New York

New York

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Week 32

May 18, 2016
Wednesday, Day 218
Day 205 in NY

There's this guy out here in Manhattan named Jay who's not a member of the church but loves the church, he goes every week to a different ward, he loves the missionaries, he cuts their hair for free, and he takes missionaries out on tours around the city. So we got a group together and Elder Moss and I went to Central Park with Jay and he took us around the city, mainly the park, and explained the history behind all the buildings, statues, and other things. It was pretty cool going around and hearing stories about New York and why certain things were built and stuff like that. This took a few hours; we started around 12 and ended by 3:30. So most of our day was spent doing that. I don't have very many pictures, on my iPad. But I did take some on my GoPro so maybe one day when I can get them uploaded I can send them. But I'll be here a while so I'm sure I'll take more pictures of the area.

May 19, 2016
Thursday, Day 219
Day 206 in NY

Went about our Thursday morning schedule, made some weekly planning finished. Then went to the church to have a baptismal interview. It went so well it was great. I love being able to sit down with people who are investigating the church and have such great faith and just talk with them about their journey in finding their truth.

I wouldn't say I'm the most adventurous person when it comes to food, but Elder Moss is. Which means I am now. When members sign up to take us out to eat they ask where we want to go or what do we want. Elder Moss always responds saying, anything new, we like to try new things. For dinner went to this Korean restaurant and it was pretty interesting! We just ordered a variety of things and shared amongst each other.

We got a message from the bishop saying there was a couple who had bags of clothes they needed to get rid of to make their move easier. So Elder Moss and I went over there, turns out the girl is a member and her boyfriend or fiancé is not, but is interested. Of course we took the perfect opportunity and talked to him about the church and what he knew. He didn't know much, but he expressed his interest in the unity of the church and how it focuses so much on family and happiness within a family. It was a great time, they told us that we had first pick from the clothes. After talking with them for a while, we took the bags out to the front of the apartment and they called an uber to take us home. So we threw the bags in the trunk and took off down the road heading home. The driver was great! He was so fun to talk to. When we got home we went straight into the bags, this guy definitely wasn't my size, but he fortunately was Elder Moss's size. It was perfect for him, he was just throwing out all his old clothes to pack for going home and the clothes in the bags were in pretty good shape so he has new clothes for when he gets home. HAPPY MOMENT! We totally found matching PJs! Haha this guy wears the full on button top pj shirt with matching bottoms so we threw those on real quick! The rest of the clothes we put back into the bags and we need to get them to the church or something to give them away to people who need clothes. I hit the jackpot on some crazy looking belts!

May 20, 2016
Friday, Day 220
Day 207 in NY

Every Friday we go down to this church community place and do meals on wheels, like I explained last time. We just walk around with a dolly and some heat keep bags and cool keep bags with food in them and we have a route that we go on and deliver all the meals. It's pretty fun, we get to walk around, serve, and talk to a lot of different people. After about 2 hours of that we head back and report our success.

I believe that every missionary has his or her times with weekly planning... It's just so hard to stay sitting for 3 hours and just plan. After a little while we need to take breaks or eat or something! We usually plan weekly planning on Thursdays but sometimes it doesn't work out that way so we break it up into increments, sometimes different days.

During our last district meeting, I brought up the idea of having what we call a "power hour". It's a way to get us all out and hyped to go find people. So, we scheduled a day and time, today, to go out and for one-hour just contact people on the street. In Manhattan, it can be a real struggle. There are a lot of people, but they don't want to stop and talk very often. But we all went out at 3 and till 4 we were out on the streets talking to everyone we could. Elder Moss and I got to a street corner where we saw this cop standing in the shade, so we walked over and talked to her. She asked if our church was over on some street and neither of us were sure, but we pointed to the temple and said that's where we go. So we gave her a card and said she could call us if she's interested, as we started to walk away she asked us if we could pray for her, we told her we would and continued on our way. Realizing that it was the perfect opportunity, I turned around, whistled for my companion and returned back to the corner. I asked if we could pray for her right then. She agreed and we proceeded. I love that we can walk up to a street corner and in the middle of hundreds of people walking by, bow our heads and pray out loud for this woman. We weren’t having too much success finding people to talk to, but we did have that little miracle and who knows what that did for her. But we were grateful for the opportunity.

May 21, 2016
Saturday, Day 221
Day 208 in NY

We decided we would go back today and help out meals on wheels again. It only took a couple hours then we came home had lunch and attacked the apartment. We started cleaning everything. The bathroom and kitchen needed some work... We didn't complete the cleaning session today but we plan to this week. We did take a hard hour to go crazy with cleaning.

