New York

New York

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Week 8

December 1, 2015
Tuesday, Day 49
Day 36 in NY

When we split, we split the night before. So Elder Sorensen and I left from the church and headed back to our apartment. I lead the way home, got to the train station, got on the train, got off on our stop, and walked home from there.

As usual, we got up together, worked out, got ready, ate, then had personal study and comp study. Comp study (companionship study) we plan and study for the people we plan to meet with today. So because it’s my area I took lead in planning.

We went over to go see this investigator named Nickie, we were just going to stop by, give her the triple combination she asked for then follow up with her to see if she had been reading the Book of Mormon. Our plan for a 3rd male fell through, at the last minute he went to the hospital with a friend; his friend was having surgery and needed
someone there when he woke up. Well, turns out Nickie wasn't even home like she said she would be. We called her and she didn't answer. 1st the worst... 2nd the best? Crossing my fingers that’s the case for today.

Since the 1st appointment fell through, we looked up another lady named Milagros, she ordered a large print Bible...I didn't know they made Bibles that big, it was like a pizza box. So, we knock on her door and a man came to the door so instantly I was cheering inside because that means we were getting inside. His name is Alberto, I asked if Milagros was home, she then came around the door slowly. She had just had surgery on her knee or something and told us we caught her in a bad time. So I said, Oh, well I have your large print Bible. I don't know how that made the situation better, but she then invited us in. Which was sweet! We went in and sat on the couch, she offered us a drink and we began explaining to them what missionaries are. Who Mormons are, and other questions they had. So, after answering questions we began to teach them the Restoration. Which was awesome! Alberto really understood everything, his mom Milagros seemed to understand as well. She on the other hand, wasn't as accepting. After we had bore our testimonies and testified to them how we both came to know what we had taught them was true, we told them that we know what we know, and that they shouldn't take our word for it but should find out for them selves. I gave Alberto a Book of Mormon, (because we already gave Milagros a Book of Mormon on the first visit a few weeks ago). We invited and encouraged Alberto and his mother to read the introduction and to do as it asks. Read the book, Ponder in their hearts the words of the book, and to pray to know if it's true. Alberto said he would do it, but his mother wanted to check with her own pastor about it first, which made no sense at all because we had just told her to listen to what we have to say, but don't take our testimony and live off that, but to find her own answer, then she goes to say she wants her pastors opinion?! So in the most sincere and
appropriate way, I boldly told her I don't care that she talks to her pastor, but I told her not to take his word either. You'll only come to know the truth through your own faith and actions. She said she understood, but she was really determined to talk to her pastor.
By the end of our lesson, I had asked Alberto when he comes to know that the Book of Mormon and what we've taught him today is true, if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who holds the proper authority of God? He agreed and said he would. So that was super awesome! We asked him about coming by again; he's unemployed at the moment and said he's free most days. So we told him we'd keep in contact and come by again sometime.

Nelson is awesome! He's a homie! He is super chill, had a bit of a rough life growing up and just wants to change and clean up his life. We've been meeting with him since I got here, Elder Tabor was teaching him just before I came in. So together we've gotten to know him pretty well. We always meet him in his auto glass shop, on the corner of a busy intersection so it's always crazy New York loud. Horns, cars, yelling. Everything. So, Elder Sorensen and I left Alberto's house and came to see Nelson, the appointment with Alberto went longer then expected, so we got to Nelsons closer to closing time. He closes at 5, we got there just about 4:50. Work was slow today so he was closing up early. So we just asked if he'd give us the next few minutes. So, we taught him very briefly about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We taught him about repentance and closed with a prayer.. Then just before we left we invited him to come to church. I told him to think about it and let us know Thursday when we see him again.

Then we headed back closer to our apartment, we went and saw Ricky! Ricky is another one of my favorite investigators. We shared with him the Christmas Video A Savior Is Born and he loved it. We gave him a few pass along cards for the video and told him to find people to share the video with. Show Joel, his sister who he sees about once a week, or any of his family or friends. He said he would do that, so that's super awesome! And of course, if you get to meet Ricky, you WILL see how much he can talk. So, because he lives alone, we let him talk, but we try to keep it on our lesson. Sometimes we have to redirect the conversation. As we did that, time went by. And it was cutting close to the time we needed to leave.

