New York

New York

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week 2 MTC

Prepare for a lot!! End of week 1 beginning of week 2
October 16, 2015

Day 3 in the MTC, it's Friday! 
It's my Pday. So happy for this day. All the Elders from my district didn't seem too excited about emailing home. I was rushing them out, saying come on Elders, get your laundry and your iPads I've got emails! They all responded so nonchalant saying, I probably don't, one of them said, I only have my dads email. Haha these poor missionaries families... I guess I forgot to pack more long sleeve shirts so I didn't do any laundry, because I'm re-wearing my shirts haha as long as they don't smell yet Im good. Haha I'll be doing laundry next time for sure.

So we all went to the laundry room, the Elders began their laundry and I immediately connected to wifi and began emailing! It makes me feel so much better to have time to email, I wish that there was time everyday to email, I wouldn't be so worried and feel sad about being away, but it's all apart of the sacrifice.. So let it begin. I was only here in the MTC 2 1/2 days before my first Pday, but now I have to wait a whole week..  So let the pain begin, and my patients develop.. Starting now. Well as we all waited for laundry we emailed as shown in my last email last week haha. All sitting on the floor emailing home. It was a funny picture. 

After emailing I went to the bookstore, bought a water bottle, a NY mission t-shirt, and a tie rack. Then went and mailed off my first letter, and received a lot of mail. My district leader Elder Pingle picked up our mail, and passed the letters out like this, with the letters in his hand he said "okay there's mail for Newbold, Williams, Myself, Babcock, Harding, Teeples, Newbold, Newbold, Newbold, and Newbold haha I had so many Dear elder letters. Sadly they didn't have much and I could see that they were all "jealous" for lack of a better word, of the love that is shown through my amount of letters haha. (Not in a bragging or selfish way at all) but I felt bad they they didn't have much. but It's nice to see that they aren't "distracted" from constantly thinking about their families and the outside world... But I think the reason for that is because they are all different and nerdy, and so because they all like anime, Star Wars, the lord of the rings, and all these weird things that they quote all the time, it may not have hit them yet that life is different now. 

I absolutely love emailing home, I wish I were able to just send my daily email (journals) everyday. I'm constantly writing notes and everything I send in my emails is what I write in my notes throughout the day/week then I copy and paste it into an email on my Pdays. Best idea! Helps save personal email time and helps me remember what I did the day of and so on. 

NOTE: I am able to open and read emails throughout the week but cannot respond until my Pday. So feel free to keep me posted on what's going on, pictures are awesome, and uplifting stories. 
NOTE#2: The iPad I have now is my "MTC training iPad" which I will return before I leave, then I will receive my iPad in NY. 

So I decided to take the opportunity to meet with a scripture studying tutor. I made this decision because I thought it could help improve my learning disability, and she has shown me ways that have helped! Sister Rampton, my personal one on one tutor, helped break down scriptures with me and I was able to understand what I read. The first scripture we went over was Alma 17:9 and for this scripture to make it more personal, I read it slow and replaced names of others to my self or the respectable people that would fit the word, so for example my version of Alma 17:9 would be; "And it came to pass that "I" journeyed many days in the wilderness, and "I" did fast much and prayed much that the Lord would grant unto "me" a portion of his Spirit to go with "me", and abide with "me", that "I" might be an instrument in the hands of God to bring, if it were possible, "my" brethren, the people of "New York", to the knowledge of truth, to the knowledge of the baseness (wickedness) of the traditions of their fathers, which were not correct."  And I did get emotional, because 1 I was understanding what I read and 2 that scripture became so personal.  Me, going out to the people of New York as a missionary (an instrument in the hands of God) it's just amazing to look at it that way. I am very thankful for her and her helpful study habits. This next scripture was perfect for this whole thing.  Ether 12:27 "and if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble, and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." 
Now take into consideration that I went out asking for help, I humbled myself by knowing my weakness, and did seek out for help, and during the hour I studied with this tutor my Father in Heaven showed me the way to make my "weak things become strong". What an amazing experience. #MissionaryBlessingsInTheMaking.

Today was horribly long... The longer I have time in the day, the more I become homesick.. I'm praying it subsides. I do miss home, but I know where I need to be, and I'm striving to feel comfort continuously. 

