New York

New York

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Week 15

January 17, 2016
Sunday, Day 96
Day 83 in NY

We went to church! And we walked with Ricky! It's Elder Tabor’s last Sunday, so we were taking pictures and saying goodbyes. When church ended I went up to Ricky and said "yo, Ricky, you making us dinner tonight?" Haha he said "yea come over, I'll make you dinner!" Thanks to all of you praying for members to feed us! Shout out to Brother and Sister Musick for their prayers! We have been getting fed.

Not the response I was expecting from Ricky, but definitely the response I was looking for! Haha so be bold! And (if people are praying for you) you will get your way!

Went about the rest of the day, had lunch, and went to a couple appointments. Then we went over to Ricky's and dinner was ready! So we ate and visited with Ricky and Joel. Joel is so cool, he thinks of us as his older brothers, which is super cool! Cause he doesn't have any. But he's got us!

After dinner we watched 17 Miracles with them, super awesome! That's the best movie! It's been a long while since I've seen it so it was a nice way to end the night.

January 18, 2016
Monday, Day 97
Day 84 in NY

No go… Meaning NO we didn't GO out and do much today... With Elder Tabor leaving we had to use our day to pack up everything of his.

We went out and saw a few people so that Elder Tabor could say goodbye and take pictures. So we did that for a couple hours, then came home and pulled out the suitcases.

Not productive the way a missionary would like his day to be, but it was good. It gave me an idea of how we should have planned our week. So now I know for when I get transferred... You need to spread out the time you pack...

January 19, 2016
Tuesday, Day 98
Day 85 in NY

Saw a couple more people today, and came home like yesterday. Had lunch and packed till 2 AM....

Like I said yesterday, we should have spread out our packing. I didn't realize how long it would take… But there was so much to do and to pack. We went out and did laundry so that his clothes would be ready for his next area. So that took some time.

It was a weird feeling day haha we just packed and got Elder Tabor ready for his next area.

January 20, 2016
Wednesday, Day 99
Day 86 in NY

Yo soy en la programa de españo. Pero no hablo español. So this will be interesting and fun. Stay tuned!

Just kind of recognized the miracles in my life... I wish I would have remembered them during the days that I recognized them first. But after watching 17 Miracles with Ricky, it made me want to recognize more often the miracles in my life.

I've witnessed and have had the privilege of being apart of so many miracles. Since I've been out on my mission, the miracles just keep coming.

Josh has been able to join the level 5 team without having to practice on Sunday's. Which was something that I had been specifically praying about since I came out to NY.

Mom is starting to do FHE (Family Home Evening) again and study Preach My Gospel with the family. Which is also something I've been praying for. As I have had the opportunity to prepare many FHE's for less active and active family members of our church, I've come to realize the importance of them and wished it upon my own family.

Dad has been having a lot of experiences and doing more missionary work. He, now having a son on a mission, has more opportunities to bring up the gospel. I've seen it become easier to discuss things of the gospel when someone you love is doing it.

Each of my family members, Courtney, Dillon, Zach and even some very close friends of mine have had experiences since I've been out, that have strengthened their testimonies.

It begins! Another experience with a different language. 1st it was having the ASL Elders in our apartment. Now I'm in a trio, in the Spanish program. Looking forward to learning some Spanish!

January 21, 2016
Thursday, Day 100
Day 87 in NY

Primero dia en la programa de español. Well the first full day.  I had already done my laundry the other day with Elder Tabor so, I didn't have much laundry to clean. So we went to do laundry since Elder Guerra and Elder Hilton had laundry. Then of course after laundry we went grocery shopping.

Due to transfers and the chaos from it, I had no lessons planned, so we went to a couple appointments and I got to experience the Spanish side of things. And..... Wow! I don't understand anything! They say "welcome to the life of a new Spanish speaking missionary, this is what it was like for us new missionaries our first day in the mission" wow... Haha Spanish is fast and I don't understand any of it.. Occasionally words will be said where immediately it translates to English in my head so I understand,
but very few times did that happened.

January 22, 2016
Friday, Day 101
Day 88 in NY

Not even sure what happened today haha, it's been crazy, taking over the Spanish area and English at the same time, we are ruining around the Bronx teaching in English and Spanish... I think I'm starting to forget some English words... But that doesn't mean that my Spanish is getting much better haha.

January 23, 2016
Saturday, Day 102
Day 89 in NY

Woke up this morning to snow passed my knees, cars blocked in, and the sound of scraping shovels in the snow.

I've never had no snow one day and the next day snow. So I thought waking up to 2 feet was awesome and 100% normal... Well the snow didn't stop there and I was horribly wrong... The snow carried on and we pressed forward with our morning, got ready, had studies, then began our weekly planning since transfers were too crazy to do it Thursday or Friday. By the time we finished it was after dinner. And we then took off into the snow...

As missionaries we don't watch TV and we don't have a TV. Obviously this means we don't watch the news... Which is totally okay with me... I don't watch it anyways nor would I if the opportunity presented
itself. Well, with out the news, we are oblivious to the alerts and important new reports, such as: It being illegal to be outside during this "storm". Anyone caught outside of their home would be arrested.

No, thankfully, we didn't find that out the hard way... We had made our way through the blizzard weather and made it to an appointment where, they had not expected us because of the weather… This investigating family had informed us through their concern of our well-being and "possible arrest" that we needed to be careful walking home because if we were caught we could be arrested. So, being missionaries, we did the right thing... We left.... After teaching them a lesson of course!

January 24, 2016
Sunday, Day 103
Day 90 in NY

Well sure it snowed and snowed and snowed, and snowed... But who has the right to cancel the only day we partake of the Sacrament. I don't think anyone does. And that's why it didn't happen... We had planned for the trains, buses, and taxis to all be out of service. So we mapped out the way to church and it was a 3-mile walk in the snow. Which would have gone from an hour and so many minutes, to maybe just over 2 hours. But we were determined. I had kept in contact all morning with Aida, she at first told me she didn't want to go because she didn't want to walk that far. Well that wasn't going to stop us from going to church, so we walked and we walked. On our way, we passed a train station about 45 minutes into our walk. The trains began working and we hurried on up into the station and
made it to church, I told Aida that the trains were working and she told us she would be there.

We made it to church and for about another hour or so we shoveled the walk ways around the church.

When we were told that church would began at 11:30 instead of 10 it didn't. 20 people were at church 9 being members (a family of 5, 1 single man, and 3 priesthood holding young men who were brothers) 9 missionaries, and 2 investigators... How cool! The father of the family of 5 was a counselor to the bishop, so he conducted our sacrament, us missionaries prepared the sacrament, and our meeting consisted of bearing our testimonies. It was a spiritual meeting for sure.

Sorry to all who I have yet responded too, when I came to the church today to send all the emails I had responded to in drafts, they were some how deleted.... I'm working on responding but may not send them till next week...

Love you all so much! Enjoy your week!

Patience. Love. Faith

Much love,
Elder Newbold

Elder Tabor, Ricky and Elder Newbold (Tabor's last Sunday before transfer)

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