New York

New York

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Week 36

June 15, 2016
Wednesday, Day 246
Day 233 in NY

Like every Pday, nothing too special to start off the day, we just went straight down the street and did our laundry, while there I talked to this Jewish lady, she was just asking questions about our church. It all started with "where are all you guys from? Are you part of a school or something?" We responded "no, we are missionaries for our church" she replied "oh okay, yeah I was just wondering, cause every week you guys take up just about all the washers" lol Well, there's 4 of us and we share washers so really we only take up 2 per companionship and there are plenty of washers. After laundry we went out for lunch! It was a great lunch! We went to chipotle! Which wasn't the best idea, I keep telling myself I need to save money. But all I ever do is eat, so, when I'm hungry I eat! I can't help but buy food! After enjoying my last time eating out for the month... Lol we went to TJ-Max where I found a cool little side bag so I bought that and then helped Elder Burton shop for clothes to go home with. He said his grandma gave him some money so he wanted to shop and go home with nice new clothes. So we started looking for shorts and stuff and it was so funny I just felt like a mom shopping for his son. Lol! I'm not much bigger now, but he's a size 28 waist like I was most of my life, so he was telling me how hard it has been shopping for him in his size. It was just so great, I felt like I was at home again. After picking out all these clothes for him, he went and tried them on and came back 15 minutes later with NOTHING in his hands. I said to him "what happened? Did they fit you?" He responded, "Yea they fit, I just didn't like any of them enough to buy." I just laughed out loud thinking how funny it was that we were legit shopping for stuff for him because that's what he wanted to do and by the end of it he wanted nothing. So we went to check out and buy my bag and Elder Richards got some hair gel. On our way out we saw all these fun games that I really wanted to play! They were selling all these lawn games. I saw washer toss in the mix of games and really wanted to get it. After we left TJ-Max we went home to change and get ready to go to the church for basketball. We went there and I ended up just writing my journal emails and sending emails. During this time someone walked in the door and guess who it was! Elder Williams! My MTC companion. He walked in and said to me, I thought you'd be here; I just wanted to stop in and say hi. So I hopped down from the stage and gave him a hug and we chatted for a minute. He had just gotten out of his session in the temple so he wanted to see me before he left back to his area. I thought it was really sweet of him to do that, since I was the only one there he came to see. Maybe I was the only one he knew, but I thought it was super cool because I didn't think I made much of an impact in his mission as I did. Elder Moss was his companion before me and Elder Moss told me that he would talk about me every now and then, which made my heart warm because again, I thought I could have been a better companion for him. But I guess I did my best with him. I love Elder Williams! What a great guy! At the end of the day, Elder Richard’s dad from Utah ordered us a few boxes of pizza for dinner! That was pretty awesome! So thanks to him! After Pday we then met up with Brian and taught him. A great day!

June 16, 2016
Thursday, Day 247
Day 234 in NY

Today was a very slow and uneventful day. I hate saying that but lately it's just been a little slow with the work. We got up this morning and after studies we took some time to once again clean the apartment. After doing somewhat of a "deep cleaning" we had lunch and then went to the church to do our weekly planning. Our apartment doesn't have wifi, so we go to the church to get it. After a few hours of planning we finished and it was probably about 5 by then so we had dinner and went about our evening looking up less actives.

June 17, 2016
Friday, Day 248
Day 235 in NY

Today we had an APF planned with Elders Casper and Casela at the Bethesda fountain. So we met them at the church, we grabbed our world map board, and carried it on over to Central Park. Once we got there we leaned it against a wall and got to work. APFs are probably my favorite proselyting effort. They just make things fun and interesting. Especially with the ideas we have, I mean besides the fact that being in New York there's literally every kind of person here, we get to talk to each person. It's crazy to think I've met people from just about everywhere in the world. I'm sure by the end of my mission I'll have accomplished that. It's really just a great learning experience and "activity" (if you will) that allows us to step out of our comfort zone. Making that step forward, toward someone with a question to ask. "Hey! Where ya from!!??" It's funny to see some reactions as they've watched us approach others and they see us approaching them. Lol it's all just a great experience.

