 weeks ago, around 6:30pm it started, at 7 Brother J showed up, and that was it. Lol it was us, the sisters, and Brother J. We played soccer in the front of the church, then went inside and played the crazy cat lady game. It wasn't the greatest success, but we were able to bond with Brother J.

July 16, 2017
Sunday, Day 479
Day 119 back in NY

Church was great! Second hour in gospel principles was taught in Spanish again, that was fun! After church we went straight to sister M’s for the weekly box of food. Then went home for lunch and comp study. We then went to visit Brother Ma and take him the sacrament. His eyes are bad and he can't read the small Book of Mormon font very well, so we brought a small DVD player and the Restoration video and watched that with him.

We came home and made cookies and then drove around stopping by member’s homes and dropping off cookies. Our last stop we brought the cake that we got from sister M with us and we dropped by Brother W. Today's his birthday and we usually drop by his place on holidays and around dinner haha we don't ever plan it that way but so far thats our reputation. So when we pulled up, he was sitting out watching the sunset on his deck and he threw his arms up in the air as he saw our car pull up! Haha he just knew we would stop by. He saw the cake and he and his son were excited. He invited us in and they put candles in the cake, we sang, and served out the cake. I love the W family! Wonderful way to end the night. We were then driving home and A H had pulled out from behind us, we got a text from her and she said “you guys drive so slow” lol we apologized for having tiwi. Haha

July 17, 2017
Monday, Day 480
Day 120 back in NY

After district meeting we drove down to Ossining to split with the AP’s. Elder Murray went down and was with Elder Davis and Elder Chambers and went back up to New Paltz.

Our first stop was at Sister E’s. We had an appointment to stop over and help her with her garden, but the sisters I guess ended up stopping by and did it for her. So after our hour drive back to New Paltz we found out when we showed up to her house that the sisters did it all. Fortunately Sister M had text us about needing help with her garage. Already in our service clothes we drove over to Sister M’s and pulled everything out of her garage, swept the floor, blew out the garage, then reorganized everything back into the garage. After we finished she gave us a frozen pizza.

We drove home, threw the pizza in the oven, cleaned up, and had companionship study while the pizza was cooking. We ate pizza and then continued our study and prepared to visit the E’s.

They were our only set appointment tonight, we stopped by and we taught about the simple ways of living the gospel and making it to heaven. We had this awesome “Lehi’s dream presentation” on our iPad, so we taught using that. It was sweet, the kids were all involved and anyone who gave a correct and great answer they got to touch the screen to add the next slide.

The last couple people we stopped by were the Ma family who were home… and the D’s, fortunately they were home and we gave them cookies and shared Moroni 10:31 with Brother D. It was about 9pm and it was a 30-minute drive home. So we left their home and back to ours.

Our Gospel minute was the last thing we did, we've been slacking on sending them out this week, but it was a quote from President Monson “If you are not reading the Book of Mormon each day, please do so.”

July 18, 2017
Tuesday, Day 481
Day 121 back in NY

Happy birthday Zach! The big 16!

Miracle this morning!

This morning during daily planning I had put 3 people into our schedule to look up after studies. Then I had this thought, “go to the Jamaicans” I put them in the schedule. A few moments later I caught what I had just done, I knew that the Jamaicans worked everyday from 7:30am-4:30pm. So I hesitated and thought I would take them out of the schedule. I explained that to Elder Chambers, then had the feeling “stop” and I realized that it must have been inspired. We did 3 look ups in our neighborhood… no success; no one answered their door. Then we went to the Orchard farm to look for the Jamaicans. We knocked all 3 homes where we know they live. No one answered. As we stood on the front porch of the last home, over the top of the mobile home, we saw pesticide being sprayed and a tractor coming our way. It then came into vision and stopped in front of us. The man driving the tractor got out and we approached him, we confirmed that everyone was out working today, he said that he had just come back to the house to move the clothes off the clothes line so he could continue spraying.

We taught him about he Book of Mormon and set an appointment to come back Saturday evening.

It was inspiration to come to the Jamaicans and to be obedient in following that prompting, along with the idea to knock all the doors to stall till K (the Jamaican man driving the tractor) came into our vision.

We then drove back to Ossining to end our split. The hour drive down there we talked about New Paltz and how the branch is and what things we could do to help the branch grow.

Then Elder Murray and I headed back to New Paltz and went about our schedule. We visited Brother and Sister F. We talked about what it was like and how they felt when they first heard the restoration and Joseph Smith experience.

We came home for lunch and comp study, we planned the rest of our day.

We stopped by Js and gave him the Restoration video DVD and invited him to watch it. Then we stopped by a couple people on the way to Poughkeepsie to meet with a brother Ray Smith for dinner.

We met at the Poughkeepsie chapel and he drove us to dinner at the Tavern. There's a school called CIA (Culinary Institute of America) I believe is what it's called. It's a school with restaurants. These students intern here and work as chefs, bakers, waiters, etc. and there are teachers that observe and grade the students through our their shift. It's pretty sweet. The Tavern is a 5 star restaurant. We started with an appetizer. I got the Steak Tartar, which was really good. For my entree, I ordered something with venison, I can't remember the name of the entree, but it was really good. For dessert can’t remember what I ordered either but it was ice cream made from mint leaves, it was really good. On my plate they wrote Happy Birthday so that was really awesome! Brother Smith had made this my birthday treat! He's amazing! I really appreciate all he does for me and the missionaries out here. By the time we finished up there we had to rush home. It was a wonderful day! We celebrated my day on Zach's Birthday!

Our Gospel Minute for the day was:
By Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Honestly acknowledge your questions and your concerns, but first and forever fan the flame of your faith, because all things are possible to them that believe.

2 Nephi 27:23
“For behold, I am God; and I am a God of ​​​miracles; and I will show ​​unto the ​​​world​ that I am the same yesterday, today, and forever; and I ​​​work​ not among the children of men save it be ​​​according​ to their faith.”

Patience. Love. Faith
Much love,
Elder Newbold