I have automatically developed this habit to pray constantly and all throughout the day. I may have mentioned before, maybe not, but I literally rollover in my bed as I wake up, get on my knees and pray, before I leave my residence I pray, I pray before each meal, and before and after each meeting, I pray with my companion before bed and I have personal prayer right after. I love that praying never gets old, it always helps. But what's important here, is that I've not only developed this "habit" but with prayer, I've become more faithful, I ask more fervently for things that I am in need of, and for things I've noticed others need, I also pray and thank Heavenly Father for EVERYTHING, but what helps make it more personal and meaningful, is going into detail about exactly what I need or someone else needs.  

October 17, 2017 
Day 4, Saturday 

Today felt long as well, what helped it go by the tiniest bit faster is Gym time, it's like our only real break through out the week. But it keeps me busy and active. They have different kinds of weight machines, for legs, chest, back, arms, and core. So I'm working out every part of my body, and trying not to do much of any legs, because we walk so much already and all my class meetings are at the 5th floor so I'm CLIMBING up stairs. Living in California, I'm not used to the elevation difference in Utah so climbing stairs, literally feels like climbing stairs... And the elevators are used only for injured or disabled missionaries.. So we walk. And walk. And walk. And continued to walk in the wilderness for many days. Haha

So we had gym, I worked out from 12:10-1:45. Which I wish we had everyday. Gives me the break I need to unwind from all the studying, and to focus less on missing home. 

We then had a meeting with an "investigator" it was role play, so our teacher goes into another room, acts like someone else and we have little background about him. So we use what we have to get a general idea of what we should teach so we plan our lesson, which was more like me planning, so it was horrible. So we get into role play mode, we knock on the door we "meet our investigator" shake his hand and introduce our selves. He let us in and I began to ask him about himself, tried to get to know him more so maybe we would be prompted to teach or ask the right thing. From what I already knew, not much was added, so I brought up the question, "is there anything that you specifically want to know?" And he said that the only thing he really wanted to know was how he could strengthen his relationship with Heavenly Father. So it was perfect to what I had planned from my ideas earlier. It being my first time and having little to no experience teaching, I began to share what has helped me and most people develop that relationship, I then showed him a video, "earthly father / Heavenly Father"  and I could tell he was really into it and that my lesson was going somewhere.. What I didn't think to do was ask him how he felt right after and go from there. I invited him to pray asking specifically about the relationship he wants, to continue to read the Book of Mormon, and to continue attending church. He was already doing the last 2 because he had been going to church for about a year, and was not baptized yet. Well in my eyes I saw the 20 minute lesson as a failure. But back to reality, Brother Shumway, the man who acted as an investigator. Commented about how we did. He said we did well, but we definitely need to work together better. But that will be a challenge. 

I definitely do find myself eating more here during each meal then I do at home. Could be because at home I snack all the time. So it equals out. 
For lunch I ate 2 burgers haha and that was right before gym time. 

For dinner, I had another burger... This time a chicken burger, but still too many burgers today! Can't wait for NY food. 

I can't wait to get out into the mission field but at the same time I can wait, because I am NOT ready haha. I do just want to get out of the MTC. The MTC isn't bad, but I'm going crazy in here, the elders in my district are also going crazy, laughing hysterically (if I spelt that right) for no reason. 

It definitely is the hardest thing I've ever done; serving a mission, but I wake up and immediately pray for comfort, and to make it through the day, then as I get ready I look into the mirror and pep talk my self, I say that as excited as I am to be here, I am excited to come home. But I'm here now, and for 2 years. And I'm not coming home till I'm done. I tell my self, like my mom would always tell me, "you can do hard things" and all of that is what's keeping me here and stable.

Yesterday the 16th was a very hard day for a lot of us, especially me, I was having home withdrawals, and I couldn't quite focus. The day seemed to never end. And I kept praying it would... So before I went to bed, I was sitting and just thinking about my day. And I felt the need to ask for a blessing, being in a room of 5 other worthy priesthood holders, they all so willingly got up from what they were doing and placed a chair in the middle of the room. I immediately saw love fill the room, my heart was overwhelmed, and my eyes began to fill with tears. ("It takes a strong man to cry, but an even stronger man to hold it back") so I asked my companion, who had never given a blessing before, if he wouldn't mind doing so. Hesitant, then quick to respond he said yes with a smile, after a quick but thoughtful rundown of the steps to a blessing of comfort, he then stood behind me and the others huddled around, placing their hands on my head. I gave him my full name, and they proceeded. With a moment of a silence... Elder Williams began to speak... "Tyler Aramis Newbold, by the authority of the Melchizedek priesthood which we hold, we lay our hands upon your head, and I give you a blessing of comfort..." The rest being personal and guided by the spirit once again filled my eyes with tears, and began to roll down my face. And everything at that moment had stopped and slowly the thoughts of home and the things I missed were no more. 