Around 6pm we went to the church to support Bryn for her baptism. Bryn is the one I had the interview with. She's so awesome and was so excited for this day! She personally invited Elder Moss and I so we were there for her. It was such a special experience.

We had a member who was going to take us out to dinner, but he ended up texting us saying he got called into work. He said he was sorry and asked if we would like pizza. So we responded yes and he asked for our address. We sent him our address and 25 minutes later someone rang our bell and a pizza guy was downstairs waiting for us. He ordered us pizza for dinner since he couldn't make it. The members here are way cool! I love them! Not just because they feed us, but because they really are just super chill.

May 22, 2016
Sunday, Day 222
Day 209 in NY

We got to church 30 minutes early to set up chairs and while we were setting them up in walks some guy. I didn't see him right away, but Elder Moss acknowledges him with a "hey how's it going" then does like a triple take and realizes it's one of his buddies from home, who got home from his mission 9 months ago. After about 30 seconds out of the elevator walk 3 more of his friends. They all came together, they were all friends before their missions and when they came home they decided to go up to Connecticut for summer sales, selling pest control. They knew that Elder Moss would be going home soon and they all would have been in Connecticut, so they come down and saw him. It was so cool he was flipping out; he had no idea they were coming. So they chatted for a bit before sacrament, and then joined us for church, and our classes.

After church we went home and finally finished our weekly planning session.. Took us long enough but we finally got it done.

May 23, 2016
Monday, Day 223
Day 210 in NY

I think this was the best district meeting yet. Not because I'm the reason for them, but because I think I really figured it out this time. I started preparing for this meeting earlier in the week and couldn't quite figure out what I was going to focus on... This morning I couldn't figure it out at all... What I learned from this experience was that I wasn't teaching much from my heart and what the spirit was telling me as much as I was afraid of doing something wrong. So in the previous meetings I had everything planned out to what song we would sing to what questions I would ask... And no one really seemed to be to into it. But after realizing that I just need to plan and let the spirit just guide… it went so much smoother. Some of the missionaries pulled out notebooks and started taking notes, which made me feel really good. But it was all the spirit. I was so happy to have the spirit so involved.

We took a white board on wheels to Washington Square. On the white board we wrote the scripture Mosiah 2:17 "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of you God."  The name of it was "Good deed dares" when we found people willing. We would let them pick a card from a pile. In the pile of cards was written an action. Each of them were different, some like "Call or text someone you haven't spoken to in years" or "call someone you look up to and tell them why" stuff like that to help people do more good. It was really fun actually and it helped talk to people more. We weren't being all preachy, which I think helped people see that we are normal.

After the APF Caitlyn, a member in our ward, took us out to dinner at Shake Shack. It's pretty good! The burgers are small and expensive, but they taste good. As we were waiting in line with a member, who was paying for our dinner, another member, visiting from Provo Utah, came up to us and handed us $20 and said, I would like to pay for your dinner. I have 3 daughters who served missions and I want to pay for you dinner. Hesitant because, 1: I don't like taking money from people. And 2: there was someone already buying our dinner, so it was kind of awkward. But the member said (after the lady left) save it for another day, I'll take care of your dinner tonight. People are too amazing... I love that there are people in this world that are like this. Thank you to those who have been blessings to us as missionaries.

May 24, 2016
Tuesday, Day 224
Day 211 in NY

Elder Moss had his exit interview this morning. This is the last interview he has before he leaves to go home. So I sat out in the foyer while he and president were in chapel having an interview. I had run out of Books of Mormon, so I pulled out my Bible and started reading from the beginning. It was so interesting reading it. It's not often that I really decide to read through The Bible but when I do it's always cool to see what I get from it.

There's this other really awesome member who's not in our ward. But really loves missionaries, he's taken Elder Moss out for dinner 4 times, 2 of those with me, the 2nd time being today. He is so awesome! He took us out to dinner tonight because it will be the last time he sees Elder Moss, for a while. So we went to this Thai restaurant. Which was super great! After eating dinner, he took us to get dessert, and then we went to his place and ate there as we shared a message with him for the last time together. It was a great experience. There are so many good people in world.

That's all for this week, today was the best! I look forward to sharing with you all what we did! Love you all! God speed. Till next week.

Patience. Love. Faith

Much love,
Elder Newbold
Elder Newbold for President

Elder Newbold said these are his pics for running for president! 

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