New York

New York

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week 30

May 4, 2016
Wednesday, Day 204
Day 191 in NY

This morning we had a missed call on our phone, the number wasn't saved but the first 3 numbers showed that it was a number from Utah. Elder Moss listened to the voicemail that was left and heard the voice of his Stake President’s wife. He flipped out and started getting super excited. He yelled to me the news and said he was calling them back. He called her back and had a great conversation about them being in NY. They had gone to pick up their daughter from Brazil and they had an 8-hour lay over in NY on their flight home so they came to the city. They got a hold of President Smith and received permission to meet up with us. Elder Moss is super close with them so he was so excited! Before we met up with them at the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) Elder Moss told me that the husband is Howard Bangerter, who is the son of William Grant Bangeter of the Seventy and Howard will be a mission President soon in Brazil! It was a great time, we walked around the museum and Elder Moss was able to be with his old stake president and his wife, which he absolutely loved. That took some time out of Pday, but it was fun. The rest of the day wasn't as eventful. All we did was go to the church and email, and then we went and did laundry as the last thing for Pday.

May 5, 2016
Thursday, Day 205
Day 192 in NY

"Hello guys!! This is good! Elders Conference at B-dubs, mom ate the leftovers. And we found a playbill with goblins and dragons."

That’s my journal entry for today! Lol Elder Richards wanted to help me out today. I was saying how I have no motivation to write in my journal tonight, but he said I needed to. He grabbed my iPad and said, "This is all you gotta do". He opened my case, turned on my iPad, told me to put in my password, and he opened up my notes and everything above is what he said. Hahaha!

For lunch today we went to B-dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings), I got this pork sandwich and it tasted beautiful! We went together as an apartment so we had some fun being together.

DINNER: (Conner Castagno)
Conner, a member in our ward signed up to feed us dinner tonight. While talking with him and the friends he had over for dinner as well, I came to know that he has been an EFY counselor for some time. He isn't anymore, but he was for a few years. When I first met him I knew he looked familiar, but with the thought that I'm in NY and I don't know anyone here, in my mind I put it past me. But we talked about where we went to EFY, I told him I've gone 5 times, 4 times to Provo and once at Santa Barbara. He said he had worked in Provo for most of the time he was a counselor and he was definitely there during the time that I had gone. So I know I've seen him before! I thought it was pretty awesome to make that connection.

May 6, 2016
Friday, Day 206
Day 193 in NY

We started our day off with some service! We went and did meals on wheels, so we had wheeled around a dolly with these bags that were filled with meals that we would deliver apartment to apartment. It was great! It was also raining! And I didn't wear my boots; I wore my holy shoes. My brown dress shoes have big holes in the heal and a slit in the middle of both shoes so water was just pouring into my shoes from the bottom, it was so awesome.

Don't worry mom! I'm getting fed.... Only for dinner. The members are so nice and awesome! They feed us just about every day, which is a huge blessing. But because they all have jobs they work all day and have only nights available. It's so great! For breakfast and lunch we cook or go out. We try not to go out so often, because we don't have much money... But it's just so much more convenient and good! Lol, I'm making the goal to start budgeting. I haven't yet, but I plan to soon.

May 7, 2016
Saturday, Day 207
Day 194 in NY

Woke up this morning, started our split with our roommates, but we had the same plans to do service. So we went together to Central Park and did some weeding with a community group. It was great I got to be in regular clothes, doing service, which was awesome because I was getting dirty in the planting areas. It felt good to be outside working again!

The rest of the day was Elder Richard’s and I going to Roosevelt Island having lunch then coming back to Manhattan and teaching a lesson at the church later that night. The other 2 lessons we had planned canceled on us, so during the time that we had waited for them to respond we cleaned out my

May 8, 2016
Sunday, Day 208
Day 195 in NY

Greatest day so far! It was a great day over all. We went to church; all of our investigators showed up, all 3 of them, church was great.