There was an immediate bond that grew after that night, that brought 6 Elders who knew nothing about each other, to be the most open, loving, and caring people around me. We stayed up late telling stories and such that otherwise wouldn't have happened. I felt good about where I was in my life and happy to be there. 

Brothers and sisters, the church is absolutely true. It doesn't make any sense to have these "miracles" at the perfect timing just happen. It's the power of our loving Heavenly Father and the power of priesthood, that bonds together people, feelings, and answers to the things we otherwise couldn't explain. This is my testimony of the truth of this gospel and love of our Heavenly Father. And these things I do say in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Unexpected testimony ^^but absolutely true

STRESS BEGINS: (but I still have my hair.. For now)
We have about 4 meetings right after another, as you could imagine sitting in a class for the longest hours of your life, studying and planning for the upcoming day would drive you absolutely crazy, everyone just erupts with laughter because no one can take it. so we as a district decided to take a break from our studies and share with everyone about our families and one thing that made us happy today. We ask "what was your happy of the day?" And it's just been a really nice experience to come together as elders and sisters and share with one another things that keep us sane haha. 

MY HAPPY:  the sisters wrote little notes on sticky notes and put them on our desks. 

With all this crazy busy schedule going on, we all have seen each other struggle. And again tonight we had another humbling experience, as another Elder in our district asked us to give him a blessing. 
To be humble, to me means, for someone to realize they can't do something on their own without the help of God. 
And it's a humbling experience to see these willing men of God here to serve him, not give up but to notice and confess that they are struggling it's really neat, although it can be tough.

October 18, 2015
Day 5, Sunday 

Sunday is the most laid back as it gets, (but really it's not laid back at all).
I didn't feel like it was Sunday, to me it didn't feel like the sabbath. We work just as hard on this day.

So sleeping is the worst, the blankets we have are small and super thin, so when I wake in the middle of the night my blanket is off to the side. And I haven't, slept much AT ALL, it feels like I just lay in bed zoned out enough to where I don't realize I'm still awake, then when I snap back into it I feel as if I never slept, and it's the middle of the night. Then it repeats but feels shorter in time, soon after the alarm goes off the lights flick on. And the day begins.. After all these LONG days, it would be nice to feel like I slept longer then I had been awake. 

Our sacrament meeting was really good. One of our assignments earlier on in the week was to write a 3-5 minute talk on the atonement. And only 3 of us would be chosen to speak in sacrament. So Friday night I wrote my talk. And today during sacrament meeting the MTC district president called 3 people to speak.. And to hear my name NOT be called was relieving haha. But the 3 talks given, were really good. Then a musical number by an Elder, who played the piano and sang. Really brought the spirit strong. 

Each meeting, personal study, companion study, and planning for next "activity" meeting, we all do in a classroom, which is where most of our time is spent, sitting, studying, sitting studying... In the last 5 days we've spent about 20 +hours in here... It's so bad haha today I keep falling asleep. I can't keep my eyes open. So while they close I just keep praying, give me the strength to keep going, and there's a boost of energy, then I begin to fall asleep once again, and the same thing I pray and pray that I can stay awake to continue my studies, and it repeats haha. 
WHERE IS A RED BULL WHEN YOU NEED ONE... Oh yeah, Utah doesn't do caffeine.. Someone send help! 

So the other day during our Branch presidency meeting, I was assigned with 2 Elders in my district, ( my companion and Elder Harding) to be priesthood instructors. So basically I had to plan a lesson to teach on Obedience and the will of the lord for 50 minutes. Which wasn't hard because I've had so many experiences and ideas about obedience that with the little I planned I was able to carry on for over 20 minutes of the lesson about personal stories. So between the 3 of us we had to kind of break it up in a way where we all could speak and teach. The other two didn't quite say as much, they planned on just asking the class questions and make it an open discussion which was good it opened up people's mind and got them involved. And the branch president and his counselor were in our class to! So that was a bit intimidating. But they also were involved by sharing stories and comments, they loved our lesson and thanked us. So we felt really good about that. 