So we rushed back to the apartment grabbed some food and Elder Sorensen's things then headed to the train. It was already 8PM and we needed to be on the train by then, cause it takes 30 mins to get to the church. On our way to the train this homeless looking guy, gets Elder Sorensen's attention, sadly cause we are already in a rush... we stopped and he's asking us to buy him some canned milk or something for his daughter who he didn't have with him… We quickly explained we are missionaries we have little to no money.
But when you tell people you’re missionaries, they start to guilt trip you, which never works for me.. So this guy says well if you’re a Christian be a good one and give from the heart, so I did give from my heart, I gave him 2 minutes of my time to share the Christmas video with him. He just wanted money, but he said give from the heart, not
my wallet. We tried to get away but it didn't seem to work so I asked him how much the milk was. He said $15, pffff, like I have $15 to give, So I slapped the only $2 I had in my wallet in his hand, he said I don't want your money I want you to buy me milk... Quickly I again explained... WE HAVE NO MONEY.... Frustrated he took my $2 anyway. There are some confused people in this world... It's sad, but "I want my 2 dollars!!" Ha ha (Dad and the boys should get that joke).

Well, we finally got on the train and took off to the church, got to the church, Un-Split, and quickly made our way home.

December 2, 2015
Wednesday, Day 50
Day 37 in NY

As usual, got up went and did laundry after our studies, and while laundry was going we went and did a little grocery shopping. After laundry we came straight home quickly put way both our laundry and groceries. We went to the church and again I was in a hurry to finish my journal email. I was 5 days behind again. Played some gator ball when I finished and enjoyed my PDAY!

Went to go look up this girl Alexis we've been trying to see again. She was busy, she had a maintenance worker over working on stuff so she didn't have time, but she scheduled a time with us, so that was good!

So Richard is one of our "progressing Investigators" we've only met him once and we didn't even really teach a full lesson. But he's progressing because in the past he met with missionaries and those missionaries invited him to continue meeting with missionaries, so
since he agreed to keep meeting with us he's become a PI (progressing investigator). So, \ we stopped by his house, his son Darren answered the door. We asked for Richard and thankfully he was home. He let us in and we began talking about the restoration. Him and his son were interested and were smart about the subject. They seemed to really understand and even answered questions we asked them. Richard’s wife was weird, in the sense that, not only did she decline our invitation to sit in on our lesson, but right in front of us she said to Richard, "let me know when they leave, I'm going upstairs." Well, we continued to teach, and before we finished teaching them, his wife came back in. And when she did she had a strangely surprised look on her face, when she realized we were still here. Haha, so before we left I invited Richard and his son Darren to be baptized. They said yes they'd be baptized when they come to know this Book of Mormon and the things we taught them are true. So awesome!! Then we left and headed home for the night.

December 3, 2015
Thursday, Day 51
Day 38 in NY

Happy birthday Courtney Simons! (Still not used to that) lol

Weekly planning sessions take a few hours... So every Thursday we just plan after comp study and 12 week. By the time we finish its past 2 so we eat lunch. After lunch it was probably about 4 or so, we went over to see if Alberto was home. He wasn't, so we went home, we had dinner. Then I packed, for another split.

After dinner, I packed for tomorrow because we were splitting again. What we do for splits, to make it easy on everyone; you change your clothes for the day and put on what you are going to wear the next day. You only pack your toiletries, clothes to sleep in and your towel. You basically take the place of the Elders companion; so you eat their food, use their shampoo and such. This minimizes the amount of things I would need to carry. After I packed we made our way to the church, on our way we thought we would drop by to see if Carlito was around, he was down one of the aisles in C town (where he works) he was stocking shelves, we would have helped, but we explained we were going on another split and just wanted to see if he was around, back from thanksgiving. So before we left he took a picture with us, pretty sweet pic. Left C town and headed to the church. We got to the church and then split. It was Elder Nalaza and I this time, we went to his area, so he led the way and we went home to his pad.

After nightly planning and right before bed, we sang together haha he loves singing and so he wanted to make some covers lol. He set up his iPad and let the video roll as we sat back and just sang hymns. It was funny! Love Elder Nalaza! Don't worry, we are singing spirit inviting songs and not taking away from productive missionary time.

December 4, 2015
Friday, Day 52
Day 39 in NY

The day begins, Elder Nalaza is awesome!!! He's Filipeano or how ever the heck you spell it. He's a great singer and an awesome cook. So we got up worked out/stretched. And he said I could get ready first, so he could make breakfast. So I was cool with that. When I got out of the bathroom, all dressed and ready he had the table set and the food
ready, it was great!