By the time our APF was over and we returned the board back to the church it was time to head home for dinner. We started dinner at 5 and Elder Tatafu just quickly threw together some pasta. During our
dinner, about 15 minutes before we were done we got a phone call... President Smith’s name appears on the screen of the phone and a Elder Tatafu's reaction was priceless! With wide eyes, "Do we answer it?" Lol! "Yes answer it!” He answered the phone and begins with responding, "We are having dinner". Unable to hear the conversation, I'm trying to figure out what's being said from Elder Tatafu's
replies, "uh huh, yea. Okay right now?... Wait say that again? A baptism? We live 11 blocks away. 10 minutes?? It takes us 15. Okay we will run. See you soon president!" My comment to all of this was, "so what's going on?" And Elder Tatafu says, "I don't know, I couldn't really hear him??" I just about died of laughter, with the slightest bit of frustration at the fact of it all, but quickly that was drained out with the humor found in this instant. He had been on the phone with President and what it sounded like to me was a 2-way conversation lol but it ended up being just a one-way conversation! Elder Tatafu is one funny guy!! With what I gathered from the "conversation" was that we needed to be at the church in 10 minutes to help with a baptism. So we dropped our food, prayed at the door, and ran to the church, with a mental battle of confusion at what is possibly going on. Being completely unprepared with whatever may be happening we hurried up to the baptismal font, where we found an empty room with no one there. So we waited a fast minute and President Smith was nowhere to be found. So we headed back downstairs and asked the sisters that were outside where President was and they responded, "right there behind you." I turned around and there he was walking toward the front doors with 2 of his kids and his wife. They asked someone if they could take a picture of us with them. (Still completely confused with no explanation given as to what is going on) we followed President Smith and his family into the temple. Yep, the temple, not the church. So now I'm even more confused, I've got 2 ideas but trying to relate them to what Elder Tatafu was saying on the phone, just wasn't making sense. Still with no direction given I very hesitantly reached for my recommend and handed it forward to the front desk... And that was that. Later we realized and were told by President Smith that there just weren't enough temple workers to help with baptisms and he decided to call us to help them. It was a really neat and spiritual experience to be apart of even though I felt completely out of place and confused in the beginning. After leaving our little session we quickly made our way out and back to work, we went refreshed and motivated to find. With in about 45 seconds of being outside we began talking to this man at the crosswalk, we talked a bit about our church and there wasn't much of a connection there, he was grateful for our conversation but we didn't feel that there was much coming from him. After we made our way to the other side of the crosswalk and began our journey toward home. We then made eye contact with this man and he seemed intrigued, so we turned around and talked to him. He shortly after told us that his sister, just the other day, had a dream about him and that he needed to go to church. He said that running into us was a confirmation of that. So we taught him a bit about our church and the Book of Mormon, we gave him a copy and a restoration pamphlet. Later we got his number and he said we could stay in contact about church. It was a miracle! He's not YSA age so we passed him off to our roommates. But we will see how it all goes! It was a great day for sure!

June 18, 2016
Saturday, Day 249
Day 236 in NY

Crazy day! We went to Central Park for NYC Adventures, it's this year round event that we signed up to do some service at. They have 4 different events each year for different seasons. For summer it was
NYC Adventures. Just like the street games we did last time. We helped out this time at Central Park and it was so awesome! We got to the park about 9am-helped set up and get things ready for the events. We were at the park from 9-5:30pm. We started off as floaters, which means we just hang around and ask different events if they need help with anything, but pretty quickly we got stuck at stations, so we went with it. Elder Tatafu and I started off at a kayaking event; we were just opening up the line to the participants. So we were at the Bethesda fountain letting people into line. Then we got a call from Elder Richards and Elder Burton and they were working at the Adidas events, they asked if we could come help out. So we went over there and it turns out they got help from someone else, so this lady asked us to go help out at the paddle boarding station. So went over there and helped the people in line stay in order and come up to the platform one by one. Citi was one of the sponsors at the park so they gave us a free shirt to wear so that we could rep for them. After about 2 hours of that we got a lunch break and went up to the volunteer tent and ate. Then Elder Richards and Elder Burton called and asked if we could relieve them of their position and trade them so they could get lunch. When Elder Richards saw my Citi shirt he flipped out and wanted one himself so we went to the Adidas station and helped out so that they could trade us at paddle boarding and possibly get a Citi shirt as well… Well, he never got a shirt so I gave him mine. Lol. So funny story! Elder Tatafu and I are just standing in the sun all this time. We were at the Adidas event and all we had to do was get people to sign waivers for the Parkour event they had. So I easily talked to over 400 people in the time I was there and everyone that signed a waiver got a wristband showing that they signed one. At the same time of talking and having people signing waivers I'm putting on wristbands so it was super crazy! After a little bit it started to slow down a little and this mother and daughter came to the table. The mom, probably being in her 40’s, and the daughter, in her late teens early 20s. So, they come up and sign the waiver and we start talking, the mom was asking about the Adidas shoes behind me. I then explained to her that if you demo the shoes during this course, at the end when you bring them back you get a card that will give you 50% off on any online purchase on the Adidas website. She was digg’in it so I told her that John (the Adidas Rep behind me will help her) to the table behind me. At this point the daughter I guess is talking to me a little bit, making little jokes and what not while I'm still helping people with signing waivers. Being as nice as I could without ignoring her I was listening and responding while trying to assist these people with Elder Tatafu. Her mom gets her size in the demo shoes and begins the course. At this point they are now in line and getting ready to begin. I'm occasionally checking their spot in line because I wanted to see this lady do the course lol! Only being able to see her from the first obstacle I then returned to the table and continued on with waivers. At the end of it all, which felt like maybe 30 minutes had gone by, they returned to the table behind me and returned the shoes. They then approached the table I was working at and I felt a tap on my arm so I turn around and for a quick second there was the daughter with a piece of paper in her hand reached toward me. I grab it and said thanks. Returning to my position doing waivers I continued on... When I caught a second when no one was coming to our table I pulled out the little paper she handed me and I laughed out loud! Why? Because I had no idea what else to do! What she handed me was one of the Adidas stickers folded in half with her name and number on it! I didn't know what else to do so I just started laughing, I felt bad I guess cause I can't talk to her. What's even funnier is that after we shut down the Adidas station Elder Tatafu and I went to find Elders Burton and Richards, from a distance we found them at the paddle boarding station and guess who they happened to be talking to? Lol, the same mother and daughter. We decided we would motion Elder Richards to the opposite side of the event to us and then I told him about the girl, he laughed and said that she was just asking about me. She saw me talking to him earlier and thought she could get a little bit of insight on me lol! I don't know, I just thought that it was such a funny experience!

