New York

New York

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Week 51

September 28, 2016
Wednesday, Day 351
Day 338 in NY

I don't remember what we did today but it probably was mailing and just hanging out. Nothing much, but it was good. At the end of Pday we went to do some look ups, we didn't have success with any of them, but we, on our way to the church to make some phone calls, we street contacted and found this woman who we had seen before one night. We stopped her and talked and invited her to conference. She's seemed great and very nice. We hope to see her there. After talking to this woman named B we went to the church and called some people. Then made our way home.

September 29, 2016
Thursday, Day 352
Day 339 in NY

We decided to save time and stay home for weekly planning so we did.  Towards the end of weekly planning we received a text from President Smith, he wanted to meet with us at the church in an hour, so we cleaned up, put our suits on and went to the Harlem Chapel. We had a follow up interview and it was great and so helpful. And he told me before transfers like he always has done, that I'm going to Westchester, which is actually his Ward in Scarsdale. Which is pretty awesome. So he also said that Elder a gentry would be followed up trained. During the interview we had to cancel some appointments and after the interview our appointments fell through. So home for dinner we went and continued on cleaning area book.

September 30, 2016
Friday, Day 353
Day 340 in NY

This morning we called some people on our list, we did 12 week, had lunch, and went to visit this guy named M. (Well, his nickname is M, R is his real name). Following M we visited P said my goodbyes to him since I just found out I was leaving. Then we went to see N and Y. Took us about an hour to get home from there so we had dinner at home continue cleaning our area.

October 1, 2016
Saturday, Day 354
Day 341 in NY

General conference
I've never been so excited for general conference, this time I came prepared. I had questions and things on my mind that were answered through out conference; it was so wonderful for me. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a true Prophet of God and that we have living Apostles and they are inspired and guided by the Spirit.  Today was pretty crazy, we attended 3 sessions of conference so we were at the church for 10 hours. We got there around 11:45am and didn't leave until about 10:30pm. Went home and went to bed Spiritually and physically exhausted.

October 2, 2016
Sunday, Day 355
Day 342 in NY

General conference
Day 2 of conference! We had some technical difficulties with the satellite and its connection so in the very beginning we missed President Monson’s talk. I was in the back of the room trying to fix the connection and sound.  But the remainder of the talks were working most of the time. We stayed for the 2 sessions today and went to dinner at J & E's. After our visit there we came home.

October 3, 2016
Monday, Day 356
Day 343 in NY

Today I took time to pack. But first we went to the church and had Zone meeting! We took Zone pics and went off on our separate ways. We went to go say goodbye to M really quick, afterward we came home for lunch and then I began packing, I wouldn't say I like to pack, but I think I'm pretty good at it. I had far too many things in weight. It honestly didn't look like I had a lot of stuff, but it sure felt like it... I mean my suitcases shouldn't way 75 lbs each lol. There was some sorting that needed to be done. After about 3 hours of packing I think I finished packing around 9 something in the evening.

October 4, 2016
Tuesday, Day 357
Day 344 in NY

Last minute transfer call
This morning I got a text at 8:35 from President saying, "call me at 8:55" when I saw this text it was 8:52. And knowing President he is very busy and expects that you call him when he gives a specific time. I waited, watching the clock and called him at 8:55. He told me that there are some changes in this transfer. I will now be going to Stamford Connecticut where I'll will serve with Elder Hoskins and Elder Rocha (Haw-sha).  We got to the Inwood chapel around 12 o'clock. When the U-Haul showed up we helped unload it and then we began loading the upstate missionaries suitcases. Instead of loading my stuff on the U-Haul President Smith said to stick with the AP's till further notice.  It's definitely been an interesting transfer. I rode around with the AP's (Elder Macintosh & Elder McBride) and William. We drove up to the Ossining chapel where we dropped off some missionary’s suitcases. Afterward the four of us went & grabbed some sandwiches for lunch. William and I split a sandwich, I told him he could order what ever he would like. He said how's turkey and cheddar cheese. I said sounds good to me, haha so that's what we ate just turkey and cheddar cheese on bread. I love President Smith and his family; William is so fun to be around. About the time we finished lunch, it was around 3:45 and we needed to meet up with my new comps. We met halfway, I don't remember where we were, but the AP's dropped me off with my comps and we made our way to their apartment. When we got home I took in my suitcases and started to unpack just a little bit. A couple hours later we had some appointments. It's so nice having a car!! No more walking!

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