Elder Nalaza and Elder Hughes are companions; they serve in Co op city. Where I was in with Elder Nalaza for the day. Their area is not very easy to find people interested in the gospel. Most everyone rejects them immediately. No one gives the missionaries a chance, so they have little success. But Christmas is among us and we have this awesome video A Savior Is Born, so at every bus stop, train station, or someone we find on the street we pull out the video, Bluetooth it to my speaker and begin playing it, and sometimes it kind of forces people into watching it! Haha everyone NEEDS to see this video! So that’s how they've been more successful in finding people to teach. It's been awesome!

After the day came to an end, we met back at the church around 8-8:30 PM to split back to our normal companions. Then began back on our way home from there.

December 5, 2015
Saturday, Day 53
Day 40 in NY

Today was a bit crazy, sometimes we have a bit of trouble with communicating about appointments. Elder Tabor and I get along so well! And if there's ever a problem we work it out perfectly fine. We have no problems, no issues with each other or anything. There's
just something I've been working on helping him with, working on being more organized. He's a yes man, he says yes to everyone and everything. Whether he understood what you said or not. So we already have a planned day, we get a call and he answers it and says yes we will be there. I'm like wait, what?! Be where we are on our way to this appointment already. I'm like dude you have to check our schedule and check with me before you set another appointment. Now you have to call this person and tell them you have to reschedule. He's like oh yes, I guess, or whatever. So I wasn't mad at him or anything I was just explaining to him what he just did.

With all that being said, this is what happens. We are on our way to an appointment with Brother Ford, we were going to go home teaching with him. That's when we get a call from the other Elders, asking if we were available to come help this lady move. (In the chaos of NY Elder Tabor keeps the phone to his ear, because outside you can't hear the phone on speaker) so this conversation is taking place with out my witness, that's when I heard him agree to something I didn't know was being asked. So I said what did you just agree to? He said the Elders want help with service, I said awesome, but we are on our way to Brother Fords home. I said, either call Brother Ford and make sure he's still on for today, or call the Elder back and tell them we can't. So, we call a Brother Ford and turns out he canceled on his home teaching, he's not feeling well. This is why we call before appointments so we don't get there and waste time. (At this time we were at the bottom of the train station. So, we weren’t quite on our way yet.) That worked out perfectly, so it was about 1 and we needed lunch anyway. There right next to us was Giovani's Big Pizza! So we called the Elder back and said we are having lunch, we will be there right after. While waiting for our food, I'm standing up by the register paying. Elder Tabor is siting with our stuff at the table 10Ft from me, then he gets up to order leaving our stuff and phone at the table… In the time he got up to walk towards me to order, the 2 woman cops get up from their table and walk over to ours. Elder Tabor with his back to them doesn't see what's going on but I'm facing them. One of the officers grabs our phone off the table and signals me to be quiet, as she holds the phone up (showing me she has it, then sticking it in her pocket). Meanwhile, the other officer made her way up to me telling me what just happened, happened to her once. While she was on duty, on a lunch break. Her phone was stolen right there with in seconds of her getting up. Elder Tabor not yet realizing what just happened returned to the table to find that the phone was gone. Of course I then started laughing as the officer turned to him handing him the phone, "don't leave your stuff out like that". So, yes perfect opportunity to teach some cops? Right? Right! So I now have my pizza and as I walk back to my table I say to the cops, "since you taught my buddy a lesson, not to leave his stuff out, let me teach you one", that caught them, by surprise, and their ears were opened. Elder Tabor pulls out his iPad and pulls up the Christmas video. We showed them the video and they liked it. We talked a little about it and got their input. It was cool! Thinking that was the end of things they left the pizza shop. Elder Tabor and I then began to bless our food and enjoy our lunch. About 5 minutes later, I look up (I'm facing the door of the pizza shop, Elder Tabors facing me with his back to the door). I see the cops come back this time with one of their other friends, officer Lin (a cool Chinese dude). As they walked in, I whispered to Elder Tabor "uh oh, the cops are back.. Act like they are arresting us" so we look at each other and both stand up with our hands on our heads. The cops told us to sit and not to do that because they didn't want to be embarrassed! Ha ha it was hilarious, people in the shop started looking at us. So obviously the cops were interested in something, either our message or us. Lol they were young looking cops, one said she was 26 the other probably about the same. One was definitely interested in the message we shared so after
they went across the street to get coffee they came back to learn more. We talked for about 15 more minutes. Then they said we will let you eat, so we exchanged information and they went on their way, we finished eating and took off cause we had to go help the Elders, so we go to the train station right there outside the shop. And we just passed through the machine where we slide our card and walk through. Waiting for a train, the Chinese cop saw us through the crack in the door of the train station where they work. So he called us over and we went inside, to our surprise the 2 woman cops were there also. I believe there are no such things as coincidences so we took this opportunity and taught them all the Restoration of Jesus Christ! Haha it was so awesome! So we've got a cop investigator!