June 19, 2016
Sunday, Day 250
Day 237 in NY

Happy Father's Day!
During church someone said something that I really liked so I thought I'd share it. It was during the third hour and we were talking about how we are all on different levels in the gospel. Someone asked how we can know what we need to do in our life to progress and advance in gospel even though each of our steps and choices would be different. The answer given was just so simple to me and I understood it so well. This is what I took from the response given. "We can pray and pray and pray, to know what our next step in life should be. But what we should be doing is acting. We know what the steps are to progression. Faith, Repentance, Baptism/Sacrament, the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the
end. We need to evaluate our efforts in each of these categories to know what our next step is. If we seek for guidance all our life, we won't get anywhere with out living our life and acting. So, take a step back, are you reading the scriptures? Yes? Okay great, how often? No? Okay start reading them, it doesn't have to be an immediate change where you start doing it everyday, but that choice to start reading. Life isn't a checklist of; okay I have faith in Jesus Christ, check done with that one. But it's a self-evaluation, okay I have faith in Jesus Christ, now what do I need to do to continue exercising my faith? Read the scriptures, pray, and go to church. The simple things done the right way are the things we should be focused on."

That's what I took from our lesson today and it was a great lesson! I'm so grateful for this gospel and the life I have to live and continually become closer to my Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ.

June 20, 2016
Monday, Day 251
Day 238 in NY

Today didn't seem to eventful either, we had district meeting and it was good, we reviewed once again the things we learned and have been applying from the meeting with Elder Bennett. It was great to see all the things that everyone had learned and had been applying. It helped me learn that there's more that I could be doing as well. Toward the end of our district meeting Mia our "investigator" showed up and sat in with the rest of our discussion.

After district meeting we went home and had lunch. And after lunch we did some finding, looking up people, and then met with Brian at the church and we had one of our other members, Jake, with us. It was a great and powerful lesson.

June 21, 2016
Tuesday, Day 252
Day 239 in NY

Today I woke up feeling sick, which wasn't fun. We hung around after studies and just tried to relax till the mail arrived. Around 1 we went to the chapel and met the office Elders there. We grabbed our mail and went back to our chapel and then for lunch Elder Richards and Burton and Elder Tatafu and I went to Taco Bell to get free tacos! It was so great! I felt a little better after having a freeze. After lunch we got a text asking us to meet somewhere with a member to give a blessing to his friend. So we headed over to his friends and gave him a blessing. After we went over to a member’s apartment for dinner. Which was super good! Love me some home cooked meals! After an hour of dinner we rushed over to the church to meet with a guy named John, who is interested in the church. It was a great lesson, we taught him more about the Book of Mormon. In 2 weeks, from the 1st time he visited our church, he has read all the way through 2 Nephi. We just invited him to continue on. We think he will continue to come to church and meet with us.
Today was another great day!

Love you all! Hope you've enjoyed your week! Till next week!

Patience. Love. Faith

Much love,
Elder Newbold

Elder Newbold and Elder Tatafu with President Smith and family before entering the temple to help with baptisms 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Week 35

June 8, 2016
Wednesday, Day 239
Day 226 in NY

It's Elder Samuel Burton’s birthday today! This man was birthed twenty years ago today! Whoop whoop! Started the day off as usual. We woke up and had studies, then went off to do laundry. While at laundry I once again rushed myself to finish my daily journal email because I am so bad at committing to do it every night. Tonight is like the first time I've ever written about the same day. I usually cram it all in on Pday and write about the whole week. After finishing our laundry... I came home and threw my bag of clothes on my bed and we all took off to go to the museum! Long story short, my companion, immediately after leaving the apartment was pooped on by a pigeon. Well that was the story... there is no long story. We then went back up and he changed, then we went to the museum.

