New York

New York

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Update on Elder Newbold

As some of you know Elder Newbold returned home from NY in October, at his 1 year mark, as a stronger, more valiant, servant of the Lord, with a stronger testimony of the gift of the Atonement and a closer relationship with his Savior.  He was home with us, blessing our lives for 5 months.  Yesterday he returned to NY and is so anxious to get back to work teaching the people the he grew to love so much!  He arrived there with a bright smile on his face and light in his eyes! Mondays are now his Pday so we won't hear from him until next Monday. We do know that he will be serving in South Manhattan in the YSA ward. 

He has landed in NY
Thank you all for your love and support I know he has felt it and we definitely have as a family!! Here's to his last year in NY!!! 

Here is parts of a letter that Tyler was asked to write to the First Presidency when he was requesting his return to his mission. It will give you a greater understanding of who he is and where his heart is.

February 2017

Time sure has flown by. This last year has been no doubt the greatest, the hardest, and the most rewarding year of my life so far... I'm grateful for the counsel of our beloved Prophets and Apostles as they remind us to write often and keep journals of important and daily blessings and experiences that happen throughout our lives. Preparing myself to write about my experiences and testimony, I began to reflect on this last year and reread some passages in the early times of my mission, I found in my journal. I was determined and excited to work in this corner of the Lord's vineyard. I worked hard to learn the things I did, to memorize and familiarize myself with the scriptures and lessons that I did, to learn how to understand and read the people I met and their needs...

Everyday I learned and little by little each day an experience added growth to my testimony. There were days I was overwhelmed with the Spirit and nights I couldn't go any further because of how physically and spiritually drained I was. All in all it was a journey in itself.

But who would have known that serving a son or daughter of God everyday for a year (or 2) would have been and could be so rewarding? Who knew that there are challenges and trials that we all will encounter and face but be able to see the good in them or recognize their short term and long term blessings? Who knew that the Atonement of Jesus Christ was for everyone? And that it could be used continually throughout someone's life to help them understand the Love and trust our Savior has in and for us? Who knew that the Atonement would be the only way to save a man from sin? Or that it had the power to change a life? Or be the reason to prevent a future marriage from being destroyed? I'll tell you that a year and a half ago I didn't know that... but within the last 6 months, I've experienced all of it.

I believe I served with the best Elders in the field because they needed to teach this boy what it was all about. It took 11 months... but I finally got it. I realized I couldn't help my companion more, which I desired to achieve. Because of these experiences in my life, because of the worthy and exemplified missionaries I served with, I decided to act on an opportunity of learning and self-searching. I found that my heart had been softened and my spirit was contrite. I was able to kneel down before the Lord and pour out my heart to him of the gratitude I felt for His endless love and His continuous blessings.

I know that my Savior Jesus Christ loves me and that I have loving Heavenly Parents, who like my earthly parents never left my side. They have loved and have stood by me always. I have been so blessed to recognize the presence of my Savior and His hand in my life even through my trials. He blessed me with tender mercies to recognize His hand. I can't say it any better than Nephi, "I glory in plainness; I glory in truth; I glory in my Jesus, for he hath redeemed my soul from hell." (2Nephi 33:6)

His Atonement has made it possible for my life to be turned around, for the Sacrament to have meaning to me, and for my future family to have a chance at eternal life. I'm very grateful for the blessings of modern Prophets and the Restoration of the Gospel, as well as the Book of Mormon.

It is my prayer that those I serve and have the opportunity to speak with may feel the love of their Savior and Heavenly Parents, that they too may desire to know what this life has to offer them, the blessings of eternity. I am forever grateful for the challenges and experiences that have brought me to my knees in despair and gave me this second chance. I love my Jesus and His open arms and pray to never loose sight of the big plan, to return to my father in heaven and reside in the Celestial Kingdom along with my family. I testify that He lives and loves us, in the sacred name of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Much love,
Ty Newbold


  1. Well written Elder Tyler Newbold God will always strengthen you when you need it most he will guide you where you need to be in the precise moment in your life your beliefs will always be strong he is always guiding you keep up the good work he's watching over you always caring always loving

  2. So love our missionaries. So proud of Tyler, what a beautiful letter made greater by his obvious understanding and passion for missionary work and the gospel! #lookoutNY

  3. This is beautiful! I have always thought that you were a strong, faithful person....and now even more so. Keep up the awesome work!

    With Love,
    Miranda Conlin
    (POWER coach)