December 6, 2015
Sunday, Day 54
Day 41 in NY

Elder Tabors 21st Birthday!!!
It's also fast Sunday! Wahoo! Lol so no birthday cake or dinner till tonight! We have a weird church meeting set up, we get to church at 11 AM have a gospel principles class, then priesthood, then we have sacrament at 1PM it's an interesting new way of church haha.

So we got up that morning and after studies went straight to Ricky's apartment, he was ironing his clothes, so when he finished, we walked with him to church. After church we walked Ricky home. On our way he wanted to get Elder Tabor a birthday cake and food for dinner. So he did that and we had to leave to go to an appointment really fast.

This service project was the same lady who needed help moving the other day we met the cops. We didn't get to help her because we ended up teaching the police officers. So we went to her house really fast and helped her. She just wanted help setting up her bed, so we jammed over to her place, set up her bed in about 15 minutes, jammed back to the bus stop and waited for a bus, we had to get to Michaels house for a dinner appointment.

Michael is our mission ward leader, he wanted to have us over for Elder Tabors birthday, so we had dinner with them at 5 also had a cake they made for him, shared a message and left to go to Ricky's again.

Ricky also wanted to make us dinner so we had 2 dinner appointments and 2 cakes haha so awesome! Ricky made us dinner, we ate and then watched the 2015 Christmas devotional which was awesome, here's my notes from it:

2015 Christmas Devotional

David A. Bednar spoke about The Light of Christ, he referenced
Christmas lights to Christ, Christ being the light.

The Light. Christ is The Light.
My interpretation with common objects of Christmas

Christmas tree (the gospel)
Lights (Christ)
Ornaments (The Children of God)
The branches (Gospel principles)
The string/hook, whatever we choose to hang by (Faith)
String (weak faith, not much support)
Hook (stronger faith, more support)
As we (the ornaments) cling to the Gospel (the tree) we surround our selves around Christ (The Lights). It doesn't matter what Gospel principles (the branches) we cling to, to stay strong in the Gospel, The principles never change, but our faith (the string/hook, that we choose to hang by) may affect the strength we have in the Gospel. Decide now, how your faith will affect the position the Gospel takes in your life.

It was super awesome! So we watched that with him at his house. He loved it, we talked about it and shared our thoughts. Then it was about 9 o'clock so we had to get going home.

December 7, 2015
Monday, Day 55
Day 42 in NY

Zone meeting!
Sister Ballou is the only sister leaving us this transfer.. Hermana Hill is staying but only has 4 weeks left of her mission.. So that's crazy cool! Elder Rankin is a Spanish-speaking Elder who's leaving us this transfer...

When we got home from zone meeting, we had lunch then planned our family home evening. We decided to teach the object lesson I was inspired to come up with yesterday during the Christmas devotional, so I used my notes to teach that, it was super cool! The kids loved it, because they got to decorate the tree mom sent me on thanksgiving, Thanks mom! You sent an inspired gift!!

December 8, 2015
Tuesday, Day 56
Day 43 in NY

Brief lessons with people.

We taught Brother Ford about missionary work and invited him to share gospel with someone.

Then we taught this guy about prayer, his name is Charles, we met him last week on our way home we shared the Christmas video with him and he wanted to know more.

Then we went and taught Nelson, we invited him to church last week, but he didn't show up, so that put me down a little bit.. His excuse was valid tho, his 16 year old daughter was on the news so he went with her to support her. But we got to his shop and it was a slow day, no work was going on so it was perfect, he sat down and we had a good 30-minute lesson with him about prayer. He felt the spirit and it was legit! When we finished teaching him we invited him to pray, he was hesitant at first, but asked if he could do it in Spanish. So we said sure, so he prayed in Spanish. We couldn't understand it but he prayed and that's what matters.

Short, slow, but productive day!

Thank you guys for all the support! I love you all!

Patience. Love. Faith

Much love,
Elder Newbold

Elder Newbold says, " I've only been out here 2 months and Dora is a woman?"

Laundry selfies

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