After being at the Cooper Hewitt museum for some time we traveled back to the west side and headed to Oaxaca which is a Mexican restaurant. It's a pretty good one too! We met there for dinner with a member, Hank. This cat was swanky. He was just chillin in his seat when we showed up, slid over the menu, and stood up. Walking toward the register to order he said pick what you want. So, quickly we did and ordered with in 45 seconds of being there. I don't know if he was in a hurry or what, but we chatted a bit about our missions and about his. He served in Portland, Oregon. We were finished with our dinner in probably just about 30 minutes and he was out. Haha as soon as we finished, we shared a quick message and he took off. He didn't say he was in a hurry or that he had anywhere to be but he took off like there were free Mary-Go-Round rides down the street. Cool cat, just a little bit of an odd, quick dinner.

June 9, 2016
Thursday, Day 240
Day 227 in NY

Today as we were sitting by this homeless women just talking to her, after giving her a pop-tart because that's all that we had. This man walked by and pointed at her, and in the most cruel and sarcastic attitude said, "Lady, Jesus loves you (moving his pointing finger now toward us he said) and they are a cult!" Does stuff like this bug me? Absolutely! I don't know what people have against us. We weren't even talking to him nor did we ever do anything to him, yet he felt the need to do something. People are hard hearted, thick headed, and childish. They are too stuck in their own ways to even consider change or even hear us out for that matter. We aren't here to change people. We are here to invite them and if change is what they want we are here to help them. I'm not ranting in this moment, but this is the truth. People have opinions and that's great but they have no reason to say and do the things they do to or toward us, some people are just straight up crazy.

Brian is an awesome member; he's a convert of about 6 months now. He's super awesome, he's from Africa but he lives here in NY and works as a CEO of his own company. It's people like him that people are inspired by to be better and live great lives, to have stories to tell. We taught him more about family history and he loves the idea of it, he's been wanting to start on it he's just been busy with work. He told us he is actually going back to Africa soon and while he's there he will talk to his family about his grandparents so he can do their history. Super stellar guy, love meeting with him!

June 10, 2016
Friday, Day 241
Day 228 in NY

I definitely need to do some studying on world geography... The Sisters in our district met this guy named Anicet. He's from the Ivory Coast. I had no clue where that was... I guess it's Africa or somewhere around there. So they met this guy, turns out he only speaks French, and they think he's YSA age. They wanted to pass him off to us, so they had us meet them at the church and we waited for Anicet to show up... Time went by, he never came. We had an APF to go to so Elder Tatafu and I left and Anicet later showed up and met with the sisters. They taught him a bit about the Sacrament by using Google translate. He then committed to come to our 9 o'clock service.

Then we went with Elders Casper and Casela to the Bethesda fountain where we had our APF. We had the world map with us, so like usual we used the "where in the world are you from" approach. Which is always fun, because we meet people from literally everywhere, again I really need to study world geography. Someone said they were from Netherlands... I didn't know that was even a place! My guess would have been they were pulling my leg and that they were from where Peter Pan lives!

After our APF we went and visited a member we hadn't seen at church in a little while, Scott, it was great because he's the only member in his family and we met him at his apartment. His mom and house nanny sat in and we taught them all.

June 11, 2016
Saturday, Day 242
Day 229 in NY

Today we did another APF. This time we carried this big Book of Mormon board to Columbus circle and boy did that get attention... We settled down by Central Park and started talking to people. With in about 5 minutes I had a few people approach Elder Tatafu and I for copies of the Book of Mormon. With the Book of Mormon play out it had a lot of people curious. There are surprisingly a lot of people who didn't know there was a book. So it was great to be approached by people who were interested.  Then after a bit we were approached by this guy who was so funny and by funny I mean not funny. All he wanted to do was tell us how we are wrong and how our beliefs are contradicting to what the Bible and Book of Mormon say. Which he won’t be able to prove. He was also saying how we are wrong as people because it's not right for us to tell other religions that they are wrong. Which is funny, because we don't do that, we don't go around to people and find out what they believe in or what their religion is and tell them that they are wrong. We respect all religions we just share what we know and help others see our beliefs in different ways. All he was doing was contradicting his own words by doing exactly what he was saying was wrong.

With literally all of our investigators out of the city, we went and did some look ups around Columbus Ave. and that's how we concluded our day.

June 12, 2016
Sunday, Day 243
Day 230 in NY

This Sunday was awesome! We came to church set up chairs for the overflow. We then welcomed people in as they showed up and then around 9 we started Sacrament meeting. About half way through the meeting Anicet showed up he came in and sat in the back. Once sacrament was over we
had all these French speaking people surround him! Haha it was perfect fellowship. There were like 5 people who spoke French and they all came up to him and befriended him. They took him to class, they translated for him, and they did it all, we didn't have to do anything.

