New York

New York

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Week 70

July 26, 2017
Wednesday, Day 489
Day 129 back in NY

Still recovering from being sick… so today wasn't all that eventful. We took it slow and got done all of our needs for pday. Then we stopped by an elderly woman's home, a member of the branch, who is basically home bound. We dropped in to see how she was doing and introduce Elder Wallace. She had company over so we didn't stay long. 

We then drove down the street and met with Brother D. We talked about the priesthood and bore testimony of the importance of God's power on the earth today. Without it, we couldn't accomplish all that he has planned for us. We couldn't return to live with Him.

Our last stop for the night was going to be the W's. We met with them and introduced Elder Wallace and shared a message with them. As we were getting ready to head out, Brother J called. He asked if we could go with him to look-up a member of the branch he hasn't seen in a while. He dropped by and picked us up and we went by her home. We went to the door and saw lights on, but we knocked and knocked and no one answered. It looked empty. 

Brother J felt like we should stop by, so we followed that prompting. Whether we recognize anything come of our effort or not, Brother J followed the Spirit and that's what's important. He then dropped us off at our car and we drove home.
Elder Newbold and Elder Wallace

July 27, 2017
Thursday, Day 490
Day 130 back in NY

After a few hours of weekly planning and still not quite finished… we left and went over to grandma W's. She needed some help with her driveway. We grabbed some shovels and a wheelbarrow. When we got to the bottom we scrapped up some gravel and began to spread it over the driveway, filling in potholes. When we about finished she had made us some lunch. When we finished up we grabbed the sandwiches and were on our way.
We headed home, cleaned up, and had companion study. Afterward we made dinner and the rest of the night were look-ups and reporting on the lessons we had earlier in the week.

July 28, 2017
Friday, Day 491
Day 131 back in NY

Woke up at 5:30am this morning, got ready, and drove to Poughkeepsie. I was invited to MLC, along with other district leaders, so, Elders Busby, Brown, Horner, and I carpooled down to Scarsdale. Elder Wallace and Elder Leavitt spent the day together in New Paltz.
MLC was great; we discussed a variety of things. The first thing we talked about was President Smith’s studies this week. We talked about 2 Nephi 9:41 and that we should Seek Not to council the Lord, but to take it from His hand.

As I thought about this I thought it was silly… who in the world, knowing anything about Christ, would try to counsel Him? After much pondering and listening to more of what was said about this verse I came to this, it's not a literal matter of counseling the Lord, but acting in such ways that may show the Lord that we think our way is better, rather than seeking to take counsel and advice from the Lord. We also talked a little bit about technology and the blessing it is that we have it in this mission, access to Facebook and other ways of communication. 

We also talked about and focused on the Plan of Salvation for a little bit. As some Sisters volunteered to teach the Plan of Salvation to the room, my mind began thinking about where my testimony of the Plan of Salvation comes from. I then reflected on an experience I had in the temple while I was home for my intermission, I felt the Spirit and knew that my testimony was built during that time.

After MLC we went back to Poughkeepsie and met up with our companions. When they got to the apartment they shared their experience with us. Elder Wallace was brand new to the upstate mission life and this area. He just got here Tuesday evening... well, he decided while we were at MLC that he and Elder Leavitt would do some look-ups. The 1st person they chose was someone they shouldn't have contacted. Unfortunately past missionaries didn't do a good job of making a note visible to NOT CONTACT this guy. They dropped by and immediately the guy starts yelling and swearing, so the Elders apologize for coming by, they said they'd make a note to never stop by again, and just as they were turning around to get to the car. The man comes out of the house throwing paint! The Elders were hit by some paint and the car was now spotted with a baby blue paint. They got in the car, drove off and went to get a car wash.

What a day! Lol they got a car wash, cleaned up the mess and made a note in the area book to NOT CONTACT that guy.

When we got home, I took a half hour to study. We then had dinner, did some look-ups and worked on area book.

July 29, 2017
Saturday, Day 492
Day 132 back in NY

Today we were doing a bit of driving. We went to the church after studies to write and send off our progress report. We then went home for lunch. Went back to the church to clean it. Drove a half hour to visit Brother K. We talked about the commandments and the priesthood. Then we drove back to New Paltz, went home got changed. Then drove to Sister M’s, helped her out with a little project. Then back home for dinner. We had a few look-ups and then missionary correlation at the church.

July 30, 2017
Sunday, Day 493
Day 133 back in NY

Church was great. We had an investigator, J, show up. He stayed for sacrament and took off just after. We had gospel principles once again, in Spanish. Elder Wallace and I also taught the young men during 3rd hour.

After church we wen to Sister M’s, to pick up our weekly box of food. She's so sweet. She says she has no need for it all so she gives us what she doesn't need or have room for.

We went home for lunch and comp study. Sent off our Gospel Minute: “Even with the trials of life, because of the Savior’s Atonement and His grace, righteous living will be rewarded with personal peace.” - Personal Peace: The reward of righteousness

We then visited Brother M and took him the sacrament. We shared a video of the sacrament with him. Then we had a meeting at the church with the Sisters, where we planned the next couple APFs that we would do.

Around 5 we had dinner and then 6:30 we met with Brother D and his wife, we shared the message of the restoration with them. They are both converts and they said they appreciated us reminding them of their time finding the church.

At the end of the night we met up with Brother W and went to our last appointment, the guy canceled when we got there because he had a lot of family and friends over and it was a bit loud and busy. So we took down his number and would reschedule later. Broker W felt like we should visit a family, so we visited the E's on our way home.

July 31, 2017
Monday, Day 494
Day 134 back in NY

My first time leading district meeting again since a year ago... it went pretty well, we talked about some announcements, discussed some things from MLC, then I had us all do a little activity. I gave everyone a sheet of paper. I told them they would be the only ones to read it so they could be open with what they say, but I told them all to write their testimony and some of their thoughts and feelings about the area they are serving in right now.

When they were done I had them put the date on it, fold it, write their name on the outside, and staple it. I then collected them and stuck mine and all of theirs in this tube. It was our time capsule, they would all get them back in 6 weeks after doing it again at our last district meeting together, so that they could review and compare what they wrote.

It was pretty cool; I can't wait for 6 weeks from now to see the difference.

We went home for lunch, changed and drove to Brother H's. He needed some help today with putting new sides on his shed. He fed us pizza and as always had our Gatorades ready to go for us! Haha he's the best!

When we finished up we went home to clean up, have comp study, and dinner.

We worked on area book, imputing and updating information on members. Then went to visit the Jamaicans at the orchards.

August 1, 2017
Tuesday, Day 495
Day 135 back in NY

Today was one of those days where nothing goes the way you planned. We started off staining a door for a women, we didn't have time to do a 2nd or 3rd coat, so we will be back tomorrow evening. But the rest of the day between meals was rough… all our appointments fell through. No one returned our calls, and all our back up plans fell though... so it was one of those days... and that’s okay because there's a better day around the corner.

Patience. Love. Faith
Much love,
Elder Newbold

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