New York

New York

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 49

September 14, 2016
Wednesday, Day 337
Day 324 in NY

We once again had plans that did not follow through. We were planning on going to the 87th St chapel, which we did. Elders Nielsen & Gonzalez went to get haircuts at the chapel, Elder Gentry and I went to Best Buy to check out the speakers because he likes mine so much. Within about 10 minutes we found them and he bought himself one too. Then we went to the chapel and emailed and then we went to Chipotle and came back to the church to eat it. When we finished we left and went home and just hung out till Pday ended. We left the apartment and went over to the S’s family and visited them for a bit, we shared a message with M and then came home, before we came up to our room we went up to an investigators home, named P. We just wanted to stop by and see when we could set an appointment with her, when she opened the door there were boxes everywhere, she said right now wasn't a good time. But we thought it was the perfect time, we asked if she needed help, she didn't turn us away, she immediately let us in and she explained that she needs to assemble 4 cribs, she had done 1 ½ her self but was doing it alone. We got straight to it, we finished the cribs in about 30 minutes and while there we talked about her experience with past missionaries, she enjoyed their visits, she even had some questions for us. We talked about tithing and set an appointment to come back and discuss more. We left and went down to our floor and were home before 9:30!

September 15, 2016
Thursday, Day 338
Day 325 in NY

After weekly planning we made our way to M’s and met some guy by the bus stop. After talking to him we got on the bus and made our way to M’s. Then made our way home for a pit stop before going over to the Ds’ for dinner and a message then coming back to our building to see someone there and then we came home.

September 16, 2016
Friday, Day 339
Day 326 in NY

Woke up this morning and split with the Zone Leaders. I went to the Spanish program area with Elder Gonzalez and Elder Gentry stayed in our area and took the lead with Elder Nielsen. We had planned a pretty full day for them. Elder Gonzalez and I went after lunch to do some look ups. After knocking a few doors we left the building and noticed this lady carrying this awkward/heavy looking case. We approached her and asked if we could help her out. With bags in her other hand her shoulders shrunk and she willingly accepted our request to help her.  Elder Gonzalez reached forward and grabbed the case she carried. I offered to take a bag from her but she insisted she could carry it. We walked alongside with her, not knowing where she was going, but we followed anyway. After about 20 minutes of walking the opposite direction we stopped at her building. She wasn't very interested in religion, although she had grown up with a lot of LDS people. When we left her we went to do some service at a food pantry. We helped stock shelves and unload trucks. By the time we finished there it was dinnertime, so home we went. We went back out and had a lesson and came back home for curfew and ended the split.

September 17, 2016
Saturday, Day 340
Day 327 in NY

This morning we were given the assignment to watch over the church building while a funeral lunch occurred. We didn't know who these people were, but they had asked to use the building for their lunch gathering and as the rules state, there must be a priesthood holder while activities are being held at the church, or something like that.  I like to think it was less of the idea that we would be good for it, so that people could be familiar with us and our church and more of the idea that it's a Saturday morning and people are lazy. But again I realized we don't have many members and at that any that are willing to help. So Elder Gentry and I showed up to represent the church members and the bishopric counselors came to. Afterward Elder Gentry and I talked about it, we felt unneeded. But hopefully we were helpful in someway, other than just carrying their food into the building lol.

September 18, 2016
Sunday, Day 341
Day 328 in NY

Today we had stake conference. When we left the apartment, the sky was covered in dark clouds and I voiced to my companion "I'm going to be pissed if it starts raining". Having no wifi to be able to check the weather each morning before leaving, we walked out in our suits and without umbrellas... it was at that moment that I realized or again it was proven to me that we do make the decision for how our attitude is expressed. If it's something I can't change, why have a bad attitude about it? We can choose to be happy in different or challenging situations.  Honestly I don't remember much about stake conference, the only thing I took from this conference was what President Smith said at the very end of his talk, "may we always be worthy". I felt those words. I didn't just hear them, but I really felt them.

September 19, 2016
Monday, Day 342
Day 329 in NY

Elder Gentry had his interview but I had not. So we went to Scarsdale to meet with President Smith at the Scarsdale chapel, in the stake president’s office. We talked and had an awesome interview. Not realizing it till we closed in prayer and I left the room that I was in there much longer than expected.  After our interviews we went home for dinner. It wasn't till about 6 that we finished our interviews and were on our way home. We got a text from Elder Nielsen and Elder Gonzalez, just asking when we would be back because they wanted to get pizza with us. We got off the train, walked up the block and met them at 2Bros where we grabbed a pizza and went to the church to eat. Interviews took up most of our day so we went home after dinner and prepared for tomorrow.

September 20, 2016
Tuesday, Day 343
Day 330 in NY

Woke up this morning not feeling to well. But I love helping people! So we went to do some service over at the food pantry this morning. When we got home we cleaned up, had lunch, 12 week, and then we met up with Josh to come out and teach a few lessons with us. We visited T, a less active who we read the scriptures with because he has a hard time reading alone and understanding. We read 1 Nephi 4 and discussed it. After meeting with T we met with D, he wasn't very decent at the moment lol so we quickly followed up with him at the door about his praying and his reading and we set a time to come back. We were expecting to meet with D much longer hen a few minutes, so we had open time, we quickly decided to start knocking doors and found this lady named M.  I knocked the door and introduced ourselves and told her we have a message about Jesus Christ we would love to share with her, she tried to tell us she was too busy, but that wasn't true and Josh noticed a picture behind her of a young lady, he looked at her and said "is that you? In that beautiful picture?" That surprised her and she said no it's my daughter, we talked a little bit about her family and she started to open the door a little wider and had a smile on her face.

We talked about this message we wanted to share with her. We played the Hallelujah video and let the Spirit settle in her heart. We asked about her religion and if she reads the scriptures, she said that she reads from the Bible every morning when she wakes up. We were impressed by her commitment and invited her to read the Book of Mormon. It was such an awesome experience! Members are missionaries and the work can NOT move forward without them!

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