DINNER 1 & 2:
A couple hours after church we went over to our Ward mission leader’s home for dinner. We had pizza! Haha it was pretty great! (I probably have had a slice every day of my time here in Manhattan). We ate and talked about the work and the Ward and how we can do better and what they as a Ward can do more to help. After dinner with David, we had about 30 minutes before we had Johnny's BBQ for Sait. (Sait is another member who's moving in July, so they invited us to join him at Johnny's). It was fun, Johnny made burgers and we just hung out and talked to Sait and other members in the Ward.

June 13, 2016
Monday, Day 244
Day 231 in NY

Happy birthday grandpa!!

So this morning I was preparing for district meeting! When it turns out we were having zone meeting... Which is great, now I don't have to plan for it next week haha. Our zone leaders text us after studies telling us we were having zone meeting, which would have been nice to know like, a couple days ago. But oh well, so we went to the 15th street chapel and met there. It was a pretty good meeting we just went around the room of missionaries and each person talked about what they liked and applied from our meeting with Elder Bennett earlier in the week. It was like a great refresher from the meeting and was able to learn new things as people shared what they took from the meeting.

When we got home I gave Ricky a call since he was baptized yesterday I wanted to talk to him about it. He said he was excited and nervous but it was an awesome experience. He laughed and said I told them to do it right since this is the last time he'd be doing it haha. It was great! We talked for a bit about his baptism and how it went who baptized him and all that good stuff! He said Michael baptized him and there were 2 other guys in the font to help pick him up, since he had to take off one of his legs. Well, without knowing till getting off the phone, our call was 48 minutes long! It was just like old times! Haha

June 14, 2016
Tuesday, Day 245
Day 232 in NY

Dillon's birthday!!
Happy birthday!

We cleaned up the apartment and did some look-ups. Then we had to go to the 15th street chapel to pick up mail, we got there at 5:20 when it was supposed to be there and stayed till 7 waiting on it... After getting the mail and quickly making our way back to our chapel we dropped it off and took off down to SoHo. We had a dinner appointment with this awesome member! Will!! Will is super awesome, great man with a desire to learn. He took us to this Italian restaurant, then we walked over to this place called Popbar we got fudge pops there, then we walked down to the Hudson River and checked out the awesome view! Then he walked with us over to the subway and we headed home! Great night!! Love members here!!

This was a wonderful week! Hope it's enough for y'all! Lol sorry I'm getting short and a little lazy on my writing... We get so busy and by the end of the day I'm too tired to write.. Enjoy! Love you all!

Patience. Love. Faith

Much love,
Elder Newbold

Hudson River
One days worth of sticker hunting

Friday, June 10, 2016

Week 34

June 1, 2016
Wednesday, Day 232
Day 219 in NY

Its June! My goodness time flies. I don't know whether to think it's a good thing or bad thing. But I like it so I'm not complaining! For our day we planned to go do laundry then head home, drop our clothes off and go to the MET museum again. Right before we left the apartment, we got a text from Ryan K. he works for the church's technology department. He said there was gentleman who showed up and said he was interested in learning about the church. So we took about an hour out of the beginning of our P-day and hurried over to the church where we found one of our returned sister missionary YSA members teaching this man the 1st lesson and giving him a Book of Mormon. When we walked in she handed him off to us. We talked to him about the church and asked where he lives. He said he's from the Bronx. Which means he's out of our area, so we told him that we would have missionaries in the Bronx contact him and get him to the church in Olmstead. It was an awesome way to start off P-day!

After this awesome event occurring, we went to do laundry and then hurried home, dumped our clothes on our bed (sorry mom, I know, I know you taught me better) and went to the MET! After spending about 4 hours or so there, we came home and got ready to go to our lesson at 6:30 with a recent convert Brian, had our lesson with him and went on to dinner.

There's this awesome member in our ward, okay all of them are awesome! This member’s name is Brent and he had us over for dinner. He's so great and funny; he's just an overall great guy. For dinner he made us breakfast, he made eggs, waffles, potatoes, and bacon. It was a great meal! After dinner we shared a quick message with them about missionary work and invited them to pray for a missionary opportunity. He and his roommate Shawn accepted and we went on our way.

June 2, 2016
Thursday, Day 233
Day 220 in NY

We went to the church today to do our weekly planning. After some hours (2) we became a little impatient and moved on. We then began calling investigators and random people in the area book to see whom we could visit. Very few people answered their phones. So we planned what we could with whom we could visit and moved on from there. After planning we went to the clerks office and did some online missionary portal stuff. There were some things Elder Tatafu never finished in the MTC so we took some time to get them started on. He didn't have much time to finish, so he did what he could and we left to dinner.

For dinner another one of our members invited us over. His name is Oliver and he too is a super great guy! This is the 2nd time I've been over for dinner at his place. He makes home cooked meals so it's
always great! He made us turkey burgers, which were super good, just as much protein in beef burgers but healthier. So we ate and chatted for a bit, then when we finished eating he took us to the rooftop to share a message.

