New York

New York

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Week 21

March 1, 2016
Tuesday, Day 140
Day 127 in NY

It doesn't seem like a lot... Because it's not. But when all you do is walk, walk, and walk because the trains aren't running on local tracks, due to construction and the busses are NEVER running and if they are, they are NEVER on time, then yea 5 miles seems like a lot... But I guess it's nothing to complain about, I'll have some buffed out legs… If I can get my metabolism to slow down, completely.

I guess really the only down side of walking all day is that no one was available, until we went to go meet with a member. Then we were able to teach some lessons. All in all, 'twas a good day!

March 2, 2016
Wednesday, Day 141
Day 128 in NY

Whoop whoop! After our PDAY routine we went to go find a referral "deep in the Point" (in Hunts Point). The gate outside of the apartment was locked so we waited and prayed... And then someone walked by with a key and opened it, so we followed them into the apartment building. We went up the stairs and passed a couple guys on the stairs, they were sitting and smoking, and when we passed them of course they were startled because we "look like cops". After looking up our referral and finding that she wasn't home. We walked back down the stairs and the guys said, "did you ride bikes here?" (Elder Davis thought, why did he ask us that? Did he want to steal our bikes if we did?) We told him we don't have bikes, I asked him if he had seen any missionaries riding bike out here? He said no, in Manhattan. So I asked if he had met with missionaries, he said no but that he knows a little bit about us. I asked him to tell us what he knew and he responded, "Well, no I really don't know anything..." We asked if he had heard about the Book of Mormon he said he had but didn't know anything about it. We told both the guys about the Book of Mormon and Lu was the older guy we were talking to. He pointed to Josh, the younger guy, and said he needed Jesus so, we, talking to both of them talked about the Book of Mormon and we gave one to Josh. He was looking through it whole time we talked about it. Then before we left we gave one to Lu.

It's so cool to look back and think about how shy of a kid I was growing up. And too see where I'm at socially now, is incredible to me.

"All worthy, able young men should be preparing to serve a mission." Missions will change you! They will change you to be the person you will appreciate to be.

March 3, 2016
Thursday, Day 142
Day 129 in NY

Another day of planning! Not much happened today, we had taught 2 lessons. We were on our way to look up an investigator and one of our less actives David, saw us walking in the night across the street so he called us on our phone and asked if we were walking down Prospect. We answered and said yes how did you know he said that he could see us. Confused and unsure whether to be worried or not we looked around and couldn't find him. He then started waving his hands above his head and we saw him across the street under the streetlight. He asked us to meet him at the light so we cross the street and he asked us if we could come by tonight. We told him we are on our way to see someone, but we could stop by after. He said he wasn't having a good day; he lost $100, of course that put him down.

After going to look up an investigator who ended up not being home we went over to see David. He was telling us all about his YouTube channel and how he had been making work out videos. He said he was inspired by my Red Bull party video and wanted to inspire others with his workouts. His channel is something like..."the average joe." Lol super great. He was then asking about some pointers to recording better video. After telling him what I thought would help, we began talking about him and how he's been doing. After our little discussion we felt the need to show him the awesome Mormon message "Lift".
Go and watch it! It's amazing!

March 4, 2016
Friday, Day 143
Day 130 in NY

Around 4 pm we contacted this guy named Aaron. He had requested a bible. We stopped by the address he gave us, which was the address to his fiancé's apartment. Elder Davis and I walked into the apartment building stood at the front desk for a few minutes signing in, showing our ID, and what not. Then Aaron and his fiancé Carolin came down the elevator and we went to a lobby room or something off to the side of the sign in desk. We asked how he found the website he said he found it online looking for free Bibles. After talking to them for a while, getting to know them better, we shared with them the Book of Mormon. They loved it! We invited them to read and come to church. They seemed really interested and willing to come to church. Hopefully we can meet with them again next week and continue meeting weekly.

March 5, 2016
Saturday, Day 144
Day 131 in NY

There is this investigator I met during my first couple months with Elder Tabor, since then we hadn't met with her, Elder Davis and I finally had the opportunity to stop by and see her. She was home thankfully. We talked to Agnes, (the investigator) and she was telling us about being how busy she'd been and how a lot has been going on. So I shared with her one of my favorite scriptures John 14:18 "I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you." She liked that a lot and felt comforted. We invited her to read from the Book of Mormon to find comfort and peace. We prayed at the door way and went on our way.

March 6, 2016
Sunday, Day 145
Day 132 in NY

We stopped by this lady's apartment, Blanca, she wasn't home but her man was. (I say "her man" because people here, most often live together but are not married. And they will tell you that they are
husband and wife.) So I'm not sure their relation. But we stopped by to see Blanca and we talked to Edwardo instead since he was home. Some how we got into the conversation of all the inventions he's made. He showed us this book he made of all these inventions he's designed to help the blind, the deaf, and to break the barrier of other languages. His designs were incredible and totally genius. Whether they were legit or not, they seemed very well thought out and researched, he just financially can't afford to produce his ideas. He told us that if we find anyone who can make his dreams happen, to tell him. He said he doesn't even care if his ideas get stolen or if someone else takes his work and puts their name on it he just wants it made to help people. This guy was so sincere and awesome to talk to. We shared with him John 14:18. It is such a perfect scripture to share with anyone. Everyone loves it!

So earlier this week we had a zone meeting and goal setting was brought up... I've made the goal to be more obedient. I want to follow the daily schedule better and be able to write in my journal each night so I don't have the problem of sending short summaries of my days.

Please forgive me this week! I will do my best to be better next week! I love you all!

P.S. Read John 14. And watch the Mormon Message "Lift".

Patience. Love. Faith

Much love,
Elder Newbold
Putting the fire place together
The finished fireplace

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