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New York

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week 1 MTC

October 14, 2015

Family and friends!

I'm alive! I made it through my first few days of the MTC! As most of you probably know I became more and more excited as time came to leaving on my mission, but just as the excitement grew, so did my nervousness. But beneath the excitement and nerves was fear... I've never left my home or family for over a week, and even at that I still had either my parents near or part of my family with me. But even with that I had technology. I would have been able to call, text, or FaceTime anyone I needed. I do miss my family, friends, and home but I wouldn't quite say I'm homesick, yet... I do however have to keep reminding myself "2 weeks" until I can call home and that these 2 years will not be easy..

But being here it almost feels like you're alone... Then you remember you're not. Yes, you don't have access to direct and instant contact to family and friends, but I'm on a mission I have the Lord and now I have a companion. Which I'm still going to need a lot of time getting used to. Having someone follow me around 24/7. The other thing to get used to is being called Elder. Oh and TIP #1 take off the orange sticker that is on your tag, unless you want to hear "WELCOME TO THE MTC ELDER" every 5 seconds.

Leaving home and saying my farewells I was emotionally drained, I was sad, and kept asking myself why I was doing this. The day before I reported to the MTC I was okay, I was doing well. It wasn't until about an hour before I reported I became very nervous and afraid of the unknown. We arrived at the MTC, we got out of the car, unloaded my suitcases and took our pictures, said I love you, gave our hugs, and soon after I was walking away... I did turn around a few times to see my mom and dad watch as I walked away, and it wasn't long after I turned back around for the last time and immediately felt fully comforted, I felt a warm hug around me and I felt as if this is exactly where I need to be... It turns out, this is exactly where I need to be. It's fast paced when you take off with the Elder that grabs you from your parents, there are missionaries everywhere. There were a lot of "Booths" or tables of Elders, Sisters, or returned missionaries sitting and standing, welcoming me as I followed Elder White with my bags. I received my tags which was awesome! And books and the pamphlets, and all that good stuff.

My first "meeting" was to meet my district, 5 other elders, 3 sisters, and me. Sister Crowder, Sister Green, and Sister Erikson are all serving in the NYNY-N mission. Elder Williams, (my companion) is also serving in the NYNY-N mission. Elder Pingle, Elder Babcock, Elder Teeples, and Elder Harding are all serving in the Washington DC mission. Being myself, I was quiet and didn't say much till I was comfortable, which didn't come until the next day. October 15, 2015.  All the guys became best friends. I sat back and thought about what Brother Clay Allen said just laugh at the things that bother you and you will find your self unbothered by those things, so by the next day we were talking and enjoying each other.  He makes me laugh cause he can't drink without spilling all over himself. I think I intimidate the Elders in my district because I can be quiet and I am completely serious most of the time.

At our next meeting, we met the MTC mission presidents and one of the sisters speaking, she said "it only takes about 25 steps until you feel completely comforted" like I mentioned before I did feel fully comforted, and thinking back to it, 25 steps sounds reasonable. Then
her husband told all who were learning a new language to stand. After recognizing those who are learning a language he did the same to those who are speaking a new language, but when we stood... He then began to tell us that we also will be learning a new language, as most, if not all the missionaries began to freak out, he then said the new language which you will be learning is the language of the spirit! Which brought us all to relief! To close our meeting we sang the song "Bring the world his truth" the president warned us that a phrase in the lyrics was changed, so as I'm singing along I'm skimming the lyrics below, the part that goes "and we will be the Lord's missionaries" was changed to "and we are NOW the Lord's missionaries" I thought it was absolutely perfect! It was neat to sing.

The food here isn't too bad, sometimes I don't want to eat it but I eat anyways to keep my body going but most of it isn't too bad.

For one of our meetings we (about 50+ missionaries) sit in a room with an investigator, we did this 3 times, the first was a Mexican man named Marco, wants to know what we Mormons are about, he says his sister is a member and is always so happy and all these great things.. But he wants to know why and what she has that he doesn't, he also wants to be able to have continuous faith. So after his thoughts and wants that he shared, we all could help by raising our hand and share things that we think could help him. So it was cool. But never a good idea to have 50 or so missionaries who have no idea what they are doing in a room with an investigator. Everyone has different ideas and things to share and the conversation goes no where.. We may have ruined a good opportunity to bring someone unto Christ haha. So it's so nice to have a set plan and organized ideas prior to teaching an
investigator, between you and your companion. So like the scouts always say, BE PREPARED.

We had a meeting where we were supposed to meet our zone leaders but no one showed up. For over an hour, no one showed up, so we had done what the schedule said and we went through the a PowerPoint and discussed on our own.

Jacob 4:10 " not to counsel the Lord, but to take counsel from his hand."

October 15, 2015

We woke up at 6 AM to beat the other Elders to the showers. Got ready and had some time to write letters. I realized that I don't really like rooming with 5 other people, but maybe I'll like it compared to 1 other person... Breakfast was at 7:10AM, ate and while eating met an
Elderly couple who is going to serve in Africa. Then we met as a district and went down to get our iPads!! Which I've been using all day!! Notes, studying, Preach My Gospel (PMG) FUN FACT; the name Preach My Gospel was made by the scripture D&C 50:14.

Today as any other day, there's lots of classes and studying; personal study, companion study, company study. Then you eat and study more and eat and have more meetings and so on. Busy work!

Praying has become automatic and in a good way habitual. I pray literally as soon as I wake up, before I leave my residence, before I eat breakfast, before my first meeting, after, before and after each study, before each meal, each night with my companion and my personal prayer. It's amazing how praying never gets old.

Note to self:
Buy a water bottle... Definitely should have brought one... Oops I'm drowning my self every time I see a water fountain.

Self thoughts:
I imagine college bring like the MTC, so that being said. I'm not going to college.. Haha I guess we will really see how I feel about school in 2.

Well thats all for these last 2 days.

Time is slow, days are long.. I stay up all night passed lights out while the Elders in the room
sleep. Reading, writing letters, taking notes writing in my journal, and so on..

My Pdays are Friday's!

My missionary mailing address is

Elder Tyler Aramis Newbold
Oct 27 NY-NYCN
2009 N900 E Unit 144
Provo UT 84602

The church is true.

Love you all, talk to you soon.

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