June 3, 2016
Friday, Day 234
Day 221 in NY

After personal studies this morning we went down a few streets to do our weekly service for meals on wheels. It's often an interesting experience... And by interesting, I mean weird, odd, creepy, etc. lol.
So I believe the purpose of meals on wheels is to deliver meals to elderly people or people who aren't able to cook for themselves. So we volunteer to walk around pushing dollies with these big bags of meals. We follow our given route and deliver each of the meals. Well most of these people that we deliver to are handicap in some way or another and sadly, I believe they live alone with out a home attendant... So often times these people come to the door unclothed... Hiding nothing. They don't even try to hide behind the door lol, they just open up and grab their meals. It's hilarious, then there's this older women who every week we come to her door, she says "ooo the handsome young men
are here." Lol gross! These people crack me up!

After coming home for lunch we went and met with Mia. She's a recent convert and has been so great! We met at Bryant Park and talked about faith and how we can exercise our faith to strengthen it.  After our appointment with Mia we went over to the chapel where our mail gets delivered. When we came back to the church to drop off mail, there was a crowd of people dressed all-nice. They were crowded around the temple doors and a bride and groom came out the doors. It was super cool to watch!

MORONI 7:29:
"And because he hath done this, my beloved brethren, have miracles ceased? Behold I say unto you, Nay; neither have angels ceased to minister unto the children of men."

We didn't have a dinner appointment tonight so we went out and ate and when we came back we came to the church to let Elder Tatafu finish up his online training. While he was doing that I did some studying. During this time there was a knock at clerks office door (where we were). I got up and opened the door and there stood a man and a Chinese woman. The man was a member of one of the wards that met in this building. When I opened the door he said "hey! So this is Catherine she just
came in and asked about our church she said she's interested. I've talked a little bit about what I could but was hoping you would be here to teach her. Could you Elders do that?" We said of course and
got to work, we walked out into the hall and got to know her a little bit. She's from Beijing China and she's been in New York for a few months now. She's been looking for a church so that she can bring her daughter and husband here from Beijing to New York for church. So we took a seat and briefly taught her the restoration. We gave her the Book of Mormon and invited her to read it and visit out church on Sunday for our service. She agreed to read and come to church and it was a great opportunity. We got her information and told her we would stay in contact.

June 4, 2016
Saturday, Day 235
Day 222 in NY

We got up and had studies then went to do service again this morning. Which we've decided we probably won't do anymore on Saturdays. On Fridays it's great because they give us the same route and it's easy because everyone lives in the same building. But on Saturday we get like double the amount of deliveries and the route gets us to walk like 20 blocks and go down all these streets, it's crazy. It took too long to do and it was super hot.

We had an APF planned so when we finished up our route, we came back home really fast, got washed up and went to the Bethesda fountain to die in the heat again. We got to the fountain and there was a wedding going on, so we had a lot of competition with people there for the wedding. I met a lady and her daughter who are friends with Elder Burton. It was a good time! After the APF we had a little more weekly planning to finish up. And that was my day!

June 5, 2016
Sunday, Day 236
Day 223 in NY

Sunday was great we went to church! One of our investigators came! It was great to see Jeffery again.
After our 3rd hour we were in the hall talking to members and meeting the new ones. As we were leaving, Brent reached out and stopped us. He asked if we were having dinner with anyone tonight. We said no, cause we didn't. And he said okay come over at 5:30 and we will have dinner! He is so awesome! It makes me hope that he and other members see us as great missionaries and want to have us over. This was the 2nd time this week that Brent fed us so it made us feel good! This time he fed us chicken, potatoes, and salad. It was great! A perfect way to end a fast! We got there at 5:30 and he said that the chicken wasn't done yet, so we waited about 15 minutes before we could eat, which was nice. We got to talk to him and his roommate Elliot for a bit and got to know them both a little better. Well it was pouring down rain like crazy while we were visiting during dinner... We were hoping it would stop soon and so we went on over to the couch after dinner and shared a message. When we finished our message the rain lightened up and we walked to the train station. Miracles are all around us! All we have to do is open our eyes!

June 6, 2016
Monday, Day 237
Day 224 in NY

In personal studies this morning I prepared and studied for district meeting. I called and talked to the members in my district after pondering what we should discuss and what came to my mind was to talk about personal studies and how to better them. When I called the sisters last night they told me that they would like to discuss studies, so it was perfect. We went through the announcements of district meeting and then got into talking about studies. We have Elder Bennett, a member of the seventy, coming to the mission to speak with us. So we tied into our discussion on our studies the things we were asked to study for the meeting tomorrow. We focused on how we can improve our studies, how we can stay awake, and how we can get deeper into the Book of Mormon. I love district meetings because when I pray for what to discuss I learn a lot from the other missionaries when we come together and share our thoughts.