The walk to the temple was nice, finally got the break we needed. For the day. We had about a half an hour or so to walk to the temple take our pictures and enjoy each other. I absolutely love temples!! Having the opportunity to work as an ordinance worker was the most amazing experience, it opened my eyes and my mind to so much and helped me realize how important temples really are. "I love to see the temple", my goal is to at least go to see the temple at least 1 time every week that I live. I'm hoping I have the opportunity to do so in the next 2 years, but if not I'll continue my goal when I get home. 

Me and the Elders in my district went to choir practice which I hate, (no offense Stuffy Moore)
It's just I sit there, I can't read music, I don't understand how it all works, I just like singing. But in choir the, (conductor?) I think thats what you call him? Lol he stands there waving his arms around like a swarm of bees are after him.. Or flys? Yea probably flys, cause if it were bees he'd probably be running. Well anyways, I just don't get it and he never got to the baritones and tenors. So we sat there. Maybe next time..

So at dinner I'm gong through my notes and sharing my journal entry emails with people. And this Elder next to me was listening and he's like wait what let me see, and I showed him haha he said "you are the son my mom would love to have" he's continued to say, "before I left my mom told me, DETAIL ZACH, I want detailed emails from you" and he was saying "you know what, my mom is probably praying that I'd write detailed emails and then you came along and have shared your awesome way of emailing"  I just think it's so funny. I love writing my emails and keeping up with things that are going on, and all these people admire it but that can't do it for themselves. 

"FEAR. DUTY. LOVE. These 3 things are what make us do things." 
Think about that quote.. Feel free to tell me what you think. 

We had a really inspiring devotional this evening, Chad Lewis, a former BYU football player and former player in the NFL for Philadelphia Eagles, he spoke about a few things and some awesome stories. One thing he shared, I think could apply to Josh and his back or anyone with a similar situation. One of Chad Lewis's friends also a former quarterback for the BYU football team, Taysen Hill, had the same injury that Chad Lewis had in the NFL. Chad and Taysen were sitting together on the sidelines at a football game, Chad said to Taysen, "there are 6 apostles in the "VIP" box up there" Taysen replied "dude you got to get me up there" so Chad takes him up there and he had the opportunity to meet them, one of the apostles sat and talked with Taysen for a good 10 minutes about his injury, the apostle said to him. "Taysen, if the Lord wanted you to be on that field playing football, you would be playing. It's obvious that the Lord has something else for you and it's your responsibility to figure out what that is he wants you to be doing." 

Chad Lewis also talked about how he met a missionary Who was the brother to the NFL player Troy (with the big hair, who's on those commercials) and he asked him what his brother thought about him serving a mission and he said that he thought it was awesome! (I assume NFL player Troy isn't a member)  

TEDDY: (Bruski?) don't know how to spell his last name haha 
So another fun story of Chad ^^..He was asked to hike with 2 NFL players one I can't remember and the other Teddy Bruski. (Not sure if you still have contact with Teddy mom, but if you do you should tell him this) With these 3 men, 2 men (marines) who had there legs blown off in Iraq, were with them, so they could have mental support with hiking this volcanic hill side to the top. 
On this hike Teddy said to Ben (one the marines who had a bad issue going on with his stubbed leg and his prosthetic leg during the end of the hike) "a part of you is making it up there with us, so give me your leg." Haha how awesome is that. Teddy being so loving to take on a prosthetic leg on his very hard journey up this mountain. 
I just thought that was cool, since mom knows Teddy. 

October 19, 2015
Day 6, Monday 

Nothing exciting about this morning. Last night I did realize that Elder Babcock had like 4 blankets so I got some from him. I don't know what it is, if I'm not comfortable in my bed, or if it's not the same comfort as home. Cause I still just can't get enough sleep. I wake up around the same time every morning, and stay awake till the alarm goes off. So still trying to figure out my sleep haha, but I am able to have the strength and energy I need for the day through my daily prayers. "Pray always" 

Me and the Elders met up with the sisters in our district and another district in our zone and we played kickball. Which was fun, the grass of course was wet from the rain the last couple nights. 