After church we had this member BBQ. We invited our investigator Jeffery, he came and it was awesome! The members were so great at fellowshipping him. At first it was really awkward, we were one of the first people there. So it was Elder Moss, Jeffery, and I, then shortly after members showed up. But up until then it was just so weird standing at a members home, music was playing outside where we were, and everyone was a little segregated at first. Once everyone showed up everything felt better haha people were coming up to us and giving us their information so that they could come out and work with us. It was super awesome, most of the people at the BBQ party were interns that had just arrived in NY with in the last week. It was so great! Eric grilled burgers and then also grilled some pineapple and oh my goodness… I was in heaven! Super fun day! Lots of talking to members and fellowshipping our investigator and food! All the members kept coming up to us and asking if we had talked to our families yet and we kept telling them that we would tonight.

The best part of the day was face timing home! Oh it was so fun to see everyone again! Always will love hearing mom, "ahhhh, there he is!" Love the excitement shown from family! I feel like I've been away for so much longer. The house is finished, there are new things at home, Zach's a giant and has some crazy hair haha, there's another house in the driveway and it has wheels, there's a kid on the way. So much seems different already! Always love seeing everyone's faces and hearing their voices! Such a fun moment on the mission! I thought it was so funny doing a handstand on the call with Josh. That's right I've still got it! It's been so hard to stay in shape... I'm definitely so out of shape... I'm not
flexible at all anymore. I can't do the splits anymore and trying to touch my toes is a stretch now...

May 9, 2016
Monday, Day 209
Day 196 in NY

The zone leaders joined us today in district meeting, we had some announcements for the week then I started the meeting. When I plan for these meetings, I just come up with a bunch of questions to ask to keep it a discussion and to get everyone involved. We focused on setting goals to help us achieve our zone goal for getting 55 investigators to church for the month. As a zone our total for this last Sunday was 28 investigators at church!

After district meeting we had a meeting with the zone leaders about some event they wanted help planning for. Then we left and our roommates went with us to chick fil a! Whoop whoop! I love it there! The exact second that I swiped my card to pay for lunch, my food was ready and in front of me. A lady in chick fil a saw Elders downstairs at the registers and asked if they were from the play. They said no and then she came up stairs and was talking to her co-worker about it and he looked at us and said she thought you were from the Book of Mormon play. She kinda laughed and was surprised to see more Elders.

May 10, 2016
Tuesday, Day 210
Day 197 in NY

I forgot to mention it last week, but Elder Moss goes to the chiropractor every week. There's a member there that takes care of him for free. While we were there he was talking to me about seeing a chiropractor, I told him I've been before, but never had work done. He replied with something like, your mother must not love you very much. Haha and he says that jokingly because nerve pressure is a problem in just about every body but not everyone knows it. He made a joke about how mom goes to the chiropractor and treats herself but keeps the good of it from me. Haha So we went to Elder Moss's appointment and he gets his body cracked all over. It's fun to watch, and Brother Arbuckle (the chiropractor) is fun to talk to.

A member in our ward, Christa, met us at the church for dinner. We didn't have a 3rd male so we couldn't go to her home and she made a home cooked meal so we met at the church. It was a great time; we pulled up a table and some chairs and ate in the hallway. It was good, she made fajitas! Mmmmmm super good! It was great, we talked about missionary work and invited her to pray specifically for someone so she could have a missionary opportunity.

Even though she's served a mission in Brazil, she can still look for opportunities to serve. Not that she isn't doing that, but we all can and should pray and look for opportunities to serve people so we can
have missionary experiences. I invite you all to pray specifically for a friend or someone you know, to have a missionary opportunity with them or just to have a missionary opportunity with anyone. Pray for one and act on it! It will bless you!

Love you all! Enjoy your week! Hope you wonderful mothers had a
wonderful Mother's Day!

Patience. Love. Faith

Much love,
Elder Newbold

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