Elder Richards has been sick for the past 3 or so days. He's had a bad stomachache and has been in bed all day since it started. So poor Elder Richards hadn't been feeling good and his companion Elder Burton had been stuck inside all day for like 3 days so. Elder Tatafu and Elder Burton went on a split to get Elder Burton out of the apartment. I stayed home with Elder Richards and cleaned the apartment. I guess cleaning is a hobby of mine. When I have any down time, it's all I do. The Elders had a great time together, they taught a lesson and Elder Burton got to practice a song on the piano for the meeting with Elder Bennett tomorrow. It was a great day.

June 7, 2016
Tuesday, Day 238
Day 225 in NY

Woke up early this morning and went for a run. We got to the church and balled it up and did some workouts. Then the AP's showed up and started setting up for the meeting with Elder Bennett. So we helped out for a bit then left at 7 went for another run home, and the last 2 blocks we sprinted. When we got home we got ready and changed. We left the apartment at 8:15 and got back to the church at 8:30. We found a seat and waited in silence for Elder Bennett and his wife to come. It was such a great time! It was 8 hours... But it was so awesome! In preparation for this meeting we, as a mission studied Alma 39-42 and pondered and studied the word "desire". I love being taught from on high, by the spirit, through a called general authority of God. What a wonderful experience it was! It's just so cool that New York is a popular place for the general authorities of the church to visit. In the last 7 and a half months I've met Elder Jeffery R. Holland, Bishop Gérald Caussé, and Elder Randall K. Bennett.  By the time we were done it was about 4PM so we went home and got ready for our dinner appointment. Dinner was great; Lorina took us to Sweetgreen, which was great I love this salad place! And that was our night. I did something to my back when I got home so I couldn't stand up very easy without falling over again... So we stayed home and made some phone calls…

I hadn't talked to Ricky in a while, so I gave him a call and left a voicemail. A little while later I got a call back from him and he said "Hello Elder Newbold, what's up?" I was excited to talk to him again! And guess what?!? Ricky said he had some good news! He has been progressing so much that they changed his date and so he's getting baptized this week, Sunday the 12th! How awesome!! I was so excited!! I'm going to contact president and see if I can get permission to attend his baptism. Hopefully all goes well!

That's all for this exciting and wonderful week! Love you all! Enjoy your week! Find the miracles!

Patience. Love. Faith

Much love,
Elder Newbold
Central Park
Elder Newbold cradling his new niece Akayla 
Always on the search for Flamingos #broflamingo
His district

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Week 33

May 25, 2016
Wednesday, Day 225
Day 212 in NY

Elder moss and I had been on and off with getting up early and going to work out. We knew that our only motivation would be if other missionaries wanted to meet up with us and do an activity. So we planned to get up at 4:45 and go to Central Park and play kickball at a field. It was so epic! We had the whole zone show up and it was so fun! We played for about 45 minutes and headed back home to get ready and study.

Elder Moss had his temple trip day with all the missionaries going home this cycle. During that time I was in a trio with Elder Richards and Elder Burton and 2 other Elders were with us, it was pretty fun,
we all went to SoHo. Fun fact, I guess since Manhattan is an island and it's one big city, they break it up into neighborhoods. So we went to this area called SoHo, there are a lot of different stores just everywhere out there. We stopped by and checked out the Nike store, we went to Vans, Levi's, Stance, Patagonia, Ben Sharman, etc. It was pretty cool, but what made it all worth it was we started this thing called sticker hunting.

New York is covered in stickers. Light poles, mailboxes, and bus stops. There are stickers everywhere, so we look for ones we like and pull them off and keep them, so I've got a nice collection of them now.

May 26, 2016
Thursday, Day 226
Day 213 in NY

We got ready for the day and went to the church around 8:30 and met with a recent convert Ezekiel. He's a member in the Bronx, Kingsbridge area, where Elder Moss served before coming to Manhattan. So we met with Ezekiel for a bit and just read some scriptures together and talked about the Temples and family history.

We did some weekly planning. Then went out for the day for an APF. After a couple hours, we headed back home. On our way we did some sticker hunting. Then we met with a member in our ward. She met us at shake shack and we had dinner together. While waiting in line with a member in our ward, another member from Utah that was visiting came in and saw us. She came up to us and gave us $20 she said she has 3 daughters who have served missions and she wanted to buy our dinner. It's awkward because a member is taking us out for dinner already, we are in line with the member that's buying our dinner, and this other member comes up to us with $20. We tried to explain, but she insisted and put it in Elder Moss's hand. We were so grateful for the kind lady giving us money for food. It was just weird since we already had a member buying us dinner. Caitlyn, the member with us, told us we could use it tomorrow. She was still going to buy our dinner. The members here are all so nice!