Speaking of which, I've been praying for rain since I got here, but not for Utah for California and specifically where we live. But It rained here. Haha so I'm hoping Cali gets or is getting rain too. 

So if you give me a lesson and time to prepare, I think I could teach a pretty good lesson. But when your teaching investigators, it feels so much harder, because its really just about getting to know them. But at the same time you have the mind set that your a missionary, and you just feel like you have to teach teach teach. But that's not the case. You have to learn how to "teach a person, not a lesson".

So I'm totally okay with wearing a white shirt and tie EVERYDAY. I've worn a suit everyday, because we need them for meetings. But day 6, and I have a rash or burn, some kind of irritation from my collar rubbing on my neck... So yay for that! 

So I keep getting all these letters, but I also get the email of the same letter, and it shows the confirmation that it's been sent so I get to read it in letters and in the mail. I don't know which way to respond. 

So I'm definitely not ready for the mission field, I don't know how to teach what I know.. My companion and I met up with this planned meeting with this investigator. So we had a plan and lesson prepared, but once we got in there, questions were asked and it changed the whole direction in what our plan was, so I need to come completely unprepared the 1st lesson, get to know the person, and come back better prepare answer those questions haha, no I wish I had better help teaching...

"Not everyone you teach is going to get baptized, so if the only thing you can teach them, is how to pray. Then think about what tool you just gave them, that will help them for the rest of their life."

Another long day...and tomorrow we get up even earlier for service in the MTC. 

October 20, 2015
Day 7, Tuesday. 103 weeks to go

Perfect way to start off the day, by doing service! What's not so fun is that we have to wake up even earlier, 5:30. So we get up and get ready,  finally got to wear regular clothes! For an hour.. Haha we took out all the garbage's in the residence building. Restocked all the paper towels and toilet paper. Vacuumed all floors from floor 0-4. So that was a good way to start the day. I do wish that the service was fit into the day, instead of making it earlier, just so it could help pass the time. 

But besides that, 1 week down, 103 to go!
7 days left in the MTC, counting down. 

This morning, around 10:30 we had our daily role play meeting with our "investigator". And the last 2 lessons we felt like we just ruined it haha, turns out we get too down on our selves, because our "investigator" has been learning. And the lesson we gave today, I felt that it needed to be on prayer, we have been inviting him to accept the commitment to pray daily about the things he needs answers too and what we are teaching him is true. So we taught him about how we know what we know, through the confirmation we get from prayer. Then I showed him a video on prayer. Which you could tell he was really feeling the spirit. So we asked how he felt about it, and if he thinks it's true and possible to receive answers through prayer, and he agreed. So we then taught that it is a commandment to pray often. So we taught him the order of prayer, to address Heavenly Father, to express gratitude, feelings, questions but to do so sincerely and with real intention and so on, and that you end in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. After teaching him that, I asked him if he would close our meeting by offering a prayer. So he accepted and gave a good prayer. I wish this progress was being made with a real investigator. 
But we are meeting with another investigator, who we assume isn't a member. But possible that he is.. The MTC has this TRC program kind of thing where they ask different people to be taught by missionaries. Either members, non members, real people investigating the church, or even less active members. But the "leader" (or who ever runs this program) of this "activity", doesn't tell us the position this "investigator" has in the church, if any at all. So it's like teaching a real investigator, which very well could be he case. So it would be pretty awesome if this guy became converted. But we will see how this next lesson goes tomorrow. 

I have 2 teachers, Brother Okelberry and Brother Shumway. Both these men are awesome teachers but, I feel more special connection with Brother Shumway, just because I feel like we relate in a way that I haven't figured out yet. But he has been my role play investigator, so practicing with him has been an awesome experience. 

LESSON LEARNED: Brother Shumway
He also taught me about stress and how the MTC is BUSY and crazy by schedule and if we feel like it's too much, we just need to pray and if we feel like a failure because we feel that we didn't meet our goal or requirement that we should forget it, the only thing that matters is, did you do thy Fathers will. Did you get done today the things that God wanted us to do. 

Love getting mail from everyone, I love reading about everyone's questions and the things going on back home. I love reading about people that heard my talk who have emailed or written to me about their commitment to my challenge of attending the temple weekly. I love it! 
I just received anther dear elder letter and 2 packages! Thank you all!