May 27, 2016
Friday, Day 227
Day 214 in NY

Meals on wheels! So today was one of those really hot days... It's been getting really hot. Like its 70 something outside but it feels like you just ran a mile in 100 degrees. If that puts it into perspective enough as to how humid it is here. Our apartment has 3 little AC units sitting in the Windows in each room. Even with them on at 66 degrees it's never enough during the day when it's hot out. It cools the air but only very little of it. Since it was so hot we called our roommates to see if they were available. They said that they were and could come help us, so we split up the route for delivering meals and we went on our way... Thank goodness we had help because the apartment we were in had no AC.... So we were melting.

After service we came home, had lunch and went to the Mall and put our board up against a wall and began our APF. We contacted a lot of different people but didn't get much from it. But we had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people during the time we were there. We ran into some members while we were there. A member came up and took a picture of us, she said she was going to put it up on Facebook and see if anyone recognizes us. When we were finally through with creating a pond with our sweat we decided to pack up and go. We started leaving the spot we were at and these guys came up to us with some snakes and just put them around our necks. Elder Sanford didn't seem to like it very much. I asked what they were doing with the snakes and they said they are just their pets and they decided to out with them to the park.

May 28, 2016
Saturday, Day 228
Day 215 in NY

Today I don't remember doing much besides finishing up weekly planning, so I don't have much to say about today. Actually, since Elder Moss leaves to go home on Wednesday we did a lot of packing and cleaning. I think we sent a package home for him to. He didn't have a whole lot that he wanted to take home, but he just didn't want his suitcases to be packed full.

May 29, 2016
Sunday, Day 229
Day 216 in NY

After setting up chairs in the overflow we walked out to the front doors of the chapel and waited for people to come in. We greeted members as they came. Someone walked in that I hadn't seen here
before, but looked familiar. When he came out of the elevator and approached us he stood in front of me and said "do I look familiar?" going through a list of names in my head thinking of who he may be or where I've seen him before, he then said his name, Kevin Smith. His name didn't sound too familiar but he looked very familiar. Once he told me about whom his family was then it all clicked. I had seen him in my home wards, but I personally never met him before. He told me that he has lived in NY now for about a year. He came to our YSA ward this Sunday because my mom told him to come see me.  It was his lucky day, because I was giving a talk.

My goal this Sunday was to meet different members then I had been talking to previous Sunday's. Since I gave a talk, it gave me the opportunity to talk to a lot of different members. After my talk a lot
of members came up and complimented me. So as they came up and talked, I was able to meet different members.

After church we were invited to bishop’s home to have an ice cream social. Super crazy apartment, the elevator in the lobby opens up right into his apartment. There are no halls to his apartment, you walk into the lobby, the front desk uses a special key and sends you up to his apartment and when the elevator opens, it opens up right in his apartment. They made homemade ice cream and it was so good! We invited Mia, one of our investigators to come. She said she had some errands to run but
would try to make it. By the time it was over she was done with her errands so she didn't show up. But it was a good time and we got to meet more members.

I know, I know, we did it backwards. We had desert first... Elder Moss and I were invited to Julie's apartment with Mike, her boyfriend. So after bishops we walked over to Julie's apartment with Mike and her. They made us chili and we shared a message with them before we left. I just love the YSA members. They are all young and fun to be with!

May 30, 2016
Monday, Day 230
Day 217 in NY

I thought district meeting went great today! Mia our investigator wanted to come take photos of us for her project. So we invited her to come when she got to the church we asked her if we could have her do us a favor. I asked her, since we, as missionaries always want to improve our teaching skills, if she would be willing to let us "role play" teaching her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was awesome, she agreed to help us and the Sisters helped us out and went to another room with her and taught her.
When they finished teaching her they came back to the room we were meeting in and we asked some questions about how it went. They gave each other a little bit of an evaluation and Mia gave some advice about how she thinks they could improve. It was such a great experience for them.

Today was Elder Moss's last full day so we did our final cleaning and packing and got him ready to go home.

May 31, 2016
Tuesday, Day 231
Day 218 in NY

We met in Inwood around 11 for a technology meeting. After the meeting Elder Moss and I went on splits with different missionaries. I was with Elder Dominguez and Elder Moss went off with Elder Prestwitch. For about 2 and half hours we went out and contacted people on the streets. Around 3 o'clock we wrapped up and waited for the upstate missionaries to arrive. Once they arrived a little after 4 I met my new companion and we got his stuff together and said our goodbyes. Elder Moss went on his way and so did we.

My new companion and is Elder Tatafu. That's right, he's Tongan! He's super awesome! He's from Alaska, but was born in American Samoa. He's only served upstate so far, so this is his 1st area in the city. He came out on cycle after me, so he's been out about 6 months.

That's it for this week! Hope it's goods ought for you. Enjoy you week!

Patience. Love. Faith

Much love,

Elder Newbold

Sticker hunting at its finest
Snakes in Central Park

Elder Newbold with 2 of his past companions on Transfer day
Elder Newbold and his new companion Elder Tatafu