The atonement was the big topic that was discussed. With the trials I have been through I've been able to apply the atonement, not only through personal experiences, but everyday. So I will be able to use my personal experiences to relate to those struggling and those who aren't necessarily struggling can be taught how tongues the atonement in our everyday lives. 

Alma 26:27 
"Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success."

I feel like this really does tell you what a mission is like and how we get through it. When it gets hard and you feel depressed and you want to turn back, Heavenly Father comforts us. Letting us know we are in a place of good. And to continue to work among his other children. 

October 21, 2015
Day 8, Wednesday 

Another day in the MTC. 8 days in and 6 more to go. 

We had another appointment with "Adam the investigator" we rekindled the feeling of the spirit he felt in our last meeting. So that went perfect to plan, so we taught him to recognize the Spirit. It went so well, that at the end when we leave the appointment, and go back in to get an "evaluation" of how we did, he told us that we could have invited him to be baptized and he would have said yes! So it's too bad we didn't but we will just have to teach and bring the spirit back next time and invite him to be baptized. Fingers crossed. 

Today is Wednesday which means more greenies enter the MTC. So again you hear and say welcome to the MTC ALL DAY! Haha totally gets old. I hated hearing it very quickly so I don't welcome the missionaries haha.

Each day, slowly has less to talk about. Everyday is mostly the same. But we do have a TRC investigator appointment tonight at 6:45. So I guess we will see how that goes. 

So we kinda got off to a rough start explaining the Book of Mormon the 1st appointment we had, he wasn't quite understanding why the Book of Mormon was needed when we have the Bible.. So this appointment we just apologized for all that and talked to him about The Gospel of Jesus Christ. And he was wondering how we known what we know, so we explained the Holy Ghost and how we can get confirmation from the feelings we get from the Holy Ghost. He was interested in that so we taught him how to pray and he agreed to pray about what we've taught him. So progress is being made, we didn't get to finish The Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet and before we left he asked if we could continue teaching him about it, we excitedly answered "of course!" How's tomorrow sound? He agreed to meet again. So I like where this is going. 

Wow, I'm kind of disappointed that nothing really happened today, compared to other days haha but that's okay cause there's been a lot of things going on this whole week!

So I haven't been into what's been going on with in my zone, but I guess what's happened is 2 Elders have been having a really tough time, one of them from what I heard has depression problems. So I've heard these 2 Elders are going home..I don't know these 2 individuals but it saddens my heart to know this is happening. 
But a mission is the toughest thing anyone in the world could do, that's what I think. It's not for everyone, even though it's a commandment of God, it's not the plan he has for specific people. 
With all this happening and the stress level of others, 2 sisters came to our classroom during study time and asked one of our Elders to give them both a blessing, so Elder Babcock who they asked gave them blessings. 
Then another Elder in my district, has been having a tough time as well, he doesn't have the desire to go home, but he's really missing home. And I asked for a quick companion exchange and I went into the other room where it was quiet and we talked about what was going on, and he asked me to give him a blessing. I told him of course, and went on to tell him that I have been feeling the same way he is feeling, it was really hard for me the first few days and every now and then gets hard again but I'm able to move past it because of the blessing I received early on in the week, and the truth to why I am here. 
So with that being said, a mission is hard, when missionaries tell you it's hard, don't be scared. But do prepare yourself for the hardest times. Missionaries always told me about how a mission isn't easy so don't expect it to be, but I never imagined in reality what it would be like, because you can't. In order to know you have to experience. But you can't focus on the hard things, the reason you serve a mission is what you should be focused on. I just want you all to know that it's not always hard, you will find a lot of the time that your happier then you've ever been, your more spiritual then ever, you've felt more confirmation on a mission then anywhere, or that you feel closer to God. Don't let this change your mind about a mission because although I've only been here and only in the MTC for over a week I can tell you that it doesn't get any better then sharing the truth. Life in general is hard, but you live every day and you get through it. So a mission is the same way, it may not be what you have expected but just be prepared for the best and toughest 2 years of your life. 
Be worthy and pray always. 

So I received 2 boxes yesterday, which was exciting! Felt like a child on Christmas it was so fun opening haha. THANK YOU FAMILY AND SARA HAMASAKI! Thankful for the treats and the shirts you sent me! 
Now I can do laundry haha!

GYM: Closed
So because missionaries were coming in I guess they closed the gym and physical activity field. So instead I just wrote letters and made an appointment to cut my hair on Friday. 

So I scheduled my haircut for Friday the 23rd at round 11 so if I'm not responding to emails around that time that's why! 

Oh so the MTC thinks it funny to make burgers for like every meal, so in the last couple days I've had about 8 burgers... But to be honest that's their best meal.. Haha 

Spiritually? Absolutely!!! 
Physically? I have no clue... I don't feel or look bigger and I have no scale to know.

Haha so we never did end up going back to choir, so no singing during our devotional which is fine. 

So I guess it's not just me, but maybe a select amount if not everyone at one point gets this collar burn. But I found this redness relief face lotion that I forgot I packed in my suitcase. So I pressed the bottle to get the lotion out and it came out green... So that scared me for a second, so I read the bottle.. It says (subtle) with green dye or something or other haha, so not knowing what that meant, scored me s little more... Haha not really but it's working so I feel good. 

As the stress grows on all of us, each person takes it upon them self differently. One of the elders in my district asked me specifically to give him a blessing. So I agreed to give him one, and he gave me time to pray and invite the spirit so we waited till we got back to our residence.. But like I mentioned above, we got a companion exchange so I could talk to him personally and we talked about how he's doing. It was all a neat experience. 
So we got back to our room and I pulled up a chair, he took a seat, and he gave me his name. And I began... I just love blessings, the feeling they give me and the others around is just so great! 
When we had some time after the blessing, this Elder called me over to the chair next to him, he said take a seat. And not to share to much and get to personal but he felt the need to share with me something in his patriarchal blessing, it was something that I had worded exactly, in the beginning of his blessing. 

Awesome way to end the day!

October 22, 2015
Day 9, Thursday 

So excited for tomorrow, pday! 
We have this "in-field orientation", preparing us to go out int the field. So a few hours of that, then we had lunch. And guess what I ate?!...... 2 more burgers.. That's like 10 burgers in 4 days. So there's my highlight of the day...haha not really. After lunch we came back to the orientation, where we continued for another few hours. 

So everyday after breakfast our district leader goes and gets the mail, one of the Elders received a letter from home, his mom just had a baby 2 weeks before he left. The letter he took out of the envelope was the sweetest thing I'd ever seen and I hadn't even read the letter but on the bottom of the page were ink footprints of his baby sister! I thought that was just so cute! *cough *cough Courtney. I think it's a good idea.

We then went back to orientation and this was something that stuck out to me. 
 In field orientation 

Do not waste the Lords time.

"You have more important things to do on a Saturday then to be "hanging out" at a members home." -Elder Bednar 

"If you go to a members home, when you meet with a member at their home, let the, know you here for only a short time, that you want to share share a brief spiritual thought, end with a prayer, ask if they have any referrals (or know of anyone who could really benefit from the Book of Mormon), and then leave the home." -Elder Bednar

Ether 12:27 
"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them."

If we humble ourselves before God, showing him the understanding we have of our weakness, he will make those weaknesses strong.

So we met again with Andrew our investigator and we followed up with him on our challenge for him to pray, he told us that he did pray, with his wife. He told us his wife's grandpa passed away just the other day, and they prayed to feel better, he then told us that she had been crying and stressed all that day up until after the prayer he explained that both of them did feel better and his wife was able to continue her homework and both of them could focus better. 
We explained to him that it was the Holy Ghost comforting them. We asked him what he thought about it, he said "yes I guess that sounds right, we both felt good after the prayer" I then asked, "Andrew, do you want to be able to feel that way all the time?" He said well it felt good so I think I'd like that. 
But he wanted to focus on the steps to becoming s better person, so time was running out so we quickly just told him that it's okay, and we want him to keep praying and read some scriptures. So he agreed. 
Tomorrow is our last appointment with him, so our goal is to invite him to be baptized...
So fingers crossed.

So every night we together as a district go around the room telling everyone about what made us happy today. 
My happy was when we sang I need thee every hour as a district before we went to our separate residences. 

A long email for sure, but I hope it was worth it. That's it for this week, the next time I email, I will have been in New York for about 3 days. Looking forward to it then! I leave the MTC around 3:30 AM on Tuesday the 27th. 
Talk to you all soon! 

Patience. Love. Faith

Much love,
Elder Newbold

MTC district at the Temple

Hamburgers for dinner AGAIN!!!

Off